Hello and welcome to Cricket Country’s live coverage of the Hong Kong in United Arab Emirates, 2015 match between Oman and Hong Kong at Abu Dhabi. I am Paulami Chakraborty and I will bring to you the live updates of the exciting match. The teams will face off in the 1st Twenty 20 International match of the ongoing tour . The match will be classified as an international game since both teams have T20I status. This tournament will be a great challenge for Oman as Hong Kong are quite confident as they enter the competition. They have recently defeated United Arab Emirates (UAE) by a huge margin of 136 runs.

*Oman win* Final score- Oman 107/4 after 18.3 overs.

Live cricket score: Oman 88/4 | Overs 16 | BATSMEN: Sultan Ahmed 26(22), Zeeshan Siddiqui 25(27): Boundaries are coming frequently as the match can go to any direction. Both the teams can win it from here. Oman need to continue with the two batsmen.

Live cricket score: Oman 72/4 | Overs 14 | BATSMEN: Sultan Ahmed 14(14), Zeeshan Siddiqui 23(23): Sultan Ahmed has started playing aggressively and looking for boundaries as he hits the ball consecutively for fours.

Live cricket score: Oman 60/4 | Overs 12 | BATSMEN: Sultan Ahmed 9(11), Zeeshan Siddiqui 22(20): Runs are coming in singles but that seems legitimate to stop losing more and more wickets. This match can be a great chance for Oman to defeat Hong Kong who are coming from a big-margin win over UAE.

OUT! Jatinder Singh b Anshuman Rath 16 (22)

Live cricket score: Oman 33/3 | Overs 8 | BATSMEN: Jatinder Singh 13(15), Zeeshan Siddiqui 2(7): Oman is losing frequent wickets and Hong Kong have somehow managed to be in the game with that. Oman approaching towards their team score of 50.

OUT! Adnan Ilyas b Tanwir Afzal 1 (4)

OUT! Aaqib Sulehri c Carter (wk) b Aizaz Khan 12 (14)

Live cricket score: Oman 19/1 | Overs 4 | BATSMEN: Aaqib Sulehri 7(10), Jatinder Singh 8(10): Oman have lost a wicket but are looking stable now. The batsmen need time to settle down and score big. Hong Kong bowlers need a few more wickets to steer the victory in their way.

Live cricket score: Oman 7/1 | Overs 2 | BATSMEN: Aaqib Sulehri 3(4), Jatinder Singh 0(1): Oman have stared their innings with Aaqib Sulehri and Khawar Ali. Both the openers are expected to give a good start and not to lose their wicket early. Hong Kong bowlers got the breakthrough they wanted as they dismissed Khawar Ali.

OUT! Khawar Ali lbw b Tanwir Afzal 4 (7)


Live cricket score: Hong Kong 106/9 | Overs 20 | BATSMEN: Nadeem Ahmed 6(9), Aizaz Khan 7(6): Hong Kong end their innings going past 100 and put up a total of 106. Batsmen disappointed with their performance today and Oman can chase this down if they get a good start.

OUT! Haseeb Amjad run out 1 (2)

OUT! Christopher Carter c Adnan Ilyas b Bilal Khan 15 (21)

OUT! Waqas Khan run out 19 (28)

Live cricket score: Hong Kong 92/6 | Overs 17 | BATSMEN: Waqas Khan 15(20), Christopher Carter 15(22): Hong Kong approaching towards their team total of 100. Both the batsmen contributing their bit. Hong Kong look in a better position and more stable.

Live cricket score: Hong Kong 76/6 | Overs 14 | BATSMEN: Waqas Khan 11(18), Christopher Carter 7(12): Carter hits a boundary and accelerates the slow moving scorecard. Runs are coming in singles.

Live cricket score: Hong Kong 60/6 | Overs 11 | BATSMEN: Waqas Khan 3(6), Christopher Carter 1(6): And Carter is off the mark with a single. Hong Kong need to reach 100 at least for a decent looking total. They have overs left but not many wickets.

OUT! Mark Chapman c Sultan (wk) Ahmed b Mehran Khan 18 (21)

Live cricket score: Hong Kong 43/4 | Overs 9 | BATSMEN: Mark Chapman 18(19), Christopher Carter 0(2): It is Carter’s T20I debut and it is high time for him to do something with the bat for his nation. This is a great chance to become the nation’s hero as Hong Kong are in deep trouble. Lost many important wickets already, they must have a good partnership. 50 up for them.

OUT! Tanwir Afzal c Lalcheta b Mehran Khan 7 (11)

Live cricket score: Hong Kong 43/4 | Overs 7 | BATSMEN: Mark Chapman 10(12), Tanwir Afzal 4(8): Hong Kong batsmen are doing the right thing as they are playing carefully and while hitting the right one for boundary. Chapman went for a beautiful four down the deep square leg as Afzal is seen rotating and giving more strikes to him with the help of quick singles.

Live cricket score: Hong Kong 31/4 | Overs 5 | BATSMEN: Mark Chapman 2(3), Tanwir Afzal 0(5): Oman have started off really well as they have already removed most of the top order batsmen of the dangerous Hong Kong side. Hong Kong desperately need to protect their wickets and score a good amount of run to give their bowlers the necessary time to defend that.

OUT! Nizakat Khan b Lalcheta 1 (2)

OUT! Waqas Barkat c Sultan Ahmed b Ansari 5 (9)

OUT! Babar Hayat c Adnan Ilyas b Bilal Khan 16 (7)

Live cricket score: Hong Kong 18/1 | Overs 2 | BATSMEN: Babar Hayat 8(4), Waqas Barkat 4(4):Oman have successfully started their bowling as they have already removed one of the most dangerous batsmen from Hong Kong squad, Anshuman Rath. As he departed scoring only five, rest of the Hong KOng top-order batsmen will have to take care of the batting and keep the scoreboard going.

OUT! Anshuman Rath c Lalcheta b Bilal Khan 5 (4)

TOSS: Oman won the toss and elected to field.