Glenn McGrath (L) and Akshay Kumar (R). (Photo Courtesy: GettyImages &
Glenn McGrath (left) and Akshay Kumar. (Photo Courtesy: GettyImages &

While Indian fans are excited to watch biopics on their favourite cricketers, MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar, that are due to release in the near future, Glenn McGrath was asked if he would like one to be made on him. The former Australian fast bowler, who also holds the record for the most wickets by a fast bowler in Tests, said, “The other day, someone told me that a biopic should be made on me. Maybe (Hollywood star) Hugh Jackman can play me? He is an Aussie himself and loves cricket. But then, someone wanted a name from Bollywood. In that case, Akshay Kumar,” as quoted by Hindustan Times. READ: Glenn McGrath: Australia will find it tough in India unless they turn things around

McGrath though wasn’t too sure if a biopic will be made on him, and instead said he was excited about Tendulkar’s biopic. He said,”I am not sure if something like that will happen soon or in the future, but I am excited for Sachin’s biopic. He has got a great story and I am sure people not just in India, but around the world will be interested in watching a film on his life. He is such an inspirational figure,” WATCH: VIDEO: Sachin Tendulkar biopic’s first teaser is out!

Meanwhile, McGrath was also asked if he has watched former team mate Brett Lee’s movie UnIndian that released a few days back. He said, “I have been pretty busy recently and unfortunately, I have not been able to watch it as yet. Some of my friends have seen it and they are saying good things about it. I never knew he (Brett) had a talent for that [acting] and maybe one of these days I will watch it and give him my feedback.”