Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Sanjay Manjrekar said dropping Bhuvneshwar Kumar (above) was not a good decision made by the management © PTI

Mumbai: Jul 5, 2013
Former cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar feels India’s twin defeats in the ongoing tri-series in the West Indies, just few days after winning the ICC Champions Trophy 2013, comes as a surprise. However, Manjrekar feels there is no need to get concerned about it.

He wrote in Hindustan Times, “This is no cause for concern; defeats remind you that however good you are, you can still be fallible, and also such setbacks give you a bit of a ‘reality check’, as Virat Kohli said.”
He added, “India still remain a good team and the fact is that they have not played well, while the West Indies and Sri Lanka are not better teams but have played better than India so far.”
Manjrekar said that the timing of the tournament hasn’t favoured the Indians, who were made to fly to Caribbeans within 48 hours of their Champions Trophy victory.
“I can’t help but relate this India performance to the timing of this tournament and its stature. India seemed well spent after that terrific performance in England and in less than 48 hours they were in the West Indies to play in a one-day tournament that no one will remember after six months.”
He furthermore said, “Yes, ideally you want a strong team to give its best in every game, but we are talking about humans not machines. If the team has lacked a bit of sting it is understandable. Yes, there is never a good time to fail but if there was, such tournaments are a good time to log in your poorer performances.”
The 47-year-old said dropping Bhuvneshwar Kumar was not a good decision made by the management.
“This should not however take your eye off some of the selection blunders that India made and may have had to pay the price for it. Dropping Bhuvneshwar was one such mistake. On current form, Bhuvneshwar and Ravindra Jadeja are the two best bowlers in the team.”
“India would be better placed if they don’t brand Bhuvi as just a new-ball bowler. What’s more, if he is given the ball in the death more, he may yield better results than Umesh [Yadav] and Ishant [Sharma] do over a period of time,” he concluded.