Indian skipper Virat Kohli has the been the focal point to the build up of the four-match Test series between India and Australia. The last time around Kohli came to Australia, he racked up 692 runs in four matches, which was only trumped by the then Australian captain, and now banned, Steve Smith.

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Kohli is coming in to the series on the back of a stellar away series against England, in which he scored 593 runs in five matches and will be the biggest threat for the hosts. While Australia is jostling between the loss of their two best batsmen in David Warner and Smith and playing the game with less aggression, many including South African skipper Faf du Plessis has stated that Kohli is best left to mind his own business.

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However, former record-setting Australian captain Ricky Ponting has said there is no need for the Australian team to be mindful of not getting under his skin.

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“I don’t necessarily believe that you shouldn’t try to get under his (Kohli) skin,” Ponting told The firebrand cricketer also reminded that India are on Australian soil, their backyard and the team should not sit back and let anyone bully the way cricket is played his Australia.

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“We shouldn’t sit back and let anyone bully the way we go about playing our cricket, especially at home. They’re in our backyard, he said.

The main point that Ponting stressed was the fact that the team should get vocal against the hosts and Kohli only on the back of some hostile fast bowling.

“The great Australian teams that I played in always had a few words to say, but it was always on the back of some good, hostile bowling first. You can’t do it (verbals) without it it’s just rubbish otherwise. You have to be able to impose yourself on the game in a way other than using your mouth. You’ve got to use your actions and your skills and if they do that, then they can definitely unsettle him,” added Ponting.