Herschelle Gibbs and I gave wrong testimonies against Hansie Cronje, claims Henry Williams

Hansie Cronje died in a plane crash in 2002 © Getty Images

Johannesburg: Jan 13, 2013

Former South Africa cricketer Henry Williams revealed on Saturday that the testimonies given by him and Herschelle Gibbs to the Kings Commission were a part of conspiracy, involving their lawyers, to make a stronger case against the late Hansie Cronje.

Williams had earlier told the Kings Commission that Cronje had offered him $15,000 to perform poorly in a One-Day International match against India at Nagpur.

According to Sunday Times, Williams said that Cronje, who was banned from cricket for life after admitting his involvement, had never mentioned about the amount involved.

“When we testified to our lawyers what the story really was, they came up with a threat that we could be prosecuted for doing something like this,” Williams said.

Cronje died in a plane crash in 2002.

Both Williams and Gibbs were banned from international cricket for six months.

Williams has claimed that he was under pressure to “nail” Cronje.

Meawhile, Gibbs, who is presently in Australia, playing in the Big Bash League, has distanced himself from Williams’ comments. 

Mike Fitzgerald and Peter Whelan, the lawyers of Williams and Gibbs, have denied they persuaded the former to lie to the commission. 

On the other hand, Whelan claimed that they knew Gibbs was lying, and had put pressure on him to tell the truth.

“Henry certainly came along for the ride. I didn’t think he was lying initially, but he came out when Herschelle did,” he said.