Former Pakistan cricketer Basit Ali made sensational claims as he revealed that Imran Khan was behind the ouster of Javed Miandad from the team in 1993.

“There was a conspiracy to remove Javed Miandad from the team (round 1993). That’s why I was compared with. Honestly, I was not even one per cent of what Miandad was,” Ali said.

“Wasim Akram was the captain at that time, but the man who was responsible for Miandad’s ouster is the one who used to give the orders and that was Imran Khan,” Ali added.

Ali also recalled how Miandad pleaded with the players to get into the 1996 World Cup side and he made way for him.

“He came with a request to the players and said he wanted to play the World Cup. He asked us who will give me his spot? He wanted to make the most World Cup appearances record. So, I pulled out. I was in my prime (in 1995 and 1996) at that time, but still I sacrificed my place because I respected Miandad,”

Despite averaging 55 at number 4, Ali revealed how he was pushed down the order to number six where he hardly got to bat and that acted as slow poison for the cricketer.

I used to bat at number 4 and when Miandad was removed, they shifted me to number 6. At number 4, I used to average 55 and after they shifted me to 6, my performance went down. They knew that at that position, I would hardly ever get to bat. They gave me slow poison,” Ali told Times of India.