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Imran Khan Getty Images

Several rumours floated around with regards to Imran Khan‘s third wedding. However, Imran decided to silence the rumours with a series of tweets on Tuesday. He not just agreed upon marrying a faith healer Bushra Maneka but also slammed Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and founder of Geo TV, Mir Shakil Ur Rehman. They had claimed Imran spread the rumours about his third marriage intentionally to popularise his political party. Imran believes there is no crime in expressing desire to marry for the third time.

Imran also explained he sent the proposal to Bushra as he was concerned about his children and did not intend to reveal the matter to the public as she hailed from a conservative family.

Here are the series of tweets from Imran:

Imran was previously married to Jemima Goldsmith and Associated Press (AP) journalist Reham Khan. Bushra is a divorcee. Imran has approached her earlier for spiritual healing.