Ian Botham rules out England's chances of winning ICC World Cup 2015
Ian Botham feels if England follow their current strategy in the World Cup they would be laughed out of Australia, again © Getty Images


London: Aug 29, 2014


Former England Test cricketer and captain Ian Botham feels that the team’s one-day plans need to be torn up and started again, because if they follow their current strategy in the World Cup they would be laughed out of Australia, again.


Botham has said that there is no way on this Earth that England can take the one day team that he saw thrashed in Cardiff against India and win the World Cup. And, he added that unless they start changing things now, it would be yet another wasted opportunity to win the trophy that has always eluded them.


Botham said that he is desperate for England to do well, adding that he would in fact be so happy to see them win the World Cup that he has pledged to treat each and every member of the squad to a slap up evening of being wined and dined if England wins the final in Melbourne next year, The Mirror reported.


But, the former skipper said that if England take their current approach into that tournament, then he is certain it will be a meal for one. He said that what he saw in Cardiff thoroughly depressed him, and it wasn’t just a one off, or a bad day at the office, adding that they have seen it so many times before.


Botham said that Chris Jordan is not a one-day bowler right now, adding that he does not have the control, which is a shame because he thinks he is a wonderful, talented lad, but his strength lies in Test cricket. He added the same does for Joe Root, Ian Bell and Alastair Cook and there is nothing wrong with that at all.


Botham said that the problem is though; one cannot have all three of them in their top five because they do not score quickly enough.


He also said that England’s one day batting is light years behind the rest of the world, especially against spin. Botham added that he just look at the batting lineups around the world and they are struggling to compete with their quality and aggression.