Gopinath Munde

Gopinath Munde © IANS

Mumbai: Oct 16, 2013

A decision on the appeal filed by BJP leader Gopinath Munde against rejection of his application to contest for the presidentship of the Mumbai Cricket Association at its biennial polls on October 18 would be taken on Thursday, according to his lawyer Nitin Pradhan.

The former Maharashtra deputy CM, whose application to contest the polls was rejected by the election officer on the basis of his residential criteria, has also decided to move the court if he is not given “natural justice” over his appeal.

Munde came to MCA office on Wednesday along with his lawyer, to appeal against the rejection of his candidature to MCA president Ravi Savant after filing a formal, written appeal yesterday.

He also cited a bye-law by which only another candidate can raise an objection against other candidate.

Pradhan said the decision on the appeal is expected around 11 a.m on Thursday.

“I filed my nomination for the presidentship of MCA. But it was cancelled by the election officer. I appealed before the president of MCA. He heard my appeal. I hope that he will give me justice,” Munde told reporters today.

“There is a bye-law rule number 6 which says that nobody can take any objection to a candidate. Only candidates take objection against other candidates. The person who has taken objection against me, he was a Mr. Singhvi from Vile Parle Club. He has no legal right to object my candidature. The election officers have no right to listen to him. After it happened, my application was rejected.”

Munde also called the rejection of his candidature as a conspiracy against him and hit out at rival presidential candidate and former MCA chief Sharad Pawar.

“This is a conspiracy against me. I am fighting for justice. There is a monopoly of Mr Sharad Pawar in MCA. I want to fight against this monopoly and I feel that the president should give me justice. If he does not give, I will go to Bombay High Court,” said the BJP leader.