India Super Series 2023 Aims To Discover Raw Skills In Inaugural Edition

Former South African star batter AB de Villers has been roped in as the global ambassador of The Last Man Stands (LMS) India Super Series 2023.

AB de Villiers poses for a photo during the Indian Super Series press conference. (Image: Twitter/LastManStands )

New Delhi: Cricket has never been the same since the inception of the game and the shortest formats introduced in the 21st century has only added to the excitement.

Moreover, technological advancements have made the viewers’ experience of watching the game more interesting by including them in the match. Even former South African cricketer AB de Villers agrees that technological advancements make watching games more interesting.

De Villers made these remarks after he launched the first edition of The Last Man Stands (LMS) India Super Series 2023, the world’s largest amateur T20 cricket league in India.

“It is great to be involved as the first global ambassador of Last Man Stands. I have watched their innovative format grow globally at the grassroots level over the years. It has kept a lot of players in the game. The tech advances LMS is making to connect with other players around the world with global rankings and game TV highlights is just brilliant,” said De Villiers in the statement.

And not only technological advancements but innovations in rules in recent times have made the game of cricket more interesting.

One such league named as Last Man Stands is an 8-a-side cricket format played on a normal cricket field that is aimed at increased participation, skill development and providing amateur players with an experience that is normally reserved for professionals. Every player receives stats, a global and national ranking, and a structured pathway to national and global events.

Wayne Greve, Founder, Last Man Stands has made it pretty clear that the upcoming tournament is aimed at ‘inspiring undiscovered’ skilled and aspiring young cricket stars.

“Last Man Stands, together with global ambassador, AB de Villiers, aims to discover the next T20 superstar! AB de Villiers called Last Man Stands ‘…the platform of the future’. An exciting first for amateur cricket, the India Super Series, is aimed at inspiring undiscovered, skilled and aspiring young cricket stars. A talent finder for amateur cricket,” Wayne Greve told ANI.

“The tournament has been specifically designed to showcase, on a national and global stage, the skills of the many young and upcoming amateur players in India. With so much great cricketing talent in India, It is often challenging for individual players to be seen, let alone recognised beyond their local communities,” he added.

“The India Super Series is the only amateur organisation with a platform able to reach global and national audiences with its wide spreading coverage via global streaming/broadcast, live scores, statistics and social media,” Wayne Greve concluded.

According to the organisers, each squad has to have at least 2 under-21 players. The older players in each team will mentor their younger teammates. City teams who have already joined up, such as Kathiwaidi, Gurgaon and Vasai-Virar, are already planning trials in a bid to give the local youngsters in their towns this amazing opportunity.

Last Man Stands’ innovative rules have been specifically designed to increase the skill level of every player – whether it be with the bat, the ball or in the field, not to mention captaincy, as there is also a lot of strategy and tactics involved.

Coming to some interesting rules of the India Super Series, there will be:

-The Home Run rule: A six off the last ball of the innings is worth 12

-Last Man Stands: The final batsman can bat by himself, so the game is never done until the final wicket is taken.

-Double Play: Two batsmen can be dismissed from one ball, a game-changing fielding play if it can be executed.

All in all, it is being touted to be an exciting tournament with the former South African test captain is the global ambassador of Last Man Stands.

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