Kohli’s batting inflicts more damage than Tendulkar’s: David Lloyd
The Virat Kohli-Sachin Tendulkar debate goes on (Getty Images)

Former England cricketer David Lloyd has weighed in on the Virat KohliSachin Tendulkar debate, calling the Indian captain “the best-ever Indian batsman”. Speaking to the Times of India, Bumble , as Lloyd is affectionately known, mentioned that in Kohli, he sees a trait that wasn t a part of Tendulkar s game.

“Sachin Tendulkar was aesthetically very pleasing, easy on the eye. But if I had to win a game I would have banked on Brian Lara and I see that trait in Kohli. He is a bit like Viv Richards too he can absolutely dominate an era. Sachin was a great player but Kohli can inflict more damage,” Bumble said.

Kohli s comparison with Tendulkar, for their shared hunger of scoring runs, has always been a hot topic of discussion, and while there are plenty of parallels have been drawn between the two, people of the cricketing fraternity have mostly shied away from picking one above the other. Former India cricketer Virender Sehwag recently cautioned everyone against comparing the two batsmen, while adding that Kohli should first achieve what Tendulkar did in his 24-year-long career.

However, the one department where Kohli trumps Tendulkar is captaincy. Tendulkar s sting as captain of the Indian team. In the 25 Tests he led India, Tendulkar won only two, while losing nine and drawing 13. Kohli, on the other hand, has a pretty solid captaincy record so far. In 38 games, India under Kohli have registered 22 wins, while losing seven and drawing nine. With a 203-run win over England in the third Test, Kohli surpassed Sourav Ganguly to become the Indian captain with the second-most Test wins.

Under Kohli, India also achieved the pinnacle of Test rankings and Lloyd credits a huge chunk of India s success to its captain.

“The way he (Kohli) constantly talks and inspires the bowlers is quite a treat,” Lloyd said. “He obviously gets the respect because he is a fabulous player, but you can see that the emotion apart, he is very honest with his players as well. There s been a massive turnaround in this Indian team in the way quick bowlers have taken over completely and I feel Kohli is the perfect man to develop them. He looks a natural leader.

“Kohli is such a broadcaster s delight, he goes through every emotion on the field. I have met him outside cricket too, he is so polite, but on the field, he is so animated and it s impossible to take the camera off him.”

The next big task for Kohli is to inspire India to a series win in England. India lost the first two Tests but came back admirably to win the third in Trent Bridge. Does Lloyd think Kohli and India can do it?

“Well, no other team but for Don Bradman s 1936 side has done it So it will be difficult. But in England this season, teams getting 300 should be in a position to win and I believe India would be in the game,” he said.