I can't do what millions of people have to say: Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar advised kids to avoid thinking about the past AFP

Ranchi: Sep 18, 2011

Bowlers never like batsmen hitting them past their follow through and this is exactly what Indian veteran Sachin Tendulkar likes as his favourite stroke is the straight driven boundary.

“My favourite shot is the straight drive, opening up the face of the bat…no bowler likes to see the face of the bat,” Tendulkar said in reply to a query by a cricket lover during a special programme on ‘NDTV’.

Answering questions ranging from why he failed to score in the recently-concluded England series to his shot selection, Tendulkar revealed how he avoids reading newspapers to cut out pressure.

“I can’t do what millions of people have had to say as one should always focus on one’s game as ultimately it is you who have to do it,” he said replying to a query on how he handled pressure.

Tendulkar advised the kids avoid thinking about the past.

“If you think of the past, you will tend to think of all negative things. If you think of the future you will worry whether you could score or not. What is important is to focus on the job at hand,” said Tendulkar as he appealed to all to contribute in his “Support My School Campaign”.

“We do 80 per cent positive things and only 20 per cent negative things in the past. Only negative things come to our mind, building up the pressure. Always think positive, sort out the mistakes (made in the past) and don’t think of them anymore,” Tendulkar said.

On why he could not score in the recently concluded India-England Test series, Tendulkar said the game should be seen in its totality.

“Sometimes a batsman gets out to a good ball or falls to a mistake,” he said.(PTI)