The report mentions Singapore among the likely locations to be the headquarters of ICC © Getty Images

Sep 5, 2013
The International Cricket Council (ICC) is likely to shift their base out of Dubai. In the past 15 months the present headquarters has not been the preferred option to host any of the ICC meetings.
According to a Mumbai Mirror report N Srinivasan and England and Wales Cricket Board president Giles Clarke had proposed to shift the base to Hong Kong. The idea of moving out of Dubai was backed by ICC vice-president Mustafa Kamal who endorsed Singapore as the ideal option.
“Location-wise, Singapore is a good place. The government is also keen to support cricket here. The ICC board is seriously thinking about relocating to Singapore and a decision will be made soon,” Kamal was quoted by the press during the valedictory function of the ACC under-23 tournament held in the country.
Even Singapore Cricket Association president and ICC Director Imran Hamid was open to the idea. “We’re making earnest efforts to see this happen. Singapore satisfies all the requirements to base the organisation here,” he said.
According the report, the ICC has not held a meeting at the present headquarters since April 2012. The only time they held a meeting in Dubai, it was hosted at five-star hotel which is an indication that they are likely to move out of Dubai. They opted for Kuala Lumpur, Colombo and London on various occasions. The scheduled meet in October will be held in London.
The ICC has engaged Ernst & Young to do a survey and suggest places for relocation of the headquarters.