If it was Rishabh Pant throughout 2019, it’s now KL Rahul in 2020, at least up till now, who is facing the wrath of the Twitterverse, trolls and those keyboard warriors who have an opinion on everything under the Sun and seems to take joy out of ‘trolling’ players irrespective of the team targetting every non-descript incident from a match.

While India’s humiliating loss at the Wankhede in the first ODI against Australia on Tuesday was fodder for memes, KL Rahul found himself at the receiving end of the so-called passionate fans of the Indian cricket team. Disregarding the terrific batting form he is in and – the stroke-filled 47 he made earlier in the day, the Karnataka batsman, who had to fill in for Rishabh Pant – out with a concussion – was subjected to unnecessary trolling not just by social media users but also from the well-informed Mumbai crowd.

After missing a tough catch of David Warner, when Australia were closing in on victory, the crowd started chanting MS Dhoni’s name and that was followed by calls for getting Dhoni back for the series. While Rahul kept well as a makeshift stumper, the chance in itself was a very tough one with Ravindra Jadeja sneaking in an arm to fox Warner. The ball pitched on middle and leg and spun viciously, taking the inside edge of Warner, who was out of the crease. Rahul could not react quickly enough to the cover for the turn and a tough chance went begging.

It will up for debate whether even Dhoni would have been able to collect such a tough chance, but who’s willing to give Rahul the benefit of the doubt, nobody. The trolls saw their chance and flooded Twitter with comments directed at the Indian international as if it was at that very moment that India lost the match and the media bandwagon saw it as the buzzing story from the match and went to town with it – including us.

Here’s how the all-important troll armies had their fun at the expense of KL Rahul: