Adam Zampa is known to possess immense self-belief © Getty Images
Adam Zampa is known to possess immense self-belief © Getty Images

Adam Zampa is known for his immense self-belief and talent. The Australian leg-spin sensation who has often been compared to the legendary leg-spinner Shane Warne finally revealed where his self-belief came from, which has been praised by many of his teammates as well as his coaches. The 24-year old who made his mark in the IPL while playing for Risng Pune Supergiants (RPS) and taking figures of 6-19 in a match, is certainly among young talents to watch out for in the future. Zampa said Shane Warne’s word of advice in the past relating to the spin legend’s ‘Hasselhoff Theory’ was something that has kept him motivated. ALSO READ: Australia’s Adam Zampa eager to play Test cricket

“(When I was a teenager) we had a little seminar and Warnie came to the SCG to work with some spinners and that was his thing: the ‘Hasselhoff Theory’ “, Zampa said as quoted by Warne’s words of wisdom were in reference with Hollywood actor David Hasselhoff who was known for his role in the Baywatch series as a confident yet egocentric lifeguard.  He added – “You might not be on top of the game or you may be on the back foot a bit, but he just said to stick your chest out.”ALSO READ: Nathan Lyon: It was exciting to watch Adam Zampa deliver on big stage

Zampa has stuck on to Warne’s words ever since and transformed into a cricketer with great self-belief. The Australian continued saying – “I don’t know if it was a real personality trait of mine when I was younger, growing up in the country, you always feel like you’re a step back from the guys in the city. I probably made a conscious effort when I was about 17 or 18 … to make sure that even though I’m not the most talented at the moment, that I had a step up on the others. And I remember at a young age (I thought about) Warnie’s Hasselhoff theory, to stick your chest out. If the ball got hit back at me I’d always throw it back at the batsman and try and get one up on them somehow. So ever since then it’s just continued on.” ALSO READ: Tri-Series in West Indies: Australia may play 3 spinners

Zampa who has had to face different challenges in relation to conditions that he has to adjust with has done a good until now. Zampa has been lucky to be part of the Australian sides especially on where pitches have been spin-friendly. The spinner played in the T20 World Cup in India, then the IPL and is now part of the team on the tour of West Indies.

When asked about the change from domestic cricket to international cricket, Zampa mentioned that there is a change in class. He said – “It’s definitely more intense and it’s much faster as well,” he says. “The amount of pressure you’re under, especially at the Twenty20 World Cup as a spinner, the pressure mounts on you and it’s much different to state cricket. “(The pressure is) more external, not so much internal. Especially when you get to tournaments like the IPL, everything is so in your face. “I expected to do pretty well, particularly with the conditions that I’ve had. “The Twenty20 World Cup in India in particular was quite hard (for batsmen) to play spin and then I’ve come (to Guyana). So I’ve had some pretty good situations to be in. “I’m not resting on my laurels. I’ve got some tough challenges coming up, but I’m happy with where I’m sitting at the moment.”