Murali Vijay © Getty Images
Murali Vijay © Getty Images

Jul 9, 2014


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Dhoni gets his half-century as he gets an edge to third-man. A good knock by Dhoni. He has been very positive. India have played very well today and end it on 259 for four. There was a slight wobble when they lost Pujara and Kohli in quick succession but have hit back well. India will go back to their hotel, feeling satisfied with their effort, but there is a lot to be done tomorrow. Vijay has been the man of the day and he would have to resume tomorrow. We will be back tomorrow for Day Two. Do join us here on

India are gradually moving towards the end of day’s play. Things are motoring along and there isn’t much to do now. Both Vijay and Dhoni are calmly playing it and not taking the attack. Even Dhoni is quite calm.
There is an appeal as the ball hits Vijay’s pads off Anderson, but it is given not out. Vijay then charges down the ground to Ali and smashes it through long on for a four. The positive intent from Dhoni continues as he is scoring at a very good rate.
India going decently well here. Vijay has moved along well and is still solid. Dhoni remains in a positive mindset and those are good signs for India.
Vijay edges one off Anderson, but it just falls short of the slip fielder. Dhoni continues to be positive as he flays at one outside the off-stump and the edge carpets along the ground for a four through third-man.
Dhoni is playing as he promised! He is very positive in his strokeplay and drives the first ball he faces from Anderson in the 70th over, through the covers for a four. Dhoni then opens the face of the bat and gets a four through the off-side. The stat we have been notified is that Vijay’s is the 100th ton scored at Trent Bridge.
Dhoni gets off the mark when he smashes one through the off-side and gets three. That gets Vijay back on strike. Vijay is kept on 99 for a total of nine balls. The wait continues for him. And then, Anderson is brought back into the attack. Dhoni takes a single off a single. Vijay finally gets a ton as he pushes it to the leg-side and a quick single is taken. Well played! Dhoni then gets a four through the off-side.
Dhoni is yet to get off the mark. Vijay is moving along quite slow now. But then, he gets a full delivery from Broad and he pushes it down the ground for a four. He moves to 99.
Liam Plunkett is peppering Rahane with the short ball. Oh and he breaks through! That’s the end of Rahane, going for a pull and getting the bottom edge of the bat, caught by Cook at silly point.
OUT! Rahane 32(81) c Cook b Plunkett
Vijay and Rahane are take India to Tea on a confident note. Vijay is edging toward another Test ton, and Rahane is looking very secure in the middle. India go to Tea at 177 for three in 59 overs.
Rahane is also going in confidence, playing his strokes when the chance presents itself. He sways out of the way when it is short. Plunkett is now coming from round the wicket.
Murali Vijay is now picking his chances. Whenever, he gets some width, he chases it. There is some fortune for him as the edges also fly through the off-side for a four.
Plunkett comes in and overpitches to Vijay in the 51st over. He is driven dracefully for a four through the off-side. Vijay is now very confident and is seeing the ball very well out there. Plunkett then bowls it a big wide and Vijay cuts it for a four behind point.
Both Vijay and Rahane are circumspect. They are picking the odd opportunity to score. When Stokes comes on for the 50th over, Vijay strokes him through the cover region for a triple.
Though the run-rate is now slow, there is that occasional spark in this game. Plunkett gives Vijay some width and he drives it powerfully through the off-side for a four.
And finally a boundary again! Anderson strays on the pads and Rahane strokes it behind square on the leg-side to get a boundary and that takes him into double figures. Plunkett is back in the attack and he concedes only a single.
Vijay and Rahane faced three maiden overs in a row. Stokes continues from one end and there is an appeal for a leg-before. But, it had taken the edge of Vijay’s bat and then hit the pad.
There are a few quiet overs. Ben Stokes comes back and bowls a maiden to Rahane. Vijay moves into the 60s with a single down the ground off Anderson, who has been bowling beautifully this session. Rahane then plays one away from the body and plays it through the off-side for a four.


Rahane is off the mark and in style. It is full from Broad and Rahane punches it down the ground for a glorious boundary.
Vijay is now facing Anderson. He is watching it well and has measured his game here. On one occasion, Anderson bowls on his pad and he is flicked for a four. Finally a boundary for India.


Ajinkya Rahane is the new man in the centre. Things are happening out there. Rahane was almost out as he edged one from Broad and it fell short of the slip fielder. Rahane is still to get off the mark. Broad bowling a good line to him.
India in a bit of trouble! England are back in the game! Huge huge wicket for England! Virat Kohli edges one outside the off-stump and Ian Bell takes the catch at second slip.
OUT! Kohli 1(8)
Kohli is the new man and he gets off the mark off the third ball.


Pujara is gone! Anderson has the wicket. He bowled it slower and Pujata chipped it to short mid-on where Ian Bell was place. He dived to his right and took a magnificent catch.
OUT! Pujara 38(69)
Broad starts proceedings after lunch. Vijay defends the first ball. A quiet start after lunch as Vijay plays the over out safely. There was one ball that did beat him though as it cut him into half.
Broad continues to Vijay and he gets a single off the fifth ball to give it back to Pujara. With lunch approaching, the batsmen have slowed down. Then with Plunkett on, Vijay gets a single. A few quiet overs as they head into lunch. A good session for India. They go into lunch at 106 for one with Vijay and Pujara in good touch.
Broad bowls a maiden over to Vijay as he replaces Liam Plunkett, who comes in from the other end. There is one ball that climbs and Pujara tries to leave it. It hits him on the elbow guard. Plunkett is now coming from round the wicket, trying to cramp Pujara for room.
Pujara gets a couple off the first ball. Off the second ball, he opens the face of the bat and glides it for a four through third-man. That brings up India’s 100. Very well played by this pair as they have been in great touch. Plunkett then comes from round the wicket and Pujara pushes the penultimate ball through the covers off the backfoot for a four.
Ali continues and Pujara charges to get a single off the first ball. The next ball is played by Vijay through third-man for a couple. No runs come from the rest of the over.
Stokes continues and the second ball is a bit outside the off-stump. he punches it off the backfoot and that has gone for a four. He then drives the next ball for a four and that is his half-century. It has been a very good knock by Vijay as he has been attacking since the start. It has been a very positive innings, helping India to a good start.
Moeen Ali is into the attack and he will bowl his off-spin. Pujara dances down the ground and hits it straight to the fielder. There is some intent on Pujara’s part to score, but he is kept quiet. And then Ali bowls a high full toss and he smashes it for a four over mid-wicket. That was asking to be hit. That is the 50-run stand.
Plunkett continues and he bowls full to Pujara on one occasion and he is gracefully driven through the covers for a four by Pujara. Stokes continues and then Vijay gets a single and so does Pujara.



There is width for Pujara from Stokes and he crashes it through backward point for a four. That was a well-controlled shot. That gets him the result he wanted. He then flicks one to fine-leg for a single. The last ball is full to Vijay and he digs it out. It nearly rolls back onto the stumps, but Vijay stops it.
Stokes continues and Vijay gets a single off the fourth ball as he dabs it to the off-side. He is looking very good as the innings has progressed and these are good signs for India. Pujara then flicks one through the leg-side for another single.


Plunkett bowls one full toss and Vijay drives it well down the ground for a four. And then he gets a single through mid-wicket to move into the 40s. Out of the 40 runs, he has got 36 off boundaries.
Stokes continues after the drinks break and bowls in the channels outside the off-stump. However, when he overpithces, Vijay plays it very well through mid-on and it is a four. Very well played. He then dabs one to mid-on and gets a single.
Liam Plunkett, England’s quickest bowler in their current line-up, now has the ball. The first delivery is a bit outside the off-stump. Pujara is leaving them outside the off-stump. He also defends those close to his body quite solidly.
Stokes continues to Vijay. He gets a single and then Pujara also works one through the off-side.
There is one from Anderson that climbs on Pujara. He edges it through the slips for a four. That actually flew through the slip cordon. That brings up the fifty for India.
Ben Stokes is now at the bowling crease. Pujara defends a few and then when Stokes strayed on his body, he worked him around for a single.
Anderson does probe the batsmen outside the off-stump, but then when he gives a bit of width, Vijay pushes it with grace through the covers for a four. That was very well played. Vijay is growing in confidence.
Pujara is hit on the pads first up by Broad, but it was high. Pujara is now of the mark. Overpitched on the pads and he fluently flicks it for a four through mid-wicket. Good shot that and that will help his confidence.
Anderson is testing Vijay on the off-side but when he overpitches, Vijay opens the face of the bat and that has gone for a four through the off-side. Pujara is the new man in the middle after Dhawan fell. Incidentally, Dhawan is Anderson’s 50th Test victim at Trent Bridge.
Anderson now comes from round the wicket and Dhawan works it for a couple behind square on the leg-side. And Dhawan is gone! The last ball of the over, he pokes at it outside the off-stump and he is gone. Good catch by Prior diving to his left!
OUT! Dhawan 12(24)
Broad invites Dhawan forward and he pushes one through the off-side and gets a couple. He then places another through the leg-side and they get another couple. Broad then beats Dhawan with one that climbs and leaves him.
Dhawan has been patient so far. There was a good flick from him which fetched him three off Broad. Both batsmen are watchful at deliveries that are moving away from them. But, just as I wrote that, Vijay opens the face of his bat and glides it through third-slip for a four. Anderson then hits back with one that comes back into Vijay. He is foxed with that one! And then later in the fifth over, Vijay edges one through the off-side and that is another four.
Dhawan faces Broad at the other end and he has been played to the off-side for a single. Dhawan gets off the mark. Vijay plays out the rest of the over.
Anderson starts proceedings and the first couple of balls move away from Vijay. He edges the third ball through third-man and it is a four. And then he delicately guides one through backward point and it is another four. And then Anderson strays on his pads and he flicks it through mid-wicket for a four. What a start for Vijay! He blocks the last ball.

Arunabha Sengupta, our man at the ground says, “With bright sunshine today and rains forecast tomorrow there is a good chance for India to make full use of perfect batting conditions. Ishant Sharma appears – looking relieved to be wearing shorts (for the time being at least) and measures his bowling mark. The heart already sinks at the sight.”

You can watch our preview to this contest here.

Here are the two teams for the day:

England: Alastair Cook (c), Sam Robson, Ian Bell, Moeen Ali, Garry Ballance, Joe Root, Matt Prior (wk), Ben Stokes, James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Liam Punkett.

India: MS Dhoni (c and wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Murali Vijay, Ajinkya Rahane, Stuart Binny, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammad Shami, Ishant Sharma.

India have won the toss and have elected to bat first.


Our man at the ground, Arunabha Sengupta reports that Stuart Binny is getting his Test cap and will make his debut. Also, he says that it is a clear day, with nice blue skies and there are more people on the ground than there are on the stands.




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the opening day of the first Test between England and India at Trent Bridge, Nottingham. This is Nishad Pai Vaidya and I will be bringing you the updates of the day’s play. It will be a test for the two sides that are going through a rebuilding phase. England are coming off from losses to Australia in Australia and then against Sri Lanka at home, while India would be playing a Test match after a gap of four months.


India would be hoping to make a positive start to their tour after a good outing against Derbyshire in the second warm-up match. In fact, the Indian batsmen flourished against a second-string Leicestershire in their first tour game.


England, on the other hand, would aim to make amends and get their progress back on track after a poor series against Sri Lanka. The team from the Indian subcontinent fought hard and was able to register their first ever series win in England. For Alastair Cook, their captain, it would be a huge test as the cricket fraternity will be watching close as to how Cook copes up with the pressure and is able to guide the young team.


For India, the key players would be their batsmen Cheteshwar Pujara, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli and the young and fresh bowling attach would also give them a necessary edge against their opponents. England too are studded with young players and they would be determined to make a mark.




India: MS Dhoni (c&wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja, Ishant Sharma, Gautam Gambhir, Varun Aaron, Pankaj Singh, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishwar Pandey, Stuart Binny, Mohammed Shami. 


England: Alastair Cook (c), Moeen Ali, James Anderson, Gary Ballance, Ian Bell, Stuart Broad, Chris Jordan, Liam Plunkett, Matt Prior (wk), Sam Robson, Joe Root, Ben Stokes, Chris Woakes.


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