Mohammad Aamer has served his five-year ban and is hopeful of making an international comeback © Getty Images
Mohammad Aamer has served his five-year ban and is hopeful of making an international comeback © Getty Images

Pakistan bowler Mohammad Aamer  may have confronted his previous bowling coach Aquib Javed in Le Meridien hotel in Dhaka. Le Meridien hotel at present hosts all the five participating teams in the Asia Cup and there might be a possibility where Amir might come across UAE coach Javed. The latter was Pakistan’s bowling coach when Amir made the biggest mistake of his life. He bowled some intentional no-balls which was decided before the live action by the bookies during the Lord’s Test in 2010. Javed was stunned with this incident and was one of the main persons who opposed Amir’s return to international cricket. The incident changed Amir’s life as he was also given a jail term and banned for five years.

Former Pakistan medium pacer Javed went on to coach an ICC Associate UAE and helped them qualify for the 50-over World Cup in 2015. But the incident will never be forgotten by JAved and he might probably never forgive Amir.

Javed was quoted in a report from Indian Express saying,  “It was an ugly incident. I opposed his (Amir) return to cricket. I still oppose it. Everybody has his own idea and I’m entitled to mine. But he has returned after being in exile for five years. It is what the ICC felt. I have no problems because I will live with my belief, my idea. Hopefully he (and the others) would learn from his mistakes, but I still feel betrayed. It still hurts. It was really bad. I was heartbroken.”

Amir earned accolades early in his career at a tender age of 18. By August 2010 he already had 51 scalps to his name in just 14 Tests at a striking average of 29.09. He was tipped to be the next big thing in international cricket.

“It was sad. Pakistan lost a world-class bowler. Greatness awaited him but his wrongdoings took him towards a sad ending. I hope he would be able to start it all over again,” Javed added.

Amir has age on his side as he is just 23 and can still make a comeback to international cricket.

“It’s too early. He has age (on his side) but it would take some time for him to settle down and regain effectiveness. Much would depend on his mindset. He would be very conscious about his surroundings. Once he settles down, he can take it from there,” Javed said.

“Amir was booed by a section of fans at Eden Park stadium in New Zealand on his international return. That’s the reality. I think he should be ready to accept boos – comment from the outside people, media or crowd. He should be ready and brave enough to take it,” Javed added.

The Pakistan dressing room still has a few problems since the moment he returned. Azhar Ali and Mohammad Hafeeztoo opposed his return before they were told by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Amir is in the Pakistan Asia Cup squad and will also play in the World T20 but as per Javed, the question lies in getting back the trust and faith from the teammates,

“Look, it’s about individuals. It’s his (Amir) duty to ensure that he gets the confidence back (of his team mates). (A degree of) suspicion will be there.”