ICC declares switch-hit as legitimate shot

Kevin Pietersen had used switch-hit extensively which brought the debate about the legality of the shot to the forefront Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

Dubai: Jun 3, 2012

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has finally cleared the air around the legality of the switch-hit shot by declaring it legitimate for international cricket.

The ICC is now awaiting further guidance from the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) with match officials and players, but confirmed no change would be made.

The shot first invented by England batsman Kevin Pietersen did not go down well with opposition bowlers, who expressed their displeasure about the last moment change in stance of the batsman.

Even recently Pietersen was warned by umpires for wasting time during the second Test against against Sri Lanka when Tillakaratne Dilshan refused to bowl, as Pietersen changed his stance.

Pietersen had later defended his new shot saying the use of switch-hit already involves a lot of risk and changing the laws of LBW decision when switch-hit is in use won t deter him.

A statement from ICC read, “The Committee decided to make no change to the current regulations. In May 2009, the ICC Cricket Committee endorsed an MCC view that the switch-hit was an exciting shot, which offered the bowlers a good chance of taking a wicket and thus one which should remain a legitimate part of the game.

“With the more frequent and skilful use of the switch hit, the committee again considered the matter from the perspective of retaining a fair balance between bat and ball,” an ICC official was quoted by sportal.co.in