ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, India vs Afghanistan weather update: A sunny day expected in Southampton

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, India vs Afghanistan weather update: It’s going to be a mostly sunny day in Southampton with no chance of rain.

Meanwhile, The rain seems to be following team India in England during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, with rains interruptions on Wednesday and Thursday during India’s net session at The Rose Bowl, Southampton, the venue for India’s fifth game of the tournament against Afghanistan on Saturday.

However, the good news is that the forecast is clear for Friday and Saturday and a full game can be expected, but you can never really predict the English rains accurately. ALSO READ: As injuries pile up, India look to stay adaptable

There were heavy clouds when India practiced and shortly after they completed the session it started to rain, interrupting Afghanistan team’s preparations and it rained till late evening forcing the ground staff to cover the pitch and parts of the outfield as a precautionary method. ALSO READ: Unfortunate Vijay Shankar got hit but he s fine: Jasprit Bumrah

It is also being reported the Indian team have opted to to practice on Friday, despite the fact that the weather is expected to be clear for the day. India’s third match was washed out due to rain against New Zealand and they would like any rain interruptions against Afghanistan, as they would be aiming to claim two easy points and also improve their run-rate as the race for the semi-final heats up. ALSO READ: Allrounder Vijay Shankar hit on toe during net session

Already three games in the tournament has been washed out, the most in any edition and many are calling ICC World Cup 2019 a damp squib due to those washouts and other rain interruptions that have affected at least three more games.

The news for the Indian camp is that Vijay Shankar, who was hit on his toe by a Jasprit Bumrah yorker did not return to practice later in the day.