Imran Khan gave confidence to individuals during Pakistan’s 1992 World Cup victory: Aamer Sohail

Delhi: Oct 18, 2014

Aamer Sohail lauded the way Imran Khan lifted the Pakistan team’s spirits during the 1992 World Cup. Pakistan were in bad shape during the tournament and then they lifted their game to make it to the final and then beat England to lift the trophy, which remains their only one till date.

Speaking at an event organised by Aaj Tak-Headlines Today, Sohail said, “It’s an honour to represent Imran Khan. We had a set back because (Javed) Miandad could not travel. Waqar Younis got injured. He was not not talking to the team, he was giving confidence to individuals. Yes we lost but he and the team recovered and he started to dish out the roles and talking to the team collectively.