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Adam Gilchrist Getty Images

We have heard Adam Gilchrist appealing at the top of his voice behind the stumps for a priced scalp. This time he went to social media to appeal for losing something precious. Gilchrist had headed for a holiday to the South West town of Dunsborough. He, along with his wife Mel and 4 daughters, went to the local oval. The daughters wanted to do some running in the oval along with their mother. In the process, Mel left the watch gifted by Gilchrist on the ground while setting up the time. However, she forgot to pick it up on the way.

Gilchrist instantly put up a request on his Twitter account, appealing to the Dunsborough public to find the missing time piece. Gilchrist, who is not on Facebook, could not see a post on the platform put up by Dunsborough local named Amy Mundy. He had put up a post on his account regarding Gilchrist wife s watch. Gilly was lucky that his fans sent him the screenshot of the message.

There were not just Dunsborough locals who were responding to the wicketkeeper-batsman s appeal but also his fan base in India were retweeting.

Recollecting the entire incident, Gilchrist told, I reckon about five hours went by and I didn’t see anything coming back aside from a lot of people saying ‘we’d love to be there to help look for it’ but eventually someone messaged through a picture of a Facebook posting by the lady Amy. They’re very community minded in Dunsborough and before I knew it I had her phone number and I gave her a call and we went over there this morning and dropped off a nice bottle of champagne. It was actually her daughter Maggie, who’s 12, who found it. So we gave the magpie a little bit of a reward, a little bit of pocket money to buy something nice for the holidays.

In the end, Gilchrist was amazed with the way social media works, It’s amazing what social media can do. It was wonderful for all our four kids to witness it, a life lesson for them.