Heath Streak was disappointed with the poor show by the Zimbabwean batsmen    AFP
Heath Streak was disappointed with the poor show by the Zimbabwean batsmen AFP

Although Sri Lanka registered a comfortable eight wicket win over hosts Zimbabwe, the Sri Lankans themselves were pretty surprised by the grave problem and woes being suffered by the Zimbabwean batsmen. Zimbabwe head coach and former captain Heath Streak too was disappointed with the poor show by the Zimbabwean batsmen. “Some guys just threw their wickets away. They could have achieved 200 or 220 and that would have given them a good chance to come back into the game. Certainly we had the tougher side of the batting, but when you look back, bar Chari no one really got a ball that they can say was an unplayable delivery,” said Streak. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: Zimbabwe vs Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe tri-nation series 2016-17, 1st ODI at Harare

“Yes, conditions were in their favour, but there were not enough people coming in and saying they got out to a good ball. Having had late rain yesterday, the covers came off late, and we had a bit of drizzle [this morning]. Losing the toss wasn’t great, but it also wasn’t any excuse for how we performed. The toss has always been in the game of cricket and that’s not something you can guarantee. If you can only win cricket matches when you win the toss then there’s a serious issue to address. For me, today there was an advantage to the toss that would have made it 60-40 in favour of whoever wins the toss, but there are still no excuses for a batting performance like that. PJ Moor and some of the lower order guys like Cremer and Tiripano showed that when you applied yourself there were runs to be scored,” Streak added, reports espncricinfo.com.

“I said to the guys the only positive for me is that we’ve got three more games. There weren’t really many other positives. The reality is that we have to bat, bowl and field better than we did today otherwise we’re not going to feature in this series. It’s certainly within their own hands. There’s also lots of work for me and the coaching staff to do, but we talk about people taking responsibility and when you say that generally you’re looking at your senior players to do that. They’re going to have to start putting their hands up,” he concluded.