India lacked enough practice for Kolkata Test: Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar said that the current method of practice has not worked for Indian cricket for a long time now PTI

Kolkata: Dec 6, 2012

India batting legend Sunil Gavaskar criticised India s practice (or lack of) for the third Test against England at Kolkata.

After losing the second Test at Mumbai on Day Four, the two teams had a gap of eight days before the start of the Kolkata Test. Gavaskar said that the Indian team should have used the time to get the intensity back and criticised their delayed practice schedule.

“It is easy to be critical of a team when it is not doing well, but what happens on the field is often related to how the team prepares off it and it is here that the team s approach is questionable,” Gavaskar wrote in a column to Gulf News.

“However, if a team has lost and badly at that in less than four days then it is expected that they would turn up a little early for the next Test, if only to get used to the changing conditions and to get the intensity back.

“Mind you they could still go on to win the Test, but the fact remains that by giving themselves just two days practice in Kolkata, they have not made it easy for themselves. They got an extra day off having lost in four days in Mumbai so they should have reported in Kolkata at least four days before and spent time practicing their skills and getting mentally intense for the game. Even on the day they lost at Wankhede, they turned up on the ground just 45 minutes before the first ball was bowled while the England team was at the ground at least another 45 minutes before them,” said Gavaskar, who scored 10,122 runs for India in 125 Tests.

The 63-year-old, who is now a commentator for the series, said that the lack of commitment on the team s part isn t a new occurrence and called for a transformation.

“Unfortunately, this is not the only instance, but quite a regular feature and suggests that they are not prepared to put in the hard yards that are needed at this level of the game. It is not certain who makes the call on how much and when to practice, but somebody has to be asked for the current method has not worked for Indian cricket for a long time now,” he said.