I Have Seen MS Dhoni Lose His Cool Couple of Times During World Cups: Gautam Gambhir
MS Dhoni (IANS Photo)

MS Dhoni’s former India teammates Gautam Gambhir and Irfan Pathan have recalled instances when the ‘Captain Cool’ ended up losing his temper.

Dhoni is widely regarded for keeping his calm in pressure situation, a quality that has endeared him to his fans across the cricketing sphere.

More recently, Mohammed Shami and Kuldeep Yadav revealed when they were given an earful by Dhoni for deviating from the plan during matches.

Gambhir has played a lot of cricket under Dhoni’s captaincy including at the inaugural ICC World T20 and 2011 ODI World Cup in India.

” People say that they have never seen him lose his cool, but I have on a couple of times,” Gambhir told Star Sports’ Cricket Connected. “It was during the 2007 World Cup and in other World Cups when we haven’t done well. He’s human and he’s bound to react as well. It’s absolutely fair enough to do that. Even at CSK, if there’s a mis-field or if someone has dropped a catch.”

In contrast, Gambhir has had his on-field skirmishes with opponent players, most famously with Shahid Afridi and Shane Watson and Virat Kohli (during IPL).

” Yes, he’s cool, he’s probably much cooler than the rest of the other captains. Much cooler than me for sure!” Gambhir admitted.

Pathan said Dhoni threw his bat during a warm-up game after being given out. “It was in 2006-07. During the warm-up, we had a game where the right-handed batsman would bat with the left hand and vice-versa. After we finished the warm-up, we used to get into our practice,” Pathan said.

” So, during the warm-ups, there were 2 teams. Once MS Dhoni was given out which he didn’t think he was. He threw his bat and made a dash to the dressing room and came late for the practice. So, he does get angry,” he added.

Former Australia pacer Brett Lee said while it’s rare to see Dhoni lose his cool, the veteran cricketer has never crossed the boundary. “We want entertainers, we want people to do that and MS Dhoni is an entertainer. He never steps over the boundary. If he does, it’s very rare. But we are all human as Gautam Gambhir said,” Lee said.