ICC Chief wants cricket boards to stand up strong against BCCI over DRS

Haroon Lorgat believes that at some point or the other India would also agree to the use of DRS AFP

Perth: Jan 14, 2012

The ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat called on other cricket boards including Cricket Australia to be strong enough to challenge India on key issues such as Decision Review System and delayed Global Test Championship.

The BCCI has repeatedly expressed its unwillingness about the use of DRS especially as some of the senior players feel that technology is not foolproof. This has been the reason of displeasure for other cricket boards including England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) as well as CA.

“It’s not the strength of India that should be of concern, it should be the weakness of the others, because good governance is about everybody being able to stand on their own feet,” he was quoted as saying by The Age.

“If I am dominant, I will get what I want because the (others) don’t want to challenge me. So don’t blame me, blame yourselves.”

Lorgat however believes that at some point or the other India would also agree to the use of DRS.

“We will get to a point where DRS will be acceptable to all member boards. We need to be patient and we need to convince those who are not convinced about the accuracy of the technology,” Lorgat said.

“In fact, we have commissioned an independent review to test the accuracy of ball-tracking but for now it’s the two participating nations that decide.”

About the proposed World Test Championship which has now been deferred to 2017 as there are reports of CA backing out as it didn’t prove to be a financially viable option as the parent body has a deal with ESPN Star Sports.

“We had pre-sold our rights through to 2015 and in order to convert the Champions Trophy to a Test championship it would have meant a small financial sacrifice which the board was not willing to make, and hence we deferred it to 2017 which was in the new rights cycle,” said Lorgat.(PTI)