India vs Australia, 3rd Test, Day 1 Live Cricket Score and Updates: India finish on 215 for 2 at stumps

Hope you enjoyed our Day 1 coverage. We’ll be back with the second day tomorrow to ensure you don’t miss out on this riveting Test series. Good day.

– Well, there we have it. India finish on 215 for 2 and remain unharmed in the final session that yielded 92 runs. Fine exhibition of batting from Pujara (68*) and Kohli (47*), who did well to help India biuld on the foundation laid by debutant Mayank Agarwal’s impressive knock of 76. The surface may have been friendlier for batting, but you still got to go out there and score runs, which is exactlty what India’s batsmen did.

India are 215 for 2, and the final two overs of the day coming up. Kohli and Pujara have batted beautifully to deny Australia a wicket in this session. But so did Pujara and Agarwal in the second session. Will India play out a wicketless session or will Australia be able to sneal one in again?

– Well, the second new ball is doing quite a bit. A close call for Kohli, who produced an outside edge only to be spilled by Tim Paine behind the stumps. The 87th over is easily the most adventurous six deliveries of the match. The next delivery simply exploded from a good length spot and flew over Paine for a boundary. Suddenly, the new ball has Australia’s tail up. Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood are steaming in. India 213 for 2.

– And as expected, Australia have taken the second new ball and handed it to Mitchell Starc. Straightaway, he beats Kohli outside off for a lukewarm appeal that is turned down. India 199 for 2, Kohli five short of his fifty.

– 80 overs gone and the second new ball is available for Australia. However, they decide not to take it just yet. Mitchell Marsh replaces Pat Cummins. Maybe they want Cummins operating from the other end?

– Pujara cuts Cummins close to his body and gets the ball to race between gully and point, moving to 61. India 192 for 2. This pair has been instrumental for India in overseas Tests this year and today is just another example why.

– Lyon pitches the ball full and an in-form Kohli lunges forward and pierces the gap on the off side to help himself to his fifth boundary. Lyon has conceded 56 runs without taking a wicket. When was the last time that happened? India progress to 188 for 2 with Kohli moving to 39.

Australia WASTE a review: Huge appeal for LBW against Kohli, but the ball clearly seems to have made the impact outside the line. Still, Paine and Lyon go upstairs. The big screen showed the ball pitching outside and hitting outside. Hence, the on-field call stays. But really, that was a poor review taken by Australia.

– And that would be a FIFTY for Cheteshwar Pujara. Boy, has he stepped up to the occasion. This is his third 50-plus score of the series, following the century and 71 in Adelaide. Simply guides the ball past gully to bring up his 21st Test half-century off 152 balls. A Pujara-esque innings, this. Came in when India were 40 for 1 and it was important for him to partner Agarwal. He did so with admirable effect and marched on with Kohli to put on an unbeaten 50-run stand for the third wicket.

India are 165 for 2, and Australia have brought back Nathan Lyon. And if you’re an Australian fan, you’d believe it is about time.

– Well, this is quite easily the friendliest batting surface of the series, and Pujara and Kohli are making the most of it. They are on their way to a consolidating partnership with Pujara moving to 45. He slapped a short delivery from Mitchell Starc over the point boundary, indicating that the pitch is getting easier to bat on. As for Kohli, highlights on his 169 at this venue in during the 2014 tour aired. And boy o boy, won’t he love to produce a repeat of it. Below is a recap of that fine knock.

– EDGED and FOUR: Slightly streaky from the Indian captain but he won’t mind this as India bring up the 150. Two boundaries in the 63rd over bowled by Hazlewood. First ball, Kohli drove him down the ground, and three deliveries later, the skipper played a loose shot but with soft hands as the ball fell in front of Shaun Marsh at first slip but beats him to the boundary. Kohli moves to 23 off 23.

– FOUR: Driven down the ground as Kohli collects his first boundary. That should help him settle. India 137 for 2.

– 60 Overs gone: India move to 133/2. We are about 15 minutes into the second session and Pujara has helped himself to a boundary straight past Hazlewood for four. Kohli had a close moment. Defending a ball from Pat Cummins, the India captain almost played on. Australia have their tail up. Pujara and Kohli will need to grind them.

– Meanwhile, this happened. Congratulations, Ricky Ponting

– And we are back, to bring you the final session of the day. Pujara and Kohli have walked out in the middle. This has been India’s most reliable pair this year, and they’ve got to do it one more time to ensure that the efforts of Agarwal don’t go wasted. Cummins steaming in.

Tea Interval – India 123 for 2: Right then! India batted without putting a foot wrong in that second session. Well, almost. 66 runs were scored in that session with the sole wicket of Agarwal. That dismissal, however, would lift Australia as it now gives them a chance to have a go at Virat Kohli, who after a long time, will walk out to bat in an overseas Test after tea. Safe to say that both sessions have belonged to India, but just how much would that last wicket be able to provide a spring up Australia’s tail remains to be seen. Stay with us, another riveting session awaits.

OUT: Oh dear! This one will sting. Having batted so well, India lose a wicket at the stroke of tea. This was the final over before the interval, and Pat Cummins has struck again, this time getting the threatening-looking Agarwal for 76. And what’s worse is that this was the last over before tea. Short ball drifting on to Agarwal’s pads, and he offers a little tickle before a diving Tim Paine takes the catch. Agarwal is gutted as he walks off the ground.

FOUR! Agarwal has played the cover drive extremely well in this innings and gets one more boundary operating the same. A diving Lyon towards the sweeper-cover fence can’t pull it back in time and signalled the four himself. India continue to go strong at 119 for 1.

Close! But Pujara surives. Australia had a chance of breaking this stand but as they say, they were so near and yet so far. Pujara offered a bat pad but dropped just short of a diving Usman Khawaja at gully. Mitchell Marsh has his hands over his head, Paine shakes his head and Khawaja has that look on his face. He pulled off that blinder in Adelaide to get rid of Kohli but the ball just wasn’t quite there. We’re approaching the end of the second session and India are extremely close to have played a spotless one.

– First SIX of the match, and no surprises there, it has come off the bat of Agarwal. Takes Nathan Lyon and and sends the ball screaming over long-on. India 108 for 1 and Agarwal is really beginning to look threatening here.

100 comes up for India. Pujara and Agarwal continue to look confident and lay a solid base.

– Interesting little battle going on between Mitchell Starc and Pujara. The left-arm pacers has sent down some rippers to India’s No. 3, either beating outside off or having the ball sail past Pujara’s neck region. Australia making India play some tough, competitive cricket. Just three runs scored in the last five overs. India 86 for 1 after 41 overs.

A debut to remember: Mayank Agarwal steps out to Nathan Lyon and collects a couple of boundaries. That second boundary however, is one that Agarwal will cherish his entire life as it brings up his half-century off 95 balls. On debut. Against Australia. At the MCG. It doesn’t get better than this. What a splendid innings it has been. Agarwal is brimming with confidence as India move to 84 for 1.

– Australia tightening things up just that bit. Three maidens in a row before India add a souble to move the score. This has all the making of a fascinating second session.

Half volley and FOUR! What a start to the session as Mayank Agarwal crunches one from Josh Hazlewood through the offside. India move to 61 for 1.

– End of the first session, and India are 57 for 1. They would be mighty pleased with the way they have fared in these first 28 overs. Not many would have expected them to though, given how the two new openers had to face chin music at the MCG against the three fiery Australian pacers. But by god, they have done a wonderful job, batting out of thier skins to put up 40 hard-fought runs. Vihari was undone by a sharp delivery by Cummins for a 66-ball 8, but Agarwal seems to be emerging as a big positive for India. He looked at extreme ease against the new ball and remains unbeaten on 34.

– We have entered the most testing phase of the session, the last 10-odd minutes before lunch. This is where it all gets tricky. India have faced 26 overs and have batted with defiance to score 57 runs, one of their better starts in the series. Pujara and Agarwal have batted with a lot of composure, and they need to do it for just a little longer to ensure India finish this session satisfied.

– Well, here is an interesting stat. Vihari and Agarwal batted together for 18.5 overs. No Indian opening pair has lasted longer in Australia/New Zealand, South Africa/England since July 2011. But do you think Vihari a long-time solution for India as an opener?

End of Over 23: The FIFTY is up for India through a flick from Agarwal. They may be one wicket down, this sure is a great start from India. Agarwal is batting on 34 off 60, while Pujara, who got off the mark with his trademark punch between gully and point, is on 4.

– And that’s how Cummins bounced our Vihari to end India’s solid opening stand.

Pat Cummins‘ bowling figures so far: 5-2-4-1. 22 overs gone, India 48 for 1.

OUT: And that’s that. India 40 for 1. Vihari’s 66-ball innings comes to an end. Short ball from Pat Cummins and the batsman, trying to take an evasive action, gloves it in the air for Usman Khawaja to take an easy catch at second slip. Had him all tangled up. Could have been the blow to the helmet earlier. Alright then. Australia have their breakthrough, and even though Vihari just had eight runs to his name, his innings was crucial in giving India a solid base with Agarwal.

Australia miss an opportunity: Well, well! Australia could have had India one down had they taken a review. Vihari stepped down to Lyon as the ball hit him on the pads. The Australians appealed confidently but the umpire turned it down. Paine and Lyon thought for a while befire decided against the review. However, as per the replay, the ball pitched in line, hit in line and was crashing on to off and middle. If only…

Listen to brave, little Archie’s opinion regarding the toss

DRINKS INTERVAL: It’s been a fine first hour for India. Their newest openers have batted out of their skins to see off the first 15 overs without losing a wicket. Already a big gain, considering everytime India have found themselves in trouble is because their opening stand wasn’t anything substantial. 31/0 is by no means a blazing start but the “0” in that score is what matters. Mayank Agarwal has looked more confident with each ball and Vihari has displayed a stubborn approach to face 49 balls and score 3.

– Short ball from Pat Cummins and BANG. Vihari cops a nasty blow to his head. That looked brutal. The ball was a little too full to duck actually, and the batsman took his eyes off the ball. The ball hits the helmet right near the cranium. The physio is out there checking on Vihari. Fortunately, he looks alright.

12 overs gone and this has been a sedate start from India, which is what was needed considering the two new batsmen opening the innings. The biggest takeaway in these 10 overs has been the enormous amount of control both batsmen have shown. Agarwal of course has been the prime scorer with 22 off 30 but Vihari, despite scoring 3 off 39, is not looking bogged down. Good, hard Test cricket this. 29 without loss.

– Vihari is finally off the mark. It took him 25 balls but he’s finally got that first run. Agarwal growing in confidence as he takes Lyon for a boundary. That cover drive had Virat Kohli written all over it. India 26/0 after nine overs.

You won’t want to miss reading THIS.

– Australia are not willing to wait any longer. Nathan Lyon has been handed the ball in the 8th over of the innings.

– Mitchell Starc just erring a little in line there. A couple of deliveries down leg, one of which beats wicketkeeper Tim Paine. India 21 without loss.

– End of Over 6: India openers just beginning to settle. A couple of crisp drives from Vihari but he is still searching for his first runs in the match. It’s now been 21 balls he’s faced. But as Michael Clarke says on airit doesn’t matter as long as he is comfortable out there. India 13 without loss.

– End of Over 4: Increasing in confidence, is Agarwal. An on-side drive towards the longest part of the ground is a sign that he feels he belongs out there. He is already looking miles ahead of KL Rahul and Murali Vijay in terms of confidence. But let’s not jink it. Vihari, having faced 15 balls, is yet to get off the mark. All of India’s 11 runs have come from the bat of Agarwal. Good positive intent and the running between the wicket is wonderful.

End of Over 2: Full and pushed between cover and extra cover. This gives Agarwal his first runs in international cricket as India are off the mark in the third Test. – There we have it. The openers have walked out into the middle and who would have thought they’d see this? Mayank Agarwal and Hanuma Vihari. Agarwal is the first opener in history to make his debut at the MCG. He definitely will remember this irrespective of how his career pans out.

– Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the third Test between India and Australia at the MCG. The latest from the venue is that India have won the toss and opted to bat first against Australia, which means that there will indeed be a new opening combination with Hanuma Vihari and debutant Mayank Agarwal taking guard. Live action starts shortly. Stay tuned.