Graeme Pollock recalls horrific conversation with Gerald Majola

Graeme Pollock was told by Gerald Majola to “F*** off” Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

Durban: Jun 17, 2012

South African great Graeme Pollock recalled during a fundraiser program for Kingsmead Mynahs at the Durban Country club recalled a conversation with Gerald Majola, Chief Executive Officer of Cricket South Africa in which the CSA chief asked him to “F*** off”.

“I had called him to ask him why some of us older guys hadn t been invited to a function for former players,” Pollock explained.

Majola had replied Pollock saying, “You had your turn, now the game belongs to us.”

According to, Pollock, along with Mike Procter and Barry Richards, three of the players who walked off the field in Cape Town in April, 1971, after one ball of the game between Transvaal and the Rest of South Africa and issued a statement supporting selection by merit regardless of skin colour, were the guests of honour at the fundraiser.

Mike Procter was especially upset about the fact that the achievements of cricketers who had played cricket prior to South Africa getting banned from playing international cricket were erased from history books.

“According to the new regime, what we achieved doesn t count,” Procter said.

“They even wrote to the MCC a few years ago, asking if all records of South African matches prior to isolation could be wiped off. It s sad, and that is why someone like Jacques Kallis is listed as something like the 27th player to play Test cricket for South Africa, despite there being so many more who came before him,” he added.