India vs Australia 2013 Live Cricket Score, 4th ODI at Ranchi: India need 296 to win

Shikhar Dhawan looked promising at the crease before rain stopped play © IANS

Oct 23, 2013

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The fourth One-Day International (ODI) between India and Australia at the Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) Stadium in Ranchi has been abandoned due to rain. Australia maintain their 2-1 lead in the seven-match series.

8.25 pm IST: The final inspection of the field will be done by the umpires at 8.35pm IST, reports suggest.

Rain stops play for the second time in the match. The players have gone off the field and the covers have been brought in. The conditions were overcast right thrtough the morning with rains expected any time in the day.

India 23/0 | Over 4 | Dhawan 10* Rohit 9*

Fourth over creates drama. The first ball is guided for a boundary. The fifth delivery is a usual jab on the off and the bowler returns the bowler to the wicketkeeper, which instead goes for a boundary. However, that is declared a dead ball. the next ball, goes past the third slip for a boundary.

India 14/0 | Over 3 | Dhawan 5* Rohit 5*

Rohit Sharma is middling the ball well and is facing well against the pace of Mitchell Johnson. Rohit Sharma is not taking any chances against Johnson, especially with the hard new ball in his hand. However, he pulled the last ball of the over for a two.

India 12/0 | Over 2 | Dhawan 5* Rohit 3*

Against the ordinary pace of Clint McKay, Shikhar Dhawan looks a much more aggressive player. He drives McKay for a boundary through the covers off the third ball. However, he covers up for it with five dot deliveries in the over.

India 8/0 | Over 1 | Dhawan 1* Rohit 3*

Mitchell Johnson is fast and both the openers are playing on the backfoot. Johnson is getting good bounce from the wicket. However, he ends up leaking eight runs from the over.

Australia 295/8 | Over 50 | Faulkner 23* McKay 7*

Shami Ahmed is brought back to bowl the final over of the innings. Faulkner survives a double run-out chance off the first ball of the last over. Shami Ahmed manages to pitch it full and offers little room to dig under the ball and loft it over the in-field. Clint McKay too joins the act pulling a short-pitched delivery for a boundary.

Australia 281/8 | Over 49 | Faulkner 16* McKay 2* OUT! 281/8 (Johnson 25 | Over 48.5)

Ravichandran Ashwin comes on to bowl the penultimate over of the innings. He manages to keep it tight in the first four deliveries as he gives away just four singles off them. The pressure is added on Johnson who tries to go after the fifth ball of the ball, but misses it in flight and is stumped cleverly by MS Dhoni.

Australia 278/7 | Over 48 | Faulkner 15* Johnson 24*

It has been a bad day for India on the field. After Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni and Ravichandran Ashwin, it was Suresh Raina who dropped Mitchell Johnson as he skied a swing on the leg side. The dropepd catch proved costly as Johnson sent Ravindra Jadeja’s next delivery into the stands. 14 runs are scored from the over.

Australia 264/7 | Over 47 | Faulkner 13* Johnson 12*

Mitchell Johnson and James Faulkner are rotating the strike at ease. However, they are still to go for risky slogs. However, they finally break their seven-over boundarless streak with a four off the last ball of the over. Nine runs are scored off the over.

Australia 255/7 | Over 46 | Faulkner 8* Johnson 6*

No boundary has been scored off the last six overs. Mitchell Johnson shows intent to attack, but Ravindra Jadeja keeps it flat and fast making it difficult for him to go for the lofted shot. Just four runs scored off the 46th over.

Australia 251/7 | Over 45 | Faulkner 6* Johnson 4*

Australia are strolling slowly towards the end of the innings. Suresh Raina continues to trouble Mitchell Johnson and James Faulkner as they manage just four runs off the 45th over.

Australia 247/7 | Over 44 | Faulkner 4* Johnson 2*

Australia are adopting bizarre tactics as they are playing a cautious game. Two more runs scored off the 44th over. 

Australia 245/7 | Over 43 | Faulkner 4* Johnson 2*

Suresh Raina continues to bowl from one end. Mitchell Johnson and James Faulkner haven’t yet shown any intention to attack. Only two runs are scored off the over.

Australia 243/7 | Over 42 | Faulkner 3* Johnson 2*

Ravindra Jadeja is introduced to bowl the 43rd over. Australians are surprisingly defending deliveries. Only four runs are scored off the over.

Australia 239/7 | Over 41 | Faulkner 1* Johnson 0*

Raina is brought back into the attack. Mitchell Johnson finds it tough to deal with Raina’s off-spin as the part-timer ends up giving just one run in the 41st over.

Australia 238/7 | Over 40 | Faulkner 0*  OUT! 238/7 (Maxwell 92 | Over 39.6)

Vinay Kumar looks good in the first three deliveries, but spoils the over with a short pitched delivery which is sent out of the ground for a six. But compensates with four dot delievries and manges to dismiss Glenn Maxwell Leg Before Wicket.

Australia 230/6 | Over 39 | Faulkner 0* Maxwell 86* OUT! 232/6 (Haddin 3 | Over 37.1)

Birthday boy Brad Haddin’s stay at the crease is short as he is bowled by a straighter one by Ravindra Jadeja who is brought back into the attack. Trying to play across the line, Haddin misses the line completely. Just two runs are scored off the over.

Australia 230/5 | Over 38 | Haddin 2* Maxwell 86* OUT! 224/5 (Bailey 98 | Over 37.1)

Vinay Kumar is brought back into the attack and he successfully accounts for George Bailey’s dismissal as the Australian skipper tries to pull a slower delivery and is caught at the deep on the leg side by Rohit Sharma. Vinay Kumar gives away jsut two runs off the first five deliveries before bowling a loose delivery outside off which is driven for a boundary.

Australia 224/4 | Over 37 | Bailey 98* Maxwell 81*

Ravichandran Ashwin is brought back into the attack for the Batting Powerplay. However, he is greeted by a reverse-sweep for a six by Glenn Maxwell. The misery doesn’t end there for him as Mawell hits another reverse-sweep for a boundary.

Meanwhile, they go past the record fifth wicket partnership in an India-Australia encounter.

Australia 211/4 | Over 36 | Bailey 96* Maxwell 70*

Shami Ahmed is brought back into the attack. However, the second spell doesn’t start off as well as he is greeted with two boundaries. Frst an outside edge races past the third man boundary for a four while the second is a half-volley outside off which is driven for a boundary.

Australia 201/4 | Over 35 | Bailey 85* Maxwell 70*

Suresh Raina still continues his spell despite a poor last over. The move seems to work as he manages to induce an edge off Glenn Maxwell’s bat which is dropped by Mahendra Singh Dhoni behind the wickets. This is the fourth dropped catch by India in the innings.

Australia 198/4 | Over 34 | Bailey 85* Maxwell 68*

Vinay Kumar is brought back into the attack to control the flow of runs. However, the move doesn’t work as after five good deliveries that yeild two runs, the last ball is sent beyond the boundary ropes for a six. Eight runs are scored off the over.

Australia 190/4 | Over 33 | Bailey 78* Maxwell 67*

Australia have upped the tempo. Suresh Raina’s poor bowling is being taken to the cleaners. Two boundaries are hit of the 33rd over. 11 runs are scored off the over.

Australia 179/4 | Over 32 | Bailey 68* Maxwell 66*

Yuvraj Singh keeps it tight. He seems to have found his rhythm. Australia manage to score just three runs off the first five deliveries before the last ball of the over is sent sailing into the stands. Nine runs are scored off the over.

Australia 170/4 | Over 31 | Bailey 65* Maxwell 60*

Australia are cruising along well after the dismal start. A close appeal for Leg Before Wicket is declined. Television replays suggest the George Bailey edged the ball before it hit the pads.

Australia 166/4 | Over 30 | Bailey 64* Maxwell 51*

Glenn Maxwell reaches his half-century with a huge six. The pressure has now ben trasferred back to the Indian bowlers as the two batsmen have mixed caution and aggression well. 11 runs scored off the over by Yuvraj Singh.

Australia 155/4 | Over 29 | Bailey 64* Maxwell 47*

Suresh Raina is brought into the attack He maintains a stump-to-stump length. Both the batsmen are nudging him around for singles amd twos. Five runs scored off the over.

Australia 150/4 | Over 28 | Bailey 61* Maxwell 45*

Jaydev Unadkat is brought back into the attack. Unlike Shami Ahmed, he didn’t use the conditions to his advantage in the first spell. Even in the second spell, he looks ordinary as Maxwell slapped Unadkat for a boundary.

Australia 138/4 | Over 27 | Bailey 56* Maxwell 38*

With Ravindra Jadeja doing well from one end, Yuvraj Singh is introduced from the other. However, a short-pitched delivery is pulled for a boundary behind square. Glenn Maxwell and George Bailey are looking good at the crease. 12 runs are scored off the over.

Australia 126/4 | Over 26 | Bailey 51* Maxwell 31*

Ravindra Jadeja looks in better control. Apart from bowling better, bot the batsmen are finding it tougherto get a move on with him operating from one end. Five runs are scored in the 26th over.

Australia 121/4 | Over 25 | Bailey 50* Maxwell 27*

Ravichandran Ashwin continues to bowl from round the wicket. George Bailey danced down the track to send the ball outside the park for a boundary. Ten runs scored off the over.

Australia 111/4 | Over 24 | Bailey 41* Maxwell 26*

Ravindra Jadeja is maintaining a tight line offering little room for the batsman to free his arms. He is bowling fast, flat and at the stumps. Just three runs are scored off the over.

Australia 108/4 | Over 23 | Bailey 39* Maxwell 25*

After Glenn Maxwell sends athe first ball of the over off Ravichandran Ashwin’s bowling for a six to the stands, the bowler comes back with five consecutive dot deliveries.

Australia 102/4 | Over 22 | Bailey 39* Maxwell 19*

Ravindra Jadeja is brought into the attack. He is getting the ball to pitch in the right line and length. Additionally, for him, the ball is getting good turn from the pitch. Only two runs scored off the over.

Australia 100/4 | Over 21 | Bailey 38* Maxwell 18*

A minor confusion again occurs mid-pitch with Glenn Maxwell at one of the ends. However, no damage is done as Australia cross the 100-run mark.

Four runs are scored off Ravichandran Ashwin’s over.

Australia 96/4 | Over 20 | Bailey 36* Maxwell 16*

George Bailey is dropped again, this time by Ravichandran Ashwin as an inside edge comes to the fielder at short mid-wicket. Vinay Kumar is visibly disapppointed. Both the batsmen are rotating strike at ease. Six runs are scored off the over.

Australia 90/4 | Over 19 | Bailey 33* Maxwell 9*

Ravichandran Ashwin continues to vary his pace and is still to find his rhythm. Australian batsmen are taking a cautious approach negating all the risky shots. Five runs are scored off the over.

Australia 85/4 | Over 18 | Bailey 33* Maxwell 9*

Vinay Kumar continue to stray in line and is punished by Glenn Maxwell who guides the delivery between Fine Leg and Square Leg for a boundary. However, he comes back well to give away just one more run off the next five deliveries. He finishes the over with a beautiful outswinger.

Australia 80/4 | Over 17 | Bailey 33* Maxwell 4*

Ravichandran Ashwin is bowling from around the leg stump to George Bailey, The first ball is full and the batsman misses it. A huge appeal is turned down. The second delivery finds an edge and falls just shortc of the leg slip.

Australia 76/4 | Over 16 | Bailey 30* Maxwell 3*

Vinay Kumar looks to have found his rhythm. A little bit of outswing is helping him as he bowls just outside the off-stump. Glenn Maxwell is playing himself in. Just three runs off the over.

Drinks have been called.

Australia 73/4 | Over 15 | Bailey 29* Maxwell 1* OUT! 70/4 (Voges 14 | Over 14.2)

Adam Voges loses his wicket against the run of play as Ravichandran Ashwin manages to trap him Leg Before Wicket. He departs for seven. Only four runs scored off the over. Australia need a good partnership to help them post a good total.

Australia 69/3 | Over 14 | Bailey 27* Voges 7*

Vinay Kumar has been brought in from the other end. Bailey is looking comfortable at the crease as he steadies Australia’s innings in company of Adam Voges. Four runs scored off the over.

Crowd has slowly started building in as the cloud cover in the sky is turning lighter at Ranchi.

Australia 65/3 | Over 13 | Bailey 18* Voges 4*

Australia have got into better rhythm as they are looking more comfortable against Indian bowlers. Ravichandran Ashwin is introduced into the attack to replace Vinay Kumar. Seven runs are scored off the over.

Australia 58/3 | Over 12 | Bailey 18* Voges 4*

Australia have got their scorecard moving with another boundary off Shami Ahmed’s over. The intentions of both the batsmen and the bowler are clear. While the bowler is looking to bowl on the pads, the batsman is trying to attack. However, no run is scored off the bat in the over.

Australia 54/3 | Over 11 | Bailey 18* Voges 4*

Vinay Kumar replaces Jaydev Unadkat. He uses the swing in the air to his advantage. But the first delivery outside off is driven on the up through covers. The misery for Vinay Kumar continues as two short-pitched delivery are sent smashing for a boundary and a six.

Australia 40/3 | Over 10 | Bailey 4* Voges 4*

Shami Ahmed continues to challenge the Australian batsmen with swing and pace. After testing them outside off, he bolws a nippy bouncer adn follows it up with a good outswinger. Just one run scored off the over.

Australia 39/3 | Over 9  | Bailey 3* Voges 4*

Adam Voges gets off the mark with a fine puch off the backfoot through covers for a boundary. Unadkat’s lack of pace is allowing Australian batsmen to deal him with ease. Seven runs are scored off the over. Bailey is looking hesitent at the crease.

Australia 32/3 | Over 8  | Bailey 0* OUT! 32/3 (Watson 14 | Over 7.6)

India return to the field, but would’ve lost the momentum due to the break. Shami Ahmed is looking to regain the rhythm. But he comes back to jag the ball in as Watson is beaten by the line in his bid to play on the up. In the process, Australia lose their third wicket. 

Australia 28/2 | Over 7.2  | Bailey 0* Watson 10*

Players have left the ground due to rain. Covers have been brought on. But it is expected to be a passing shower. Australia would hope that it breaks India’s momentum in the match.

Australia 28/2 | Over 7 | Bailey 0* Watson 10*

Unadkat gets his line right. He is giving little room to the batsmen to free their arms. Keeping it tight. Gives away just one run in the over.

Australia 27/2 | Over 6 | Bailey 0* Watson 9* OUT! 24/2 (Hughes 11 | Over 5.4)

Shami Ahmed is looking far more lethal. He is using the swing to good effect with his pace. After dismissing Phil Hughes by inducing an edge to the keeper, he manages to get an edge off George Bailey’s bat as well. But the latter is dropped by Virat Kohli at slips.

Australia 18/1 | Over 5 | Hughes 5* Watson 8*

Shane Watson opens his arms to smack a delivery outside off for a boundary on the square. Watson continues to take advantage of Unadkat’s poor bowling as he flicks a delivery off his leg for another boundary in the over.

Australia 9/1 | Over 4 | Hughes 4* Watson 0*

Shami Ahmed is bowling at good pace clocking over 140 kmph. MS Dhoni has positioned two slips and a leg slip to Phil Hughes. Just three runs from the over.

Australia 6/1 | Over 3 | Hughes 1* Watson 0*

Jaydev Unadkat is taking full advantage of the swinging conditions. After Finch’s fall, Australian batsmen are adopting a cautious approach.

Australia 5/1 | Over 2 | Hughes 0* Watson 0* OUT! 5/1 (Finch 5 | Over 1.5)

Shami Ahmed gets good swing, but a short of good length delivery is slapped for a boundary on the leg-side. But comes back to bowl a beautiful delivery and dismiss Aaron Finch.

Australia 1/0 | Over 1 | Hughes 0* Finch 1*

Jaydev Unadkat maintains a good line. Gives away just one run in the over. The left-armer looks in good control

India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni won the toss and elected to field against Australia in the fourth One-Day International (ODI) at the Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) Stadium in Ranchi on Wednesday.

India have made two changes. Ishant Sharma and Bhuvneshwar Kumar have been dropped for Jaydev Unadkat and Shami Ahmed. Australia have come into the match with an unchanged side.

The conditions are overcast at the time of toss and dew is expected to play a key role in the match.

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, R Vinay Kumar, Jaydev Unadkat, Shami Ahmed.
Australia: Aaron Finch, Phil Hughes, Shane Watson, George Bailey (c), Glenn Maxwell, Brad Haddin (wk), James Faulkner, Mitchell Johnson, Clint McKay, Xavier Doherty

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