Ian Chappell: Some players in current Australian side do not deserve the baggy green

Ian Chappell feels Australian batsmen are letting down the bowlers © Getty Images

Jul 31, 2013

Former captain Ian Chappell feels there are some players in the current Australian side who do not deserve a baggy green cap. Chappell also voiced concern about Australia’s future after their loss to England in the first two Tests of the Ashes 2013.

“There are a few blokes playing in the Test side who, in my opinion, really aren’t Test cricketers. But I think the best players from Australia are there in England at the moment and that’s the concern,” Chappell was quoted as saying by The Telegraph.

“When you look the list of [Sheffield] Shield run-getters, you’re not looking down there and seeing a couple of young guys here, going well and [thinking] they’ll be just around the corner and not far away [from Test level]. I’m not seeing that at the moment. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I don’t think I will be,” he added.

Chappell once again highlighted the fact that Australian cricket’s suffering is due to lack of quality batsmen.

“Australia used to just regularly produce exciting young strokeplayers but that production line seems to have dried up and the picture is pretty bleak at the moment.

“The good news is that Australia has a decent attack and that’s generally the hard part in putting a team together. That’s what makes it so disappointing that we’re batting so badly, because we’ve got a good attack and it’s being a bit wasted,” he said.

Chappell concluded, “But where they’re going to find the batsmen from, though, I’m not so sure at the moment.”

The third Ashes Test begins on Thursday, August 1 at Old Trafford.