Indian openers were dismissed cheaply after a cautious start © AFP (File Photo)
Indian openers were dismissed cheaply after a cautious start © AFP (File Photo)


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(Can Bangladesh get back to their winning ways after the humiliation they suffered after the second ODI? Or will India finish whitewash the tigers? Catch live cricket score and live updates here.)

Stuart Binny is adjudged the Man of the Series for his stunning display in the 2nd ODI


The captains and umpires step out on the pitch and the match has been called off due to incessant rain. India win three match series 2-0.


Rain Break:  A huge appeal against Binny and the umpire turns it down. It looked as though Shakib’s loud appeal scared the clouds and it started pouring immediately after. The players have left the field again.



Binny picks a single on the second ball of that Sohag Gazi over and Mohit is left to play four balls. The fourth one cuts back in and Mohit is gone leg-before. Umesh goes for a forward defense and is stumped by Rahim. After a long time, third umpire gives it not out, Yadav lucky to survive.
OUT! Mohit lbw Gazi 1(13)



Lack of bowling options forces Rahim to bring in Mahmudullah. The first ball is swung by Binny on the leg-side for four. He plays three more deliveries for no run and keeps strike with a single on the fifth ball with Mohit surviving on the last.



India sneaking in valuable runs. Sohag Gazi pitches the second ball on the leg-side and the ball brushes off the batsman’s pads to run away behind the wicket for a boundary. Follows it up with a dot and a wide. Binny yet again manages to take a single on the fifth ball.



Binny gets a single on the next ball. Mohit manages to change strike on the next ball. After missing a big heave on the fourth ball, Binny gets a single. Mohit comfortably plays out the last ball. It’s all about adding as much as possible now.



Binny is throwing is bat at everything. Finally manages to pick a single off a yorker on the fourth ball. Taskin bowls one in the corridor of uncertainty and that’s too god for a tail-ender like Mohit.



Three digit score for India. Binny has no option but to take chances on this treacherous pitch. Plays inside out over covers for a four. Drives uppishly on the fifth ball for a single.


Poor shot, this one was moving away from Akshar and he tries to have a go at it. Simple caught behind for Mushfiqur. The trick on this pitch is to avoid playing at anything away from stumps unless it’s short and wide. Mohit Sharma is the new batsman in.
OUT! A Patel c Rahim b Taskin 1(3)



Typical left-arm off-spinner dismissal. It pitched in line of middle stump and gripped a bit before evading Pujara’s bat to hit on the pads. The slip fielder takes a catch as well. Enamul Haque waits for eternity before giving that out. Pujara wouldn’t have the best memories of this innings a few years later. Akshar Patel is the new batsman in. (Yes this is the last recognised pair of batsmen). The last ball of the over is hit for four by Binny.
OUT! C Pujara lbw Shakib 27(63)


Taskin returns, the first ball is left alone by Pujara and the next one quietly played towards mid-on. He gets an outside edge while trying to slice towards thirdman but adds one to the total. Binny struggles to get bat on to ball confidently. Just one from it.



Poor shot from Saha. It was flat and quicker, the batsman made room and went for the cut shot, misses the ball and the stumps are disturbed. That’s what you call ‘gifting the wicket away’.
Stuart Binny almost finds his way back first ball. Edges it to slip, Nasir stretches his hands and this is a tough one for the third umpire to judge whether the ball touched the grass. Benefit of doubt goes to Binny and he survives.
Saha b Shakib 16(21)



Saha taking his chances against Nasir. he is a part-time spinner and has been asked to bowl medium pace. Doesn’t get his line right and Saha once clobbers him over the covers and flicks one fine on the leg-side for two consecutive boundaries.



Dropped: That is frustrating for Shakib and Bangladesh. After getting some good turn, Shakib drops one short and Sha teis to cut it, gets a leading edge. Sohag Gazi misses it by an inch. The batsmen run three. There was a huge leg-before appeal on the last ball, Shakib literally pleads for a wicket but not given.



Nasir Hossain has been brought on and he’s bowling medium pace. Starts with a wide. Beats Pujara on the next ball with one seaming away. The third ball was short and wide, Pujara manages to cut it fine for four. He has been completely reliant on the cut shot for most of the scoring. Huge appeal for leg-before on the last ball but Saha survives.



Shakib is tossing the ball up and Pujara defends the first two deliveries and picks a single on the third. Saha then gets a beauty which spins sharply away from him. He is watchful and plays out without any runs. One run from it.



Harakiri again, Wriddhiman Saha taps towards short cover and sets off for a single, the fielder sprinted and dived to throw at the stumps. The fielder can’t believe he missed such a simple run-out, Pujara was at least a yard short. Earlier, Pujara continued with his cross-batted shots, this time he got one away for four. This is Pujara’s highest score in ODIs now.


Gone, Raina tries to sweep and the ball might have taken a feather touch off his glove. The Bangladeshi players didn’t even appeal but decided to celebrate. The umpire raised his finger. Wriddhiman Saha is the new batsman in.
OUT! S Raina c Rahim b Shakib 25(25)



SIngle taken by Raina on the second ball and Mortaza concedes a wide. The two runs that came from this over. Pujara is nearing his ODI best score of 13 and hasn’t played a shot in that over.



Taskin continues and this pair is playing the odd lose ball in the gaps for singles. The pacers are allowing the pressure to ease by conceding wides.





Raina is maintaining his cool and not going for shots across the line. Mortaza is bowling over the wicket and forcing Raina to play on the on-side and hoping for a leg-before. Ends up conceding a wide-ball in the process.



Frst ball from Taskin was cut away by Pujara for a couple. He defends the next delivery and for the third one he plays for the incoming ball, but the delivery held its line, took the edge and fell just ahead of slips. Cuts again but well stopped by the fielder, only one run accrues.


Unnecessary harakiri. Raina blindly went for a tight single on the second ball. Turns back and just about made it thanks to the poor throw from the fielder. Couple of runs on the fifth delivery of the over from Mortaza. Raina on the last delivery punched it through covers and added two more. Good fielding by Taskin in the deep.



We are back. Taskin completes his over and all three were dot balls.








Update: 16:39pm local time


It will be a 40 overs per side match and match will resume at 5 pm local time (4:30IST)



Not a bad theory…





RAIN BREAK. The only consistent performer in this series has been the heavy rain. Thunderstorms followed by rains, the groundstaff were sprinting with the covers within seconds. This could very well delay the match by at least an hour or two.




Some consolation for Indian fans after a gloomy start. The second ball of the over was short and wide, Raina cuts it neatly past backward point for four. The next one is pitched on the leg, Raina wasn’t going to miss out on such easy ones, flicked for four. A wide ball follows and Raina adds four more on the next delivery with a drive through covers. Played away from the body but was in full control. Three fours have prompted the field changes. Dark clouds gathering over the stadium, looks like there will be a long break in some time.



The second ball of the over by Taskin was played by Raina for a quick single. The fielder dives towards the stumps for an under-arm throw and he takes Pujara and the stumps down as well. Single taken with a leg-bye on the penultimate delivery. First Powerplay over.



Wonder whether India are aiming to set a 58-run target for Bangladesh! Manoj Tiwary departs. This delivery was similar to the one that got Rahane. It was moving in and after pitching seamed away, Tiwary was caught off-guard and edges it to second slip. Unlike Rahane, Tiwary could have left that alone. Skipper Suresh Raina is in to bat. Gets off the mark with a single.
OUT! M Tiwary c Anamul b Al-Amin 2(6)



Play resumes after the passing shower. And a ball later Manoj Tiwary would have well been walking back if Sohag Gazi was prepared for the catch. This was dug short and Tiwary went for the slice over thirdman, didn’t the timing and the ball was in the air for eternity. Gazi wasn’t alert and the ball landed inches ahead of him.




1:57 local time




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13:47 local time: So it has been a nightmare for batsmen once again with the pitch having a green tinge and the seamers making the batsmen look worse than tail-enders. The rain will probably add more devils in the pitch. Don’t be surprised if this turns out to be a low-scoring affair again. In other words Bangladesh have enough reason to worry! We’ll keep you updated about the rain break.



Is this going to be another low-scoring thriller? After a sensational debut, Taskin continues to bask in the glory with wicket first ball. This one bounced from a good length and Rayudu was awkwardly trying to guide it towards thirdman and the ball greased past the gloves to Rahim. Manoj Tiwary is the new batsman in and gets a taste of the pitch second ball. Rain coming down heavily and the players have been called off.
OUT! Rayudu c Rahim b Taskin 1(5)



Both batsmen playing to the situation. It’s a two-paced wicket and the odd-ball is bouncing a bit. Pujara taps the third ball towards mid-on for a single. The last ball is driven by Rayudu tentatively to the right of thirdman for a single. The economy rate of both bowlers is below two till now.



Ideal stage for Pujara to fight out out here. The pitch is tough but there’s enough time on offer to claw his way back. He solidly plays out Mortaza throughout the over and on the last ball punches off the backfoot through covers for a single.



One more bites the dust due to the away going delivery. This was angled in by Al-Amin and after pitching on the seamed away from Rahane. He was trying to close the face of the bat and play it towards the on-side, the leading edge flew to the slips and Nasir takes one more catch. Excellent delivery from Al-Amin. Ambati Rayudu is the new batsman in. India will still be unperturbed, there’s a long batting line-up today.
OUT! A Rahane c Nasir b Al-Amin 3(18)



Uthappa was at ease facing Mortaza this time around. In the previous match, he was playing for the away movement and found himself hurrying after the pacer got the ball to move in. But Mortaza was up to the task and pitched one at good length wide of off stump and Uthappa tried drive at it without getting close to the ball. The outside edge was caught by Nasir Hossain at first slip. Wicket-Maiden over for Mortaza.
OUT! Uthappa c Nasir b Mortaza 5(13)



Rahane still looking scratchy. Picks a couple on the second ball playing towards square-leg. On the third ball, he is beaten by the inward movement once again. Al-Amin bowls a brilliant fourth ball pitching it at good length and zipping away from the bat. Lucky for Rahane that didn’t brush past his edge.



Mortaza is getting the ball to move. The first ball jagged back in and Uthappa was caught off-guard trying to leave it alone. The next ball is played towards mid-on for a single. Rahane then continues to be cautious, playing from out of his crease to negate the movement. On the last ball he tentatively sliced past point for a single. Could’ve been closed if he hadn’t timed that.



Looks like this might be a sluggish wicket. Al-Amin Hossain starts from the other end and doesn’t get much bounce. The first ball is defended by Rahane and the second one is flicked. Square-leg manages to stop the ball. It was a similar shot to which Rahane got out in the previous match. Rahane fails to capitalise a short and wide fourth ball. He is beaten once again on the fifth one. Finally manages to get one from middle of the bat but hits straight to point. Maiden over from Al-Amin.



Short of good length first-up from Mashrafe Mortaza and Uthapa quietly plays it towards point. The next ball is outside off and left alone by the batsman. Uthappa defends the next two balls. The fifth ball, was tentatively pushed but there and the timing was good enough to send it to the boundary.





Toss:  India have won the toss and elected to bat.




India: Robin Uthappa, Ajinkya Rahane, Cheteshwar  Pujara, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Manoj Tiwary, Wriddhiman Saha, Stuart Binny, Akshar Patel, Mohit Sharma, Umesh Yadav.

In: Manoj Tiwary   Out: Amit Mishra

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Anamul Haque, Mithun Ali, Mushfiqur Rahim, Shakib Al Hasan, Mahmudullah, Nasir Hossain, Sohag Gazi, Mashraf Mortaza, Taskin Ahmed, Al-Amin Hossain

In: Sohag Gazi    Out: Ziaur Rahman




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the India vs Bangladesh third One-Day International (ODI) at Dhaka. I am Abhijit Banare, and I will be bringing you the live updates of this match. After being put in a very tough position, the Indian bowlers came out with roaring conviction to pull off an astounding 47-run win for their side. India have won the series, and Bangladesh will be playing for pride. Catch the Preview of the third ODI here.


In today’s match, Bangladesh will be hoping for an improved all-round showing. They will want to forget their batting performance, and avoid the errors of the previous game. Their bowling was excellent, but the batsmen let them down immensely. Taskin Ahmed will be looking to have another crack at the Indian top order.


India, on the other hand, might look to try out a few other players who have been on the bench. Mohit Sharma has been in excellent form, but Vinay Kumar is a likely contender to get a game. Whether skipper Suresh Raina opts to have both Stuart Binny and Parvez Rasool at the cost of Akshar Patel will be interesting to see.


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India: Suresh Raina (c), Robin Uthappa, Ajinkya Rahane, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ambati Rayudu, Manoj Tiwary, Kedar Jadhav, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Stuart Binny, Parvez Rasool, Akshar Patel, R Vinay Kumar, Umesh Yadav,  Mohit Sharma, Amit Mishra.  Analysis of Indian Team here


Bangladesh: Mushfiqur Rahim (c), Tamim Iqbal, Anamul Haque (wk), Shamsur Rahman, Mominul Haque, Shakib Al Hasan, Nasir Hossain, Mohammad Mahmudullah, Mohammad Mithun, Abdur Razzak, Mashrafe Mortaza, Sohag Gazi, Ziaur Rahman, Al-Amin Hossain and Taskin Ahmed. Analysis of Bangladesh Team here


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