Steve Smith – who is currently the No 1 batsman in Tests – would be the biggest threat for the Indian bowlers in the four-match red-ball series in Australia. Former India batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar has revealed a plan that he believes would help Indian bowlers dismiss Smith – who bats with a unique stance.

Tendulkar feels because the premier Australian batsman shuffles a lot to the off-stump, the bowler should not bowl on his off-stump and instead aim bowling at the fourth or the fifth stump.

“Smith’s technique is unconventional Normally, we tell a bowler in Test matches to bowl on and around off-stump or maybe fourth stump line. But for Smith, because he shuffles, maybe that line (of delivery) moves further away by four to five inches,” Tendulkar said as quoted by The Hindu.

“One has to aim between (imaginary) fourth and fifth stump for Steve to nick one. It’s just a mental adjustment of line, more than anything else,” he added.

Meanwhile, the former Australian captain has already sent a warning signal to the visiting side days ahead of the start of the two-month-long series. Smith – who was not at his best during the IPL – has admitted that he has found his rhythm.

“I think in the last few days, people who know me well, said that I have found my hands and I am excited about it. So I plan to have a few more hits at the nets and get started in a few day’s time,” he said.

Smith, who has scored over 12,000 runs across formats, says it took him longer to get back into the groove having not batted for almost four months during the coronavirus lockdown.

Australia will host India in three T20Is, three ODIs, and four Tests.