New Delhi: Wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik apologised for the misogynistic remarks he made during commentary for the 2nd ODI between England and Sri Lanka. In the third ODI of the series, Karthik issued an apology on-air while commentating in the match.

Karthik was praised for his commentary stint during the World Test Championship final between India and New Zealand. The wicketkeeper-batsman impressed many with his insights and witty sense of humour.

However, the 36-year-old was trapped into a controversy during his stint for Sky Sports during England vs Sri Lanka 2nd ODI when a batsman was trying out another player’s bat from team balcony. Karthik said, “Batsmen and not liking bats, they go hand in hand. Most of the batters don’t seem to like their bats. They either like another person’s bat. Bats are like a neighbour’s wife. They always feel better.”

Karthik’s comments went viral on social media as he faced a lot of scrutiny from people around the world.

However, during the 3rd ODI, Karthik apologised and admitted that it was not the right thing to say.

“I want to apologise for what happened last game. It’s not really what I intended. I just got it all wrong. I apologise to everybody. It’s definitely not the right thing to say,” Karthik said while being on-air during the 3rd ODI.

The 36-year-old further claims that he got a lot of stick from his wife and mother for making such comments.

“I got a lot of stick from my wife and my mum for saying that. I am really sorry that it shouldn’t happen again,” he added.

Meanwhile, after the WTC Final commentary stint, Dinesh Karthik expressed his gratitude towards fans for showering praise on his stint.

“This one, I just cannot describe in words I started this journey to experience the other side of cricket and wanted to share the journey with y’all too and the love and appreciation I got from everyone just made everything worth it! Love you all!” Dinesh Karthik wrote in an Instagram post.