India off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin revealed who taught him the carrom ball which has helped him get many wickets at the international stage. He is one of the few off-spinners in modern-day cricket who uses it often to pick wickets.

It was a 33-year-old guy who used to bowl the delivery with proper action and extract drift with the tennis ball. His name was SK recalled the World Cup winner. He also said that till date he cannot find SK.

“The first time I went to play a tennis ball game, I was batting. There was this guy who was bowling with a proper action, getting beautiful drift and getting the ball to go nicely out and in. Till today I can’t find where the guy is but I haven’t seen a better bowler who can bowl both in and out than him in my life. His name is SK. He was the one from whom I learnt that ball,” Ashwin said during an interview recently.

The 33-year-old Test regular went on to reveal that SK made him look like an ‘idiot and it took him 10-15 days to learn the art of bowling carrom ball from him.

“Basically he was the one who made me look like an absolute idiot on that particular day. I was a big thing around the tennis ball circuit as a batsman then, so I said I need to learn from this guy. So I used to go every morning, and he used to come and teach me for about 10-15 days.”

The Test veteran who has picked 362 wickets in 70 Tests will soon be seen in action during the first Test against New Zealand on February 21.