If I were Sachin Tendulkar, I would retire: Sourav Ganguly

Sachin Tendulkar hasn’t scored a Test century in the last 29 innings PTI

New Delhi: Dec 10, 2012

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly criticised Sachin Tendulkar s form and said that he would have retired if he were in the Little Master s shoes.

Ganguly said that Tendulkar should turn his form around or hang up his boots.

“Sachin desperately needs to get runs,” Ganguly told news channel Headlines Today. “He has achieved a lot. He is getting a long rope because of what he has achieved. By now he should know how to turn it around.”

“As somebody watching it from outside, Tendulkar is not performing and I think if I were Tendulkar, I would go (retire).

“But it s up to him at the present moment. We want to see the great man going with a bat held high and not in terrible form,” said Ganguly.