India vs Australia 2013 Live Cricket Score, 6th ODI at Nagpur: Virat Kohli on the attack

Virat Kohli © PTI

Oct 30, 2013

Man of the Match: Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli: I just took some risks. I just knew I was connecting the ball well. Since Shikhar was getting

When Mitchell Johnson came back, MS Dhoni said he is here for wickets you should play him out. I had confidence in my abilities and I took calculated risks. I have always liked batting under lights. If you have a target you know how much to get. I can’t wait to play at Bangalore.

The series is levelled 2-2 and what a final it will be at Bangalore. Going by the record of that venue it will surely be another run-feast.

MS Dhoni: We are thinking whether 350 is the new 280 or 290. The extra fielder inside the ring is making a lot of differences. We knew a bit of dew will come later. We were evenly placed. Rohit [Sharma] and Shikhar [Dhawan] played really well. I think Virat [Kohli] was brilliant. When the ball was old, their pacers got some reverse swing. They were trying to attack but Kohli made it look easy. At the end of the day when you play team sport it is always about taking the pressure of the other batsman.

If one of the big-hitters in the Bangalore game stays till the end, I don’t know how many will be enough.

India 351/4 | Over 49.3 | Kohli 115*, Dhoni 23*

The first ball was a dot. But that doesn’t matter as he slashes hard to a wide delivery off Faulkner past point boundary. Then picks a couple to clinch the game.

India 345/4 | Over 49 | Kohli 115*, Dhoni 19*

Kohli continues with a sweetly-timed shot between mid-wicket and log-on for a four. Eases the pressure with one more boundary on the penultimate ball. A couple on the last ball leaves with six needed in the last over.

India 331/4 | Over 48 | Kohli 104*, Dhoni 16*

Kohli using his phenomenal abilities and hits three boundaries in the over off James Faulkner and completes his hundred. Third fastest ODI hundred by an Indian. He hit one past covers, next one towards mid-wicket and delicately places past thirdman for another boundary.

India 316/4 | Over 47 | Kohli 91*, Dhoni 14*

Kohli hits a sweetly-timed delivery over extra-cover. Two dot balls follow before he got a single. The last ball is a short one which comes into Kohli, he delicately directs it to thirdman. Kohli looks set for another ton.

India 309/4 | Over 46 | Kohli 85*, Dhoni 13*

Well Dhoni prefers to keep some excitement in this match. Plays out three dot deliveries before hitting a boundary through point. The last delivery fetches a couple.

India 303/4 | Over 45 | Kohli 85*, Dhoni 7*

After two dot balls, Dhoni gets an outside edge which flies fine to the left of thirdman. Just three runs from the over.

48 runs needed from 30 balls.

India 300/4 | Over 44 | Kohli 84*, Dhoni 5*

It was a quiet over until Kohli gets the last ball fine enough for a boundary to the fine-leg.


India 291/4 | Over 43 | Kohli 79*, Dhoni 1*    OUT! Raina 16 (15b), Yuvraj 0 (3b)

Johnson strikes twice

Raina dismissed off another short ball! Umpire Nigell Long heard something, not Raina. The batsmen shows his disappointment but ultimately he has to walk back.

Yuvraj Singh is the new man. After two deliveries, Johnson bowls a beauty. Gets the ball to swirl back into Yuvraj and he completely beaten and the stumps are disturbed. MS Dhoni comes to the crease. Gets an outside edge and picks a single.

India 289/2 | Over 42 | Kohli 78*, Raina 16*

Raina joins the act now. Stands firm and lofts Shane Watson straight back for a boundary. Raina could have got another boundary on the last ball as well. Makes room for himself and lofts over extra-cover. Substitute fielder Moises Henriques fields brilliantly and saves two runs.

India 282/2 | Over 41 | Kohli 77*, Raina 10*

Three consecutive fours for Virat Kohli off Mitchell Johnson. First boundary was a pull towards mid-wicket off a short of length delivery. The next ball was a repeat of the previous delivery but goes towards fine-leg and finally a slash from Kohli flies past wicketkeeper for another boundary.

India 267/2 | Over 40 | Kohli 62*, Raina 10*

Suresh Raina chips the ball in the air towards mid-wicket and gets two runs. Gets a boundary on the fifth ball of the over. It was short and wide and Raina helps it past the cover fielder.

84 needed in 60 balls.

India 258/2 | Over 39 | Kohli 60*, Raina 3*

Mitchell Johnson comes back into the attack. Starts off with a wide. But manages to keep a check on the batsman with his 140+ speed. With Raina on strike Bailey wants Jonson to test him more with short balls. Just three runs in the over.

93 runs needed in 66 balls.

India 255/2 | Over 38 | Kohli 59*, Raina 2*

First ball of James Faulkner is hit to fine-leg for a boundary and Kohli completes his 27th ODI fifty. The third one is a slower ball but Kohli is in such good touch that he slices it between cover and point for another four.

Two singles in the next two deliveries.

96 runs needed in 72 balls

India 243/2 | Over 37 | Kohli 43*, Raina 1*

Suresh Raina is the new man but Kohli has the strike against Clint McKay. Gets a couple and then hits square on the off for a boundary. There was some confusion between the two batsmen on the fifth ball after Kohli hit a ball on the leg. Raina backed up a bit too much and eventually an overthrow allows the run to be completed.

India 234/2 | Over 36 | Kohli 40*   OUT! Dhawan 100 (102b)

Similar to Shane Watson, Shikhar Dhawan too bowled after completing a hundred. He hit the ball towards deep mid-wicket and a fumble from the fielder allowed him to come back comfortably for a couple.

Two balls later, Dhawan steps out and misses an incoming delivery. His stumps are disturbed. A valuable hundred under pressure.

India 227/1 | Over 35 | Dhawan 98*, Kohli 39*

Clint McKay into the attack after drinks break. Kohli pushes the ball towards long-on and the batsmen run two. Dhawan is in some discomfort while taking the second run. On the fourth ball Dhawan gets his bat on to a wide deliver and places it well behind point for a four. The left-hander is inching towards a well-deserved hundred.

Bishan Singh Bedi on the batsmen dominating the match

India 218/1 | Over 34 | Dhawan 92*, Kohli 36*

Poweplay taken.

Kohli takes a single on the first ball and finally Dhawan gets strike. He rotates it and allows Kohli to continue with his aggressive momentum. The next ball is finely directed towards fine-leg by Kohli for a four off James Faulkner.

India 209/1 | Over 33 | Dhawan 90*, Kohli 29*

Deft touch and power-packed hits. Is there anything that Virat Kohli cannot do? The first ball of Doherty’s over, he plays an inside out shot for four. The third ball disappears in the stands towards mid-wicket. On the next ball he plays a delicate shot fine of thirdman to earn four more. One might wonder who has spent more time at the crease? Hopefully another sparkling Kohli show is on the cards.

17 runs in that over.

India 192/1 | Over 32 | Dhawan 90*, Kohli 12*

Brilliant cover drive. Steps out, makes room for himself and strokes it through covers for a four.

159 runs needed in 18 overs.

India 187/1 | Over 31 | Dhawan 90*, Kohli 7*

Virat Kohli getting some fresh vigour to the chase. Takes a couple and then drives through extra-cover for a boundary.

India 179/1 | Over 30 | Dhawan 90*, Kohli 0*  OUT! R Sharma 79 (89b)

Rohit Sharma perishes. He was slowly getting into the groove but a short ball from Finch holds back a little and Sharma trying to pull it gets the toe-end of the bat and is caught brilliantly by a running James Faulkner.

Virat Kohli is the new batsman in. Perfect time for him to get into his usual aggressive mode in a tough chase.

India 177/0 | Over 29 | R Sharma 79*, Dhawan 88*

George Bailey persists with Glenn Maxwell, but this time the runs flow from Rohit Sharma’s bat. After a six in the previous over he comes down the track and times the fourth ball sweetly as it flies in the cow-corner region for a maximum.

The second six is far better as he launches the last ball way back into the long-off stands. Free-flowing powerful strike from Rohit.

India 162/0 | Over 28 | R Sharma 66*, Dhawan 86*

Rohit Sharma smacks the first ball wide of long-on for a six. Five runs come from last four deliveries including a wide.

India 148/0 | Over 27 | R Sharma 58*, Dhawan 84*

Both batsmen still find to get away against Glenn Maxwell. Three singles from the over.

India 148/0 | Over 26 | R Sharma 56*, Dhawan 83*

Aaron Finch replaces Mitchell Johnson. The batsmen find it tough to hit him around. Just two runs from that over.

203 runs needed in 24 overs.

India 146/0 | Over 25 | R Sharma 55*, Dhawan 82*

The openers are dealing in singles and twos against Glenn Maxwell. The third ball is directed by Dhawan towards mid-wicket and takes couple.

India 142/0 | Over 24 | R Sharma 54*, Dhawan 79*

Rohit Sharma gets to his fifty. The penultimate delivery is short and Rohit Sharma pulls for a boundary.

India 134/0 | Over 23 | R Sharma 48*, Dhawan 78*

A boundary for Rohit Sharma. Five runs from the over.

India 129/0 | Over 22 | R Sharma 43*, Dhawan 78*

Dhawan hits the first ball to deep point. The batsmen are in a puzzle of taking the second and eventually settle for one. Johnson gets a full ball outside off stump and Sharma gets his bat to it and the ball flies over slips for a boundary. Johnson may have scorching pace but the openers are settled to milk him around. Dhawan delicately hits two more boundaries.

India 115/0 | Over 21 | R Sharma 38*, Dhawan 69*

Four runs from Glenn Maxwell’s over. 236 runs needed in 29 overs.

India 111/0 | Over 20 | R Sharma 36*, Dhawan 67*

Dhawan sweeps and sweeps fine enough to get a boundary on the second ball and hits four more on the last ball between cover and point.

India 100/0 | Over 19 | R Sharma 35*, Dhawan 57*

Dropped! Dhawan drives powerfully and a diving Aaron Finch couldn’t latch on to it. Good over from Maxwell, concedes just two in the over. 100 up for India.

India 98/0 | Over 18 | R Sharma 34*, Dhawan 56*

Dhawan gets a boundary by sweeping it with good timing. The rest of the over fetches just two singles.

India 92/0 | Over 17 | R Sharma 33*, Dhawan 51*

Rohit Sharma flicked the first delivery for a single. Dhawan in the next ball lofts the ball in the air and the backward point fielder flies towards the ball but it eludes him. A ball later he cuts again and this time it races to the boundary and gets him to his fifty.

259 runs needed in 33 overs.

India 85/0 | Over 16 | R Sharma 32*, Dhawan 45*

Doherty’s incoming delivery hits Rohit Sharma on the pads and roles down to short thirdman. A faint appeal from the bowler and wicketkeeper but eventually the batsmen get a leg-bye.

India 82/0 | Over 15 | R Sharma 31*, Dhawan 44*

After couple of singles Dhawan manages to hit a boundary off Watson. He just nudges the ball but it was timed beautifully. Eight runs from the over.

India 74/0 | Over 14 | R Sharma 29*, Dhawan 38*

Doherty bowling round the wicket keeps his line accurate. Just a single from the over.

India 73/0 | Over 13 | R Sharma 29*, Dhawan 37*

Batsmen take a tight single on the first ball, however, it was a no-ball. Rohit Sharma can’t capitalise as his sliced shot is caught brilliantly by Glenn Maxwell at point.

Shikhar Dhawan later drives fluently through the covers and runs across for two. Dhawan then pulls the next ball but straight to fielder at fine-leg.

India 67/0 | Over 12 | R Sharma 28*, Dhawan 33*

Xavier Doherty is into the attack. Dhawan tries to despatch him on the offside but loses balance. Haddin dislodges the stumps but no damage done. Doherty ties Dhawan down who finally manages to get a single on the third delivery.

India 64/0 | Over 11 | R Sharma 27*, Dhawan 31*

The openers are steadying the pace of the innings. Dhawan’s elegant cut shot goes past backward point for a boundary. Four singles earned apart from that boundary.

India 56/0 | Over 10 | R Sharma 25*, Dhawan 25*

Rohit Sharma is slowly coming into his true colours. First a fluent shot to the right of point. The next ball was lofted over extra-cover for a boundary. Dhawan later takes some time to check his bats.

After getting a leg-bye, Dhawan clips a ball sliding down the leg-side and earns four runs.

India 42/0 | Over 9 | R Sharma 17*, Dhawan 20*

Dhawan gets a single on the first ball. Openers still struggling to get going. Only three runs from the over. But Glenn Maxwell missed a catch at point offered by Dhawan. How costly could that prove?

India 39/0 | Over 8 | R Sharma 16*, Dhawan 18*

Dhawan missed an opportunity to collect a four as he couldn’t connect a leg-side delivery. He manages to time the next one to deep extra-cover and Rohit Sharma too keeps the scoreboard moving by getting one more on the leg-side.

Two balls later, on the fifth delivery, Rohit charges down the and hits it past point but the ball travels straight to thirdman and he can’t get more than a single.

India 34/0 | Over 7 | R Sharma 14*, Dhawan 15*

Change in bowling. James Faulkner bowls the seventh over. Rohit Sharma plays out two dot deliveries before getting a run. Dhawan later goes for a fluent drive but is stopped brilliantly by mid-off. Just two runs from the over.

India 32/0 | Over 6 | R Sharma 13*, Dhawan 14*

Dhawan guides one more full length delivery on the leg-side and gets three runs. The penultimate delivery which was a length ball and it hit him awkwardly above the thigh.

India 26/0 | Over 5 | R Sharma 12*, Dhawan 9*

In this over, Johnson comes round the wicket and bowls wide of the crease. After two deliveries, Rohit Sharma makes room and chips it over the extra-cover fielder for a boundary. The next one was a slower ball but Sharma was clever to guide it through mid-off for a couple.

India 20/0 | Over 4 | R Sharma 6*, Dhawan 9*

The third ball of Clint McKay’s over is cut by Rohit Sharma to the right of thirdman but it gets them only a single. Dhawan clips the fifth delivery to fine-leg and add one more.

India 17/0 | Over 3 | R Sharma 5*, Dhawan 8*

Johnson starts off with a wayward delivery on Dhawan’s leg and the left-hander just clips it through mid-wicket for a boundary. The third ball is a yorker but Dhawan manages to dig it out and earn three runs. Johnson loses his line from thereon conceding two consecutive wides.

India 7/0 | Over 2 | R Sharma 4*, Dhawan 1*

Clint McKay comes over the wicket and the second ball hits Dhawan on the pads. The loud appeal is turned down by the umpire. Even Rohit Sharma is beaten by McKay’s probing line. Just two runs from the over.

India 5/0 | Over 1 | R Sharma 4*, Dhawan 0*

Mitchell Johnson bowls the first over and Rohit Sharma starts off with a brilliant boundary through cover and point.  Except for a wide ball on the last delivery the other balls didn’t yield much results.

What an innings from the Australian skipper. Brilliant batting coupled by the fast outfield has taken Australia to another gigantic first innings total. But they would still not relax already feeling the pinch once when India chased down 359. However, Watson will be happy to regain form ahead of the all important Ashes.

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Australia 350/6 | Over 50 | Voges 44*, Haddin 0*   OUT! Bailey 156 (114b), Johnson 0 (1b)

Finally India get George Bailey. Comes down the track and the tired lofted shot goes straight to Virat Kohli at long-off.

But Jadeja yet again commits the crime of taking a wicket off a no-ball. Voges hit the ball straight back to Jadeja and he took a sharp catch. However, Nigell Long checked with the TV Umpire to see if the catch was clean but the replays showed his foot was ahead of the line.

However, he managed to get the wicket of Mitchell Johnson who slogged towards mid-wicket and was caught by Shikhar Dhawan.

Australia end on 350 for six.

Australia 343/4 | Over 49 | Bailey 156*, Voges 39*

Voges gets a boundary on the third ball by pulling it to fine-leg. Bhuvneshwar has been the best bowler in this innings maintaining his accuracy. Bailey tried to scoop a yorker and messed it up completely. Still eight runs came from that over.

Australia 335/4 | Over 48 | Bailey 153*, Voges 33*

100-run partnership between Voges and Bailey in 67 deliveries. Voges times the third ball sweetly past thye bowler to get a boundary. Bailey gets to his 150 on the penultimate ball by cutting it through covers for a four.

Bailey takes just 25 balls to complete his last 50 runs. The first Australian to score 150+ against India in ODIs.

Australia 323/4 | Over 47 | Bailey 148*, Voges 27*

The first ball is a full-toss and Bailey sends it few metres behind long-on for a maximum. The skipper pulls the third ball for, doesn’t get much hold off it yet it has enough legs to run wide of Ravindra Jadeja. Bailey is giving himself enough room to slog the ball around and Shami Ahmed hasn’t done enough to keep his accuracy intact. The final delivery was a slower ball which Bailey couldn’t connect.

Australia 309/4 | Over 46 | Bailey 135*, Voges 26*

This is now Bailey’s highest ODI score. The first ball from Jadeja is slogged over mid-wicket for a huge six. The next ball is reverse swept for a single. Voges cuts the third ball and earns a couple. The penultimate ball is played in the gap, to the wide of long-off for another couple.

Australia 296/4 | Over 45 | Bailey 125*, Voges 23*

Shami Ahmed keeps it full and bowls into the block-hole but that won’t deter Bailey. He uses his bottom hand to good effect and punches it straight towards long-on for a boundary.

The final ball is clobbered past mid-wicket for a four. It was a full-toss and was there to be hit

Australia 285/4 | Over 44 | Bailey 119*, Voges 18*

The first ball from Amit Mishra turns sharply and Bailey can’t do much but smile. However, he doesn’t let the next ball go waste as he powerfully strikes the second one for a six. The ball is nicely caught by the ball boy behind deep mid-wicket fence.

Yet again a 13-run over.

Australia 272/4 | Over 43 | Bailey 112*, Voges 12*

This time Adam Voges comes down the track and swings the ball over mid-wicket and gets a four. He tried to attempt a similar one but Raina had pitched it short seeing the batsman come down.

Bailey doesn’t have much problems in hitting the big shots as he clobbers the penultimate delivery for a six. 13 runs from that over.

Australia 259/4 | Over 42 | Bailey 104*, Voges 7*

Adam Voges happy to rotate the strike and allow his captain to face more deliveries. Takes a single on the first ball. Bailey, on the next ball comes down the track and drives for a single. The last two deliveries fetch two more.

Australia 255/4 | Over 41 | Bailey 102*, Voges 5*

Second ODI hundred for George Bailey. Takes a single on the first ball off Suresh Raina to complete his ton. A relatively quiet over with just a couple coming on the last ball apart from a single from Voges.

Australia 251/4 | Over 40 | Bailey 99*, Voges 4*

Bailey inches towards century. On 99 now. Adam Voges plays four deliveries off Ashwin and gets a single. The final ball is driven through extra-cover and they run three.

Australia 247/4 | Over 39 | Bailey 96*, Voges 3*

Looked like a good over from India’s perspective as the first three balls didn’t yield any runs. However, the next three balls gets them 12 more runs with three boundaries. The first one is pulled towards mid-wicket, the next slapped through covers and then runs past deep thirdman.

Australia 234/4 | Over 38 | Bailey 84*, Voges 2*

Bailey survives. A traditional off-spinner hits Bailey’s pads. Ashwin appeals ferociously but Nigell Long isn’t interested. But that was very close. Bailey gets a couple on the fourth delivery.

400 runs for Bailey in this series.

Australia 230/4 | Over 37 | Bailey 81*, Voges 1*

Thirdman was inside the circle and Bailey elegantly places the third ball between the point and thirdman to get a boundary off Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s bowling. While Waston, Maxwell are back in the hut, Bailey still continues to be the threat.

Australia 223/4 | Over 36 | Bailey 76* OUT! Maxwell 9 (6b)

Glenn Maxwell is polishing his skills of playing the reverse sweep. Gets two consecutive boundaries. Ashwin  gets to his stop-bowling action. However, it was pitched short and there to be hit. Maxwell smashed hard but couldn’t get much behind it as Bhuvneshwar Kumar at deep mid-wicket held on to the tough catch. He had already messed up similar opportunities earlier in the series but not this time.

Australia 213/3 | Over 35 | Bailey 74*, Maxwell 0*  OUT! Waston 102 (94b)

Change in bowling does the trick not before Watson inflicts some damage. Ahmed gets the ball into the right-hander, Watson plays down the wrong line and his stumps are disturbed.

The first three balls fetch 12 runs as Watson hit three consecutive boundaries. The first one was a firm push to the right of mid-off, the next one was half-volley driven between mid-off and extra-cover. The third one was a full-toss on the leg-side which was clipped by Watson to deep square-leg boundary to get to his hundred.

Australia 201/2 | Over 34 | Watson 90*, Bailey 74*

Watson gets a short delivery from Mishra and he hits it past extra-cover for four. The next ball is pitched up and clobbered straight down the ground for four more. Mishra comes round the wicket and the third ball is played defensively. Gets a single on the next ball. Bailey is beaten by the spin on the last ball, yet no damage done.

200 up for Australia.

Australia 192/2 | Over 33 | Watson 81*, Bailey 74*

That was some level of confusion. Suresh Raina was all set to bowl the over before Dhoni stopped him and threw the ball back to Jadeja. The first ball is quicker through the air and Bailey gets an inside edge. Lucky to get away. The batsmen keep the scoreboard busy with four singles.

With powerplay approaching, India have a lot to worry.

Australia 188/2 | Over 32 | Watson 79*, Bailey 72*

Forget Watson, Bailey is turning out to be the danger man once again for India. Doesn’t get any on the first ball from Kohli. But the second ball which was short in length flew between mid-wicket and long-on. After referring, it was adjudged as a boundary.

Watson too doesn’t leave any opportunity to free his arms as the last ball was driven firmly past extra-cover for a four.


Australia 178/2 | Over 31 | Watson 74*, Bailey 67*

It was a quiet over until Bailey pulled the last ball for a six. He rocked back deep into the crease and the short ball allowed him enough time to get more power behind the shot.

The first ball is driven by Bailey for a single. He didn’t allows much opportunity for the batsmen two free their arms. But the last ball spoiled the over.

Australia 170/2 | Over 30 | Watson 73*, Bailey 60*

Bailey gets a short delivery from Jadeja and he cuts it and the ball races towards the fence. After two singloes he hits one more boundary on the leg-side.

Bailey has now scored the most runs by a captain in a bilateral series.

Australia 159/2 | Over 29 | Watson 72*, Bailey 50*

Looking at the ease with which the batsmen are facing the spinner, Dhoni brings Virat Kohli in to bowl. However, the gentle pace of Kohli doesn’t cause any problem. The first four deliveries is milked away in the deep for singles.

Bailey gets a single on the last ball to complete his 12th ODI fifty.

Australia 154/2 | Over 28 | Watson 70*, Bailey 47*

The second ball of the over is slapped by Watson past square-leg for a four. Ashwin concedes a wide on the next ball. Yuvraj misfields the fourth ball and allows the batsmen to run three.

Hundred run partnership between the two. Ashwin keeps his length on the leg throughout the over. 11 runs from then over. Australia are accelerating their score.

Australia 143/2 | Over 27 | Watson 64*, Bailey 43*

Watson is kept quiet for the first three deliveries before he gets a single by playing towards square-leg. Bailey then softly plays towards square-leg and gets a couple. He gets two more on the last ball by playing towards deep extra-cover.

Australia 138/2 | Over 26 | Watson 63*, Bailey 39*

Watson this time comes down the track and lofts Mishra’s delivery to the long-off fence for a six. For a moment it appeared as if the fielder in the deep might reach to it.

Bailey finishes the over with a boundary. Smacks it over deep mid-wicket.

Australia 124/2 | Over 25 | Watson 56*, Bailey 32*

Shane Watson completes his fifth fifty against India. He makes room and plays it late past point for a boundary. He finishes the over by launching Jadeja’s length ball into the long-on stands. It was in his zone of hitting and Watson doesn’t miss those chances much.

Australia 112/2 | Over 24 | Watson 45*, Bailey 31*

Mishra gives good flight to the first delivery and Bailey comes down again but couldn’t time it correctly. The fielder at long-off makes an attempt. However, the ball drops short and hits Shami Ahmed on the chin.

Mishra bowls a full-toss and Watson smacks it over deep mid-wicket for a six.

Australia 102/2 | Over 23 | Watson 37*, Bailey 29*

George Bailey shows why he is the man in form. He comes down the wicket and lofts it towards a vacant long-on for a boundary. He follows it up by coming down once again by lofting it over the bowler’s head for a six to complete the fifty partnership. Ashwin switches to bowling round the wicket. The last ball of the over is  a carrom ball but way outside leg and is called a wide.

Australia 89/2 | Over 22 | Watson 36*, Bailey 18*

This time George Bailey is foxed by Amit Mishra. The leggie bowls a googly and Bailey goes for a cut and misses it completely. Mishra is mixing it up well. The skipper manages to get a single by pushing the ball to long-on. Watson gets a single on the fifth delivery. Just two from it.

Australia 87/2 | Over 21 | Watson 35*, Bailey 17*

Watson gets a couple on the second ball by clipping it towards mid-wicket. The next ball is misfielded by Yuvraj Singh at deep square-leg which allows two more.

Australia 83/2 | Over 20 | Watson 31*, Bailey 17*

Brilliant bowling by Amit Mishra. Watson though manages to get a boundary. He tries to loft the third ball over extra-cover but gets a leading edge and flies between long-off and deep extra-cover for four.

However, the fourth ball almost kissed the off-stump of Watson. The ball didn’t bounce much and turned enough to beat the batsmen’s defence.

Australia 78/2 | Over 19 | Watson 26*, Bailey 17*

The first ball is wide enough for Bailey to cut it fine for a boundary. He heaves the third ball towards deep mid-wicket for a single. Watson firmly drives the fifth delivery and it is stopped by the fielder, restricts to a single.

Australia 72/2 | Over 18 | Watson 25*, Bailey 12*

Amit Mishra into the attack. Gets a vicious turn on the third delivery. He draws Bailey forward and the ball turns way too much. Not much for Bailey to worry on the rest of the deliveries. Gets a single on the last ball with a punch towards long-on.

Umpires call for a drinks break.

Australia 71/2 | Over 17 | Watson 25*, Bailey 11*

Watson survives! He went for a rash shot and was caught by Rohit Sharma. Umpire Ravi called the third umpire to check for a no-ball. And to everyone’s surprise Jadeja didn’t have any part of his heel behind the line. Even the free-hit is caught at long-on and that fetches them a single.

Australia 66/2 | Over 16 | Watson 25*, Bailey 7*

One more boundary Watson. He was very lucky this time. Comes down the wicket and tries to hit it past mid-wicket. He was deceived by Ashwin and the edge flies towards fine-leg for a boundary.

Yet again poor fielding on the fourth ball. Jadeja at deep mid-wicket fumbles to collect the ball and allows the batsmen to go back for a couple.

Australia 59/2 | Over 15 | Watson 19*, Bailey 6*

Watson gets a boundary. Jadeja was a touch short and Watson cuts it fine for a four.

The first ball was a full length delivery which was worked away for a single by Bailey. On the fifth ball he softly played it towards mid-wicket. The batsmen sprint for a couple but Dhoni is annoyed with Shami Ahmed for being late to get to the ball.

Australia 52/2 | Over 14 | Watson 13*, Bailey 5*

Fifty comes up for Australia. Ashwin looking a changed bowler this time. Keeping himself limited to traditional off-breaks. Watson gets two singles from the over and one for Bailey.

Australia 49/2 | Over 13 | Watson 12*, Bailey 3*

The spinners have kept a tight leash. Just five runs from the last three overs. Another good over from Jadeja.

Australia 46/2 | Over 12 | Watson 11*, Bailey 1*  OUT Finch 20 (28b)

A wicket on the first ball for Ravichandran Ashwin. Finch hops down the pitch but is deceived in the air by the off-spinner and he is bowled

Australia’s man in form, their skipper George Bailey comes to the crease. Plays out defensively before getting a single by putting in the gap towards deep extra-cover.

Australia 45/1 | Over 11 |  Finch 20*, Watson 11*

Ravindra Jadeja replaces Bhuvneshwar. The left-arm bowler gets some turn. The first ball is played defensively. On the second ball Finch offers his pad to a delivery angling in. Only a loud appeal from Jadeja which is turned down by the umpire. Finch finally manages to pick a single on the fifth ball.

Australia 44/1 | Over 10 |  Finch 19*, Watson 11*

First ball from Shami Ahmed is declared a no-ball. Suresh Raina at short mid-on had his left leg on the edge of the crease.

The fourth ball is hit for a boundary past backward point. Lovely punch from Watson and the ball speeds away towards the fence. Seven runs in that over.

Australia 37/1 | Over 9 |  Finch 18*, Watson 6*

Finch takes a single off the first delivery. Watson gets his first boundary. The ball is straying down the leg-side and he dispatches it towards mid-wicket. The square-leg fielder can’t do much.

Australia 31/1 | Over 8 |  Finch 17*, Watson 1*

Shane Watson survives a close leg-before appeal off Shami Ahmed. The right-hand batsman plays out rest of the over defensively. Maiden over for Ahmed.

Australia 31/1 | Over 7 |  Finch 17*, Watson 0*  OUT! Hughes 13 (22b)

After struggling for a while Hughes is finally out, caught by Kohli square-leg off Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Hughes had got a boundary by opting for such a pull shot but this time it carries to Kohli.

New man Shane Watson almost edged the first ball to Dhoni. Six runs and a wicket from the successful over.

Australia 25/0 | Over 6 | Hughes 9* Finch 16*

Poor line from Shami Ahmed. Bowls it towards Aaron Finch’s leg and he has no problems in clipping the ball away towards mid-wicket. With the fast outfield, the deep backward square-leg fielder has no chance to get to it. After two boundaries Finch follows it up with a brilliant push which runs for another boundary.

Australia 12/0 | Over 5 | Hughes 9* Finch 3*

Tight over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Aaron Finch couldn’t time the ball well. Finally got hold of the third ball and hits it between the bowler and mid-off fielder, but Shikhar Dhawan fields it brilliantly to restrict it to a single. Kumar gets a leading edge of Hughes in the next delivery, but it lands just in front of the bowler.

Australia 11/0 | Over 4 | Hughes 9* Finch 2*

Shami Ahmed bowls his second over. Bowls a tight line to Phil Hughes. Comes over the wicket and shapes the ball away from the left-hander. Hughes misses two before managing to defend the fifth. On the final ball he cuts the ball straight to extra-cover.

The first ball was played towards the cover by Finch and the second one is clipped on the leg-side for a single.

Australia 10/0 | Over 3 | Hughes 9* Finch 1*

Bhuvneshwar continues and MS Dhoni has come up right behind the stumps. There is one slip in Ravichandran Ashwin. Finch flays at a wide delivery and gets a thick outside edge. The ball just bounces in front of the third-man fielder and Finch is finally off the mark.

Australia 9/0 | Over 2 | Hughes 9* Finch 0*

Shami Ahmed shares the new ball with Bhuvneshwar. Immediately he gets the ball to just swing in to the left-handed Hughes. But on the next ball, Hughes plays a textbook cover drive to score the first four of the day. He then mistimes, but finds the gap down the ground for another four. The outfield is lightning.

Australia 1/0 | Over 1 | Hughes 1* Finch 0*

Bhuveneshwar Kumar opens the bowling for India. Phil Hughes and Aaron Finch open the batting for Australia. Hughes gets off the mark with a single behind square-leg. Bhuvneshwar bowls a sharp in-swinging delivery to Finch, but the batsman fends it off.

India captain MS Dhoni won the toss and elected to field against Australia in the sixth One-Day International (ODI) at  Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Jamtha, Nagpur on Wednesday.

India have made two changes. Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Amit Mishra replace Jaydev Unadkat and Shami Ahmed and Vinay Kumar.

Australia have not made any changes to the side from their previous match.

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Amit Mishra, Shami Ahmed.
Australia: Aaron Finch, Phil Hughes, Shane Watson, George Bailey (c), Glenn Maxwell, Adam Voges, Brad Haddin (wk), James Faulkner, Mitchell Johnson, Clint McKay, Xavier Doherty.

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