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Jun 17, 2014


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(Can India seal the series or Bangladesh fightback after the humiliating loss in the first ODI. Catch live cricket score and live updates here.)



Gone! Binny registers the best bowling figures by an Indian in ODI. Removes Nasir Hossain and Al-Amin Hossain.
OUT! N Hossain b Binny 5(13), Al-Amin b Binny 0(2)



Tidy over from Mohit. Starts with four dot balls before giving a wide trying to fox the batsman with a slower one. Nasir Hossain plays the fifth bowl, again a slower one, towards slips and picks one. Taskin manages to play out the last delivery.



This is perhaps the most embarrassing moment for Mushfiqur and Bangladesh team. They have messed up this chase badly thanks to poor shots and excellent seam bowling from India. Binny got this to move across and it was too good for Mortaza.
OUT! Mortaza c Saha b Mohit 2(5)



Brain Freeze moment for Bangladesh batsman. Mohit Sharma bowled a beauty first up, bounced awkwardly and Shakib couldn’t do anything but edge it. But Ziaur threw his wicket away by going for a slog, caught by Akshar Patel.
OUT! Shakib c Saha b Mohit 4(8), Ziaur c Patel b Mohit 0(2)



One more bites the dust thanks to poor shot. It was lovely seam bowling to start with. Binny had pitched it up and the ball swung away. The next ball was a loosener and Mithun hits it straight to Akshar Patel at short midwicket. Mahmudullah goes for a drive first ball and the edge pops out of Rayudu’s hands at gully but takes the catch comfortably.
OUT! Mithun c A Patel b Binny 26(39), Mahmudullah c Rayudu b Binny 0(1)



Wide to start with from UmeshYadav. Mithun then tries to leave an away going delivery tentatively but gets the bottom edge of the bat and picks a single. Shakib then is fed with a short and wide delivery which was cut away for four.



Stuart Binny finds the breakthrough. Unlucky dismissal. It was going down the leg and Mushfiqur was once again trying to clip it for four but the ball balloons in the air after greasing the glove, Saha behind the wicket takes the catch. Can India make more inroads here. Shakib Al Hasan is the new man in. Consecutive maiden overs from Binny.
OUT! Mushfiqur c Saha b Binny 11(24)



Barring one lose delivery which was clipped by Rahim for four it was a tidy over from Mohit bowling his sixth over at a stretch. Beat Mushfiqur with bounce and bowling in the corridor of uncertainty.


Stuart Binny comes in to bowl for the first time. Does well to swing the ball away from the batsman. Goes past the edge of Mithun Ali thrice. Maiden over from him but that won’t matter for Bangladesh. They 67 runs in 186 deliveries.



Mohit Sharma continues in to his fifth over. Once again angles the bowl in to Rahim, the second ball was in line of stumps and Rahim defends it. The third ball is wide, Rahim goes for the cut but misses by a distance. Single on the fourth ball. Mithun then drives handsomely past covers for four.



Umesh Yadav has been guilty of conceding the loose deliveries once in an over. The second ball was clipped by Rahim for four. Five from that over.



Mohit starts off with deliveries that jagged back in to Mithun. The batsman was cramped for shots. The third one was wide and he guides it to thirdman for a couple. That’s all from the over.



There’s still some life in this pitch. Umesh continues to swing the ball away from Mithun, On the third ball he managed to find the edge but the ball flew over the slips for four. Lucky for the batsman. Bowls two wides next.



First ball is short and wide, Rahim cuts it but Rahane is agile at backward point, no runs. three more dot balls follow all of them angle in to to Mushfiqur. The fifth ball is left alone. Another maiden from Mohit.An d there is the innings break. Bangladesh would be hoping the pitch eases a bit  after 30 minutes.




Umesh is getting the ball to swing away from debutant Mithun. Nervous moments for Bangladesh. A wicket of the skipper could set the cat among the pigeons. Short ball from Umesh on the fourth ball, Mithun goes for the pull, gets a leading edge and it flies past the keeper.



Mohit beats Anamul on the second ball of the over. Good line maintained by Mohit, doesn’t allow any room for the aggressive batsman to free his arms. There was some width on offer on the fifth but Anamul goes for a drive without any feet movement. Too casual there from the batsman. On the last ball he pokes at an away going delivery, Rahane takes a simple catch at point. Wicket-maiden from Mohit.
OUT! Anamul c Rahane b Mohit 0(8)



Mithun Ali gets two boundaries off Umesh Yadav’s first over. The second ball was driven past mid-off and on the fifth ball Yadav gifted a dolly on the leg-side and the batsman dispatches it or one mo0re boundary.




Tamim Iqbal will be taken aside for a serious discussion by the coach. He is out of form and in a small run-chase he squanders his wicket away with a rash shot. He hit a boundary first ball and follows it up by coming down the track against Mohit Sharma, gets an outside edge and Saha takes an easy catch. Debutant Mithun.
OUT! Tamim c Saha b Mohit 4(2)







All over. India have registered their lowest score against Bangladesh in an ODI match. Umesh Yadav caught in the slips. What a performance this has been from Bangladesh.
U Yadav c Nasi b Shakib 17(13)



Little accomplishment for India. Umesh Yadav brings up the 100 for India with a four and a six over midwicket.


Two runs from the over from Shakib. India hanging by the thread now. All the runs will be considered as bonus.


What a find he has been for Bangladesh. Taskin Ahmed bags a five-wicket haul on debut. It was pitched fuller and Amit Mishra was rooted to his crease. Was hit on the back pad and Dharmasena raises his finger.
OUT! A Mishra lbw Taskin 4(16)




For the first time in the match some left-arm spinner has come on to bowl! Shakib concedes five from the over.



OUT, Casual shot without any feet movement from Binny and edges it to the keeper. Four wickets for Taskin and he is close to getting Mohit.
OUT! S Binny 3(8)



Stat Alert: India’s lowest score against Bangladesh is 191 in that forgettable outing at the ICC World Cup 2007. So a record pretty much on the cards for Men in Blue.


India hanging in there. Al-Amin bowls a wide and on the next delivery hits Binny on the front pad, but it struck him outside the line of off. Three runs from that over.



Ziaur Rahman bowls and it’s a quite over. Just two from it. The responsibility lies on Binny to drag this innings as far as possible.



Confident start for Akshar Patel, starts his scoring with three boundaries from the first three balls he faced. First one is flicked with ease and the other is sweetly driven. But that is it, Al-Amin pitches one straight and Akshar Patel tries to play a stroke, bowled through the gate.
OUT! A Patel b Al-Amin 8(5)



Saha had hit a tentative lofted shot for four on the fourth ball. He was standing well outside his crease but this time, Mortaza beats him with a fuller delivery. Saha wanted to work it away on the leg but yorks himself and his hit plumb in front. Another easy call for the umpire. But the disaster continues, Stuart Binny gets his first run of the match, also manages to get the skipper run out!
OUT! Saha lbw Mortaza 5(12), Raina run-out 27(23)



Taskin is making the ball at his own will. The third ball to Saha bounced awkwardly and went through Saha’s defence. Indian batsmen have looked all at sea against him. The ones pitched outside off have been either left or tentatively played on the off. One run from that over in the form of a wide.



The second ball of the over is worked away by Raina for a couple. Single on the next ball. Saha gets one that cuts back in. Manages to open his account on the fourth ball he faced.



A laborious innings comes to an end. Taskin strikes once more, Pujara is out leg-before. Missed another delivery and the ball hit his back pad, straight forward decision for the umpire. Taskin is on a roll here. Wriddhiman Saha is the new man in.
OUT! C Pujara lbw Taskin 11(34),



Nervous moments for Raina. No run on the first ball from Mortaza. The next one was a touch short, Raina goes for a short arm jab but the ball takes the leading edge and flies over the keeper for four. The next ball is played close to the wicket and they set off for a tough single. Mortaza hits the stumps but the dived saved Raina. And four bonus runs thanks to the overthrow. Some delay as Raina changes his grip.



Taskin drops one short first-up and Raina pulls it with authority past square-leg for a four. The next one is glanced towards fine-leg for a single. Pujara gets a leg-side delivery and he works it away for one. Raina wants a couple on the fifth ball but decides against it. Pujara is hit on the pads on the last ball but no harm done.



Second ball from Mortaza is wide and Raina punches it to the left of backward point for four. Neat shot, filled with confidence. Picks a single on the next ball. Pujara still unsettled, somehow manages to scamper through for one more. Raina adds one more on the last ball.



Indian batting falling apart on a pacer-friendly wicket. Credit to Taskin for bowling in the right areas. This one moves in after pitching at a good length and Rayudu, playing forward is struck on the pads. Simple decision for the umpire, that was plumb in front. Suresh Raina is the new batsman. Predictably starts off with a short one and Raina glances it for a single. Taskin has been impressive in the two overs he bowled
OUT! Rayudu lbw Taskin 1(7)



The nervousness creeping in to Pujara now. Beaten for the nth time by Mortaza. The next ball, he taps it close by and sets off for a quick single. Rayudu is quicker and gets to the danger end quite comfortably. Mushfiqur appeals ferociously for a caught behind on the fourth ball, but Dharmasena is unmoved. Rayudu opens his acount with a single on the last ball.



First ball from Taskin was pitched up and Uthappa drives it past covers for four. Everything right about that shot (by a batsman in form). On the next ball, he stands tall and punches it in the same direction for a couple. And on the fourth ball, he tries to go big by going for the pull, the ball came on to him quicker than expected and the top edge flies high in the air, Ziaur at mid-off takes a dolly. First one for Raskin in international cricket. Rayudu is the new man in.
OUT! Uthappa c Ziaur b Taskin 14(24)



Mortaza continues from the other end. Finds the edge of Pujara on the first ball but it’s wide of the second slip and he collects a single. The batsmen are trying to rotate the strike with pitch still assisting pacers. Uthappa adds one more. Pujara’s struggle continues, beats him on the tentative push. His strike rate looks pretty much like the Test one.



And play resumes, Taskin starts off with a wide. The next ball rises from good length and Pujara defends it back to the bowler. The fourth one is guided to thirdman for a single. Uthappa picks one more . Pujara finishes the over with one more. Taskin is the 212th debutant for Bangladesh in ODIs.




Play set to resume at 3:30 IST I 4 pm local time.




Update at 13:55pm local time








Debutant Taskin Ahmed starts off well. Lovely rhythmic action, begins with two bouncers to Pujara and he sways away from the line of ball and lets it go through. The rain gets heavier and the umpires have called the players off. The ground staff are quick to cover the ground within seconds.



Not much trouble for Uthappa in this over. Mortaza keeps it outside off and Uthappa is watchful letting it go through to the keeper. Twice it was angled in and Uthappa played it to covers and then on the legside. Not much bounce off the wicket, he was beaten on the last ball for lack of bounce but no harm done. Maiden over for Mortaza. And it has started drizzling.


That’s Uthappa in form for you. He opted for a per-meditated shot on the third ball by walking across, Al-Amin angles it in but the batsman is quick to flick it fine behind the wicket for four. The next ball was pitched short, Uthappa ducks but fails to get his bat out of the way, faint edge flies towards fine-leg for a single. Pujara plays out the last two balls quietly.



Uthappa took eight balls to get off the mark. But he hasn’t looked unsettled or nervous. He’s busy leaving the balls seaming away from him. Gets a single on the fourth ball tapping it close to the wicket and sprinting for one. Mortaza has bowled at a good length since the start of play.



Al-Amin Hossain was wayward in the first match but starts off well here. Hossain beats Pujara in the first half of the over and gets an edge on the fifth but drops just short of the keeper. Maiden over from Hossain. Bangladesh have made a good start. Meanwhile, Huge cloud cover hovering above the ground, expect the rains to spoil the play anytime soon.




Wicket on the second ball. Ajinkya Rahane, after a match-winning performance departs for a golden duck. Overcast conditions and the pacers were always going to be in business at the start. Uthappa was lucky to survive a leg-before call on the first ball of the match, but Rahane wasn’t. Walked to far across and was looking for an outswinger but the ball swung in and hit his pads. Meanwhile, Pujara starts off with a neat cover drive for a couple. Uthappa gets a leg-side delivery and there’s four leg-byes. Good movement for the pacers with grass on the pitch and overcast weather.





Toss: Bangladesh win the toss and choose to field. Parvez Rasool makes way for Stuart Binny, while Bangladesh make two changes. Mithun Ali and Taskin Ahmed will make their debuts.




Bangladesh: Tamim Anamul, Mithun Ali, Mushfiqur, Shakib, Mahmudullah, Nasir Hossain, Ziaur Rahman, Mortaza, Taskin Ahmed, Al-Amin


India: Rahane, Uthappa, Pujara, Raina, Rayudu, Saha, Binny, A Patel, Mishra, Yadav, M Sharma




Hello and a warm welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the India vs Bangladesh second One-Day International (ODI) at Dhaka. I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing the live updates to you. After an emphatic win for the visitors in the rain-interrupted first encounter, India will be itching to seal the series here. Bangladesh posted a challenging target of 273 but the Indians seemed to be cruising enough as the bowlers hardly managed to trouble the openers. Catch the Preview of the second ODI here.


In the second match, Bangladesh would be much more cautious and avoid the errors of the previous encounter. They failed to capitalize on partnerships and missed an opportunity to put up a 300+ score on a slow wicket.


India on the other hand will try out a few other players on the bench. Mohit Sharma’s fitness has been a concern as he was struggling in the first match. Vinay Kumar is the most likely contender. Will be interesting to see whether Raina opts for three frontline spinners again or prefers to have Stuart Binny as a medium pace bowling-all-rounder.


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India: Suresh Raina (c), Robin Uthappa, Ajinkya Rahane, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ambati Rayudu, Manoj Tiwary, Kedar Jadhav, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Stuart Binny, Parvez Rasool, Akshar Patel, R Vinay Kumar, Umesh Yadav,  Mohit Sharma, Amit Mishra.  Analysis of Indian Team here

Bangladesh: Mushfiqur Rahim (c), Tamim Iqbal, Anamul Haque (wk), Shamsur Rahman, Mominul Haque, Shakib Al Hasan, Nasir Hossain, Mohammad Mahmudullah, Mohammad Mithun, Abdur Razzak, Mashrafe Mortaza, Sohag Gazi, Ziaur Rahman, Al-Amin Hossain and Taskin Ahmed. Analysis of Bangladesh Team here


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