India have dominated © Getty Images
India have dominated © Getty Images

Aug 27, 2014

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Suresh Raina has been named the man of the match. So, that is it from us here at CricketCountry. Do join us for the third ODI on Saturday. India will feel a lot better with this victory and England would want to bounce back there.

ENG 161 all out | Over 38.1 | James Anderson 9 (8)

OUT! Tredwell 10(11)

That is it! Game over! Tredwell sweeps across the line and gets a top-edge. It goes high in the air and is taken by Jadeja at mid-wicket. India go 1-0 ahead in this series. They have won by 113 runs by the D/L method.

ENG 161/9 | Over 38 | James Tredwell 10 (10), James Anderson 9 (8)

Jadeja continues and Trewell sweeps the first one and that has gone for a six. There was a man in the deep but he kept watching. Anderson reverse sweeps but it is straight to the fielder. Jadeja gets away.

ENG 154/9 | Over 37 | James Tredwell 3 (6), James Anderson 9 (6)

Ashwin is brought back into the attack and Anderson starts off with a single. England’s 150 is up as Tredwell takes a single. Anderson then swings across the line and hits it to mid-wicket. It bounces near the boundary and stops there. Lot of moisture on the surface.

ENG 148/9 | Over 36 | James Tredwell 1 (2), James Anderson 5 (3)

OUT! Chris Woakes 20 (23)

Woakes plays one down the ground as Jadeja comes back into the attack. Tredwell then gets a leg-bye to get Woakes back on strike. And he is gone! Jadeja has four. Woakes misses and drags his foot down the ground. Dhoni does the rest. Matter of time before India finishes the job. James Anderson is in the middle to face a familiar rival. He sweeps his second ball for a four.

ENG 141/8 | Over 35 |  Chris Woakes 19 (21), James Tredwell 1 (2)

Mohammed Shami is back in the attack. Woakes drives the second ball a bit uppishly through cover and gets a couple for that. He pulls the second ball hard to mid-wicket and Rohit is unable to hold on to it. It went very hard. He could only get his fingers to it. Rohit has now gone off the field for some treatment as Ambati Rayudu is on. Woakes then smashes one for a six over long-on. That was a good shot. He gets a single off the last ball to keep strike.

ENG 130/8 | Over 34 |  Chris Woakes 8 (15), James Tredwell 1(2)

OUT! Chris Jordan 0(2)

Raina gets a wicket! Chris Jordan is out for a duck. He goes back to one that stays low and is trapped plumb in front. Tredwell is in the middle and he gets off the mark second ball. Only a matter of time now!

ENG 126/7 | Over 33 |  Chris Woakes 6 (12), Chris Jordan 0(1)

OUT! Stokes 23 (29)

Jadeja continues. England’s required rate is now touching 12 and the task is huge before them. The spinners are getting through their overs pretty quickly and India will have an eye on the rain. Stokes goes big and tries to clear mid-wicket. It went high in the air, but it is taken by Ajinkya Rahane inches off the ropes.

ENG 125/6 | Over 32 |  Ben Stokes 23 (28), Chris Woakes 3(7)

Ashwin is in again. Stokes tries to come down the track and be attacking, however, only a single is possible for him. Woakes too comes down the ground and plays one down the ground. Stokes tries to reverse sweep and misses. he is hit on the pads and there is a loud appeal. However, the umpire rules it not out.

ENG 122/6 | Over 31 |  Ben Stokes 22 (26), Chris Woakes 2(3)

Suresh Raina is into the attack and Woakes gets off the mark. Meanwhile, Stokes moves along well and is doing a decent job. But, the odds are monumental. England have fallen way behind the Duckworth Lewis mark and that is a factor that could well come into play.

ENG 119/6 | Over 30 |  Ben Stokes 21 (24), Chris Woakes 0(0)

OUT! Eoin Morgan 28(45)

Ashwin continues and he gives Stokes a bit of width. Stokes latches onto it and hits it for a four through cover. That should make him feel a lot better. Morgan is gone. He tries to sweep Ashwin but offers a catch to the deep, where he is taken by Mohammed Shami.

ENG 114/5 | Over 29 |  Eoin Morgan 28 (43), Ben Stokes 16 (20)

Suresh Raina is back in the attack and Morgan reverse sweeps it with skill for a four behind point. That was very well played. The next ball does not bounce a lot. Morgan manages to keep it out. Morgan then takes a single off the third ball. Morgan almost hit the last ball into the hands of Raina. He made room and hit it straight and Raina could only get his hand to it.

ENG 108/5 | Over 28 |  Eoin Morgan 23 (38), Ben Stokes 15 (19)

Stokes gets a boundary at last. He essays a reverse sweep and that has gone for a four . Ashwin then hits back by rapping him on the pads. But it is not out. The last ball is then worked by Morgan for a single. six runs have come off that over.

ENG 102/5 | Over 27 |  Eoin Morgan 22 (37), Ben Stokes 10 (14)

Morgan gets one over third-man and they get three as Ashwin has a slight misfield in the deep. Jadeja continues to fire it in. England ‘s 100 is up and it has taken its time. The rain is coming down harder we hear. It has become quite dark there.

ENG 96/5 | Over 26 |  Eoin Morgan 18 (35), Ben Stokes 8 (10)

Ashwin bowls one on the pads and it touches Stokes’ bat and it has gone for a four. Stokes then plays one down the ground for a single. Ashwin and Jadeja are bowling the overs quickly here.

ENG 90/5 | Over 25 |  Eoin Morgan 17 (34),Ben Stokes 3 (5)

Stokes takes strike to Jadeja and pushes for a single off the second ball. Jadeja continues from round the wicket to the left-handers and there is some rain here. If they go off and the game doesn’t resume, India should be the winners.

ENG 87/5 | Over 23 |  Eoin Morgan 16 (26),Ben Stokes 1(1)

OUT! Jos Buttler 2 (9)

Buttler is gone. He hits it straight to cover and Kohli takes a catch. Jadeja celebrates. England are in serious trouble now.


ENG 84/4 | Over 22 |  Eoin Morgan 14 (24), Jos Buttler 2 (6)

Ashwin continues and he has Buttler on strike for the first four deliveries, before one is worked to the deep for a single. Morgan gets a single off the last ball.

ENG 82/4 | Over 21 |  Eoin Morgan 13 (22), Jos Buttler 1(2)

OUT! Alex Hales 40(62)

Jadeja is into the attack. Hales gets a single first ball to move into the 40s. Morgan then gets a single next ball. And Hales is out! He tries to sweep, but gets the top-edge, but is taken at fine-leg by Ashwin.Buttler is the new man and nearly hits the first ball to cover. He gets a single off the next ball to get off the mark.

ENG 79/3 | Over 20 |  Alex Hales 39 (60), Eoin Morgan 12 (21)

Ashwin continues and Hales gets a single first ball. And then, Morgan shapes to cut and gets it behind point for a four.

ENG 74/3 | Over 19 |  Alex Hales 38 (59), Eoin Morgan 8 (16)

Mohit continues and the first ball is full and beautifully driven down the ground by Morgan. What a shot! The next ball is a little back of a length and Morgan lets it go through to Dhoni.

ENG 69/3 | Over 18 |  Alex Hales 38 (59), Eoin Morgan 4 (10)

Ravichandran Ashwin is into the attack. Morgan takes a single. He then has Hales to bowl to who sweeps him for a single to the deep.

ENG 67/3 | Over 17 |  Alex Hales 37 (56), Eoin Morgan 2(7)

Mohit is back into the attack. Hales defends a couple of them first up. The Indian fielders have stopped a few very well inside the ring. Hales then tries to move across his stumps but cannot get it away.

ENG 67/3 | Over 16 |  Alex Hales 37 (50), Eoin Morgan 2(7)

Hales defends a few and then he pushes to the off-side and they run across for a quick one. Ajinkya Rahane runs in from cover, picks up the ball and could have had Morgan out had he hit. Morgan’s dive wouldn’t have saved him. Morgan gets off the mark by walking across his stumps and pushing one to square-leg for a brace.

ENG 64/3 | Over 15 |  Alex Hales 36 (46), Eoin Morgan 0(5)

Shami comes back and gets one to tear into Hales. There is a sound as it went between his bat and his body. Dhoni appealed and so did the others. But, the umpires ruled it not out. Eoin Morgan plays and misses a few outside the off-stump.


ENG 63/3 | Over 14 |  Alex Hales 35 (43), Eoin Morgan 0(2)

OUT! Root 4 (4)

Hales had punched one off the backfoot off Shami earlier and that had gone for a four. Meanwhile, Root is away and has opened his account. And Root is gone! Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets it to move into him and he is bowled him. Root is unable to keep it out. It hits the bails! Morgan is in and he has a task on his hands.

ENG 57/2 | Over 12 |  Alex Hales 33 (33), Root 0 (1)

Bhuvneshwar continues and there is an appeal first up, but it is turned down. Some excitement in the crowd. A lot of Indian support had turned up. Joe Root is the new man in the centre. Hales gets a single off the third ball.

ENG 56/2 | Over 11 |  Alex Hales 32 (31),

OUT! Cook 19(33) Bell 1(2)

Hales takes a single by driving through the pff-side. SHami continues and Cook walks across his stumps and is leg-before. Replays show the ball pitched outside leg, but there is nothing Cook can do about it.And Bell is gone second ball! He leaves one from Shami and it cannons into the off-stump. Big wicket for India. Shami on song!

ENG 53/0 | Over 10 | Alastair Cook 19 (29), Alex Hales 30 (29)

Cook gets his first boundary as he inside edges through fine leg. However, the next ball is full and driven handsomely for a four through cover. Cook will feel a lot better with that.

ENG 45/0 | Over 9 | Alastair Cook 11 (24), Alex Hales 30 (29)

Shami strays down the leg-side to Cook again and they get a brace as there was a leg-bye. Cook then edges to third-man for a single. Hales then gets a couple to the leg-side. The over is done with another brace.

ENG 38/0 | Over 8 | Alastair Cook 10 (23), Alex Hales 26 (25)

Cook plays the first ball to points and sprints across. The throw comes in to the non-striker’s end, but it misses. Cook would have been a goner there. Mohit bowls it a bit short and he pulls it for a four. It has been pointed out that Mohit has been a bit too short here. Though, he is beating batsmen, there is that risk of giving them to swing. Mohit then overcompensates for that and overpitches. Hales drives it for a four.

ENG 29/0 | Over 7 | Alastair Cook 9 (22), Alex Hales 18 (19)

Mohammed Shami is brought into the attack. He starts off with a wide and then strays on Cook’s pads. He thus concedes a single. Shami then hits Hales on the pads, but it is not out. It was going down the leg-side. Cook punches one through cover off the backfoot and that has gone for a four.

ENG 22/0 | Over 6 | Alastair Cook 8 (21), Alex Hales 14 (15)

Hales gets a single off the first ball from Mohit. Cook pulls the second ball, but mid-on stops it. He then shapes the next ball past Cook, who plays and misses. Mohit is certainly testing Cook. The England captain then dabs one to point and gets a quick single. Hales tries to pull the last ball, but misses it.

ENG 20/0 | Over 5 | Alastair Cook 7 (17), Alex Hales 13 (13)

Bhuvneshwar continues and starts off with a couple of dots. But then Hales drives one with authority through cover for a four. Hales then plays one uppishly but it is past point. They get a single.

ENG 15/0 | Over 4 | Alastair Cook 7 (16), Alex Hales 8 (8)

Mohit continues to Cook and he is still not able to get him away. Cook isn’t able to read Mohit well on this surface and he had tested him in the second over.

ENG 13/0 | Over 3 | Alastair Cook 6 (11), Alex Hales 7 (7)

Alex Hales starts off by pushing through the off-side and gets a couple. He then edges one fine through third-man for a four. Bhuvneshwar finishes the over well with an incoming delivery that just shaves past the off-stump.

ENG 7/0 | Over 2 | Alastair Cook 6 (11), Alex Hales 1 (1)

Mohit Sharma begins at the other end. Hales gets off the mark off the second ball. He pushes to mid-off and gets a single. Mohit then hits the right areas outside the off-stump and Cook lets it go through.

ENG 6/0 | Over 1 | Alastair Cook 6 (6), Alex Hales 0 (0)

England’s innings begins with a set of braces from Cook. That helps Cook get off and running well. Bhuvneshwar has strayed a few on the leg-side.

The match has started. It is a reduced encounter. England need 295 in 47 overs.

It has started to rain a bit. The England batsmen had come out and they have returned back. The Indian team are in the middle, but the covers are coming on. India will have to wait.

IND 304/6 | Overs 50 | Jadeja 9 (11), Ashwin 10 (5)

Ashwin gets a four first ball as Jordan bowls short and he pulls him for a four. He then takes a single to get Jadeja back on strike. Jordan bowls a full toss and Jadeja gets only a single through the off-side. India have got 300. Ashwin tries to make room and smash over the leg-side, but it takes the edge and goes for four over third-man. Ashwin tries to smash one over the leg-side, but it hits his body and they get a leg-bye. Jadeja edged the last ball is edged which is dropped by Jordan. The batsmen get a couple. India get 304. This is a very good total after the start they had. All credit to Raina and Dhoni to take India to this score. Very well played. England now have the task of chasing this down.

IND 291/6 | Overs 49 | Jadeja 6 (9), Ashwin 1 (1)

OUT! Dhoni 52(51)

Jadeja starts with a single as Woakes bowls his last over. Dhoni then gets a brace through the leg-side. And Dhoni is bowled! Woakes deceives him with a slower ball. Ashwin is now in the middle. He gets off the mark first ball. Jadeja then gets a couple through the leg-side. India have lost a bit of momentum after the wickets.

IND 285/5 | Overs 48 | MS Dhoni 50 (49), Jadeja 3 (6)

Anderson will bowl his final over. He starts off with a dot ball to Dhoni. The second ball fetches a single for India. Jadeja charges to Anderson yet again and misses. Dhoni gets his half-century as he lofts the last ball for a couple over mid-on.

IND 281/5 | Overs 47 | MS Dhoni 47 (46), Jadeja 2 (3)

OUT! Suresh Raina 100 (75)

Raina is gone. He makes room to Woakes and plays it down the throat of deep extra cover. A great innings comes to an end. He walks back to great applause and acknowledges it by waving his bat at the crowd. Jadeja is the new man. Dhoni takes a single first up and Jadeja gets a leg-bye off his first ball. Dhoni then smashes one down the ground and it is a single. Jadeja misses the second ball he faces. Jadeja digs one out and gets a single as they run very well between the wickets.

IND 276/4 | Overs 46 | Suresh Raina 100 (74), MS Dhoni 45 (44)

Dhoni drives the first ball for a single. Raina is back on strike as Jordan sets his field. Jordan bowls a full toss and Raina plays it down for a single. What an innings it has been! This is his fourth ODI ton and a well deserved moment. He has been criticised for his inability to score runs outside sub continent and he has taken a giant leap with this knock. A confidence building ton. Jorden tries to bowl a Yorker. It takes the inside edge and goes for a four down to fine-leg. No luck for Jordan. And then Dhoni flicks one to square-leg. Stokes tries to get around and he tries to dive forward to stop it on the bounce, but it goes for a four. And then another wide for Jordan, down the leg-side. He finishes with a dot though. 


IND 265/4 | Overs 45 | Suresh Raina 99 (73), MS Dhoni 36 (39)

Chris Woakes is back. Raina pulls the first ball and moves to 98. Dhoni then works one to square-leg for a brace. Woakes tries a slower ball but it is misdirected. It goes down the leg-side and Dhoni tries to waft at it  but misses. Raina then moves to 99 by playing through the off-side. Woakes then bowls a wide down the leg-side. Dhoni then takes a single to let Raina face the last ball. Raina gets a couple but they are leg-byes.

IND 255/4 | Overs 44 | Suresh Raina 97 (70), MS Dhoni 31 (36)

Tredwell comes in and bowls it a bit outside the off-stump. Dhoni smashes it for a four through the off-side. Well played there by Dhoni! He then works one down the ground for a single. Raina is back on strike. On 96. Raina plays a dot before getting a single to the leg-side.

IND 249/4 | Overs 43 | Suresh Raina 96 (68), MS Dhoni 27 (32)

Raina drives one for a four through cover. Stokes bowled it outside the off-stump and he has been sent to cover quite beautifully. Raina then bludgeons one down the ground and that has gone for a four. He moves into the 90s. He has hit only three ODI centuries, the last one coming in 2010. Raina gets a couple behind point as there is a misfield. He now moves to 96.

IND 237/4 | Overs 42 | Suresh Raina 85 (63), MS Dhoni 26 (31)

Tredwell is back and Raina dances down the ground and lofts it straight for a six. That was a bit short, but Raina played it magnificently. Tredwell hits back well with a couple of dots before Raina pushes to long-on for a single. Dhoni then works it down the ground for a single. India are now building well with this partnership injecting the momentum.

IND 228/4 | Overs 41 | Suresh Raina 77 (58), MS Dhoni 25 (30)

Stokes is back and Dhoni goes over mid-off and that has gone for a four. Off the third ball, he gets a single and Raina gets back on strike. Raina then pushes to mid-off and gets a single. Stokes then overpitches and Dhoni smashes it down the ground for a four. It was lofted with power down the ground. Dhoni gets into the act.

IND 218/4 | Overs 40 | Suresh Raina 76 (57), MS Dhoni 16 (25)

James Anderson is back. The first ball is a dot as Dhoni tries to get a single, but Raina sends him back. Dhoni then gets a single down to fine-leg. Raina then walks to the leg-side and Anderson follows him, Raina flicks him to fine-leg for a four. Anderson then predictably bowls it short and Raina isn’t in a position to pull it. However, he gets a top edge and it goes over the keeper’s head for a four. Raina then drives the last ball through cover for a four.

IND 205/4 | Overs 39 | Suresh Raina 64 (54), MS Dhoni 15 (22)

Dhoni gets a four. He drives one through the off-side and that has gone to the boundary. Jordan then bowls a wide down the leg-side. Both batsmen then work the strike around. Jordan bowls another wide down the leg-side. The stats tell us that the last fifty has come off only 27 balls for India. They are now past 200. Jordan then bowls two wides down the leg-side. Ohh god! There is a third one as this one has gone even wider down the leg-side. The last ball is finally bowled as it hits Dhoni on the pads.


IND 191/4 | Overs 38 | Suresh Raina 62 (52), MS Dhoni 8 (17)

Woakes is back and Raina clears the front-leg and hits it for a six down the ground. What a shot! He then pulls the next ball to fine-leg and that is his fifty. A good knock by Raina. Woakes then bowls short and Raina pulls it for a six over fine-leg. What a shot! Raina then works one to the deep on the leg-side and they get a couple before Anderson comes around to stop it. Raina then flicks one for a four through mid-wicket and that is beautifully hit. They get 20 runs off that over.

IND 171/4 | Overs 37 | Suresh Raina 43 (47), MS Dhoni 8 (17)

This is the batting powerplay and Raina makes room to Jordan and smashes him for a four through the off-side. A good shot by Raina! Raina then takes a single to hand it to Dhoni, who then takes a single. Raina then pulls one for a single to fine-leg. Dhoni then gets a leg-bye and the strike is worked over. Raina takes a single to finish the over.

IND 162/4 | Overs 36 | Suresh Raina 36 (43), MS Dhoni 7 (15)

Woakes is back into the attack and so far he has taken two wickets for only eight runs in his five overs. Dhoni then gets a single as he places to the leg-side. Dhoni then gets a couple as there are overthrows. Dhoni is doing well to keep the strike ticking around. Raina is getting into his elements. Raina finishes the over with a single to square-leg.

IND 156/4 | Overs 35 | Suresh Raina 34 (41), MS Dhoni 3 (11)

Anderson comes back and Raina gets an inside edge and it goes for four past the wicketkeeper. Raina then cuts the last ball for a four behind point. A good over for India.

IND 148/4 | Overs 34 | Suresh Raina 26 (35), MS Dhoni 3 (11)

Tredwell continues and he keeps Raina quiet. Raina finally gets a single through the off-side. Dhoni then gets a brace behind square on the off-side.

IND 145/4 | Overs 33 | Suresh Raina 25 (31), MS Dhoni 1 (9)

Anderson is back into the attack and Raina guides one off his pads for a four very fine through the leg-side. In this game, England have placed their fine-leg very square.

IND 140/4 | Overs 32 | Suresh Raina 20 (28), MS Dhoni 1 (6)

There is an appeal for a leg-before to Raina but it is turned down. This over yields three.

IND 137/4 | Overs 31 | Suresh Raina 17 (22), MS Dhoni 1 (6)

Jordan continues and Raina gets a single off the first ball. Dhoni does get off the mark later in the over. Jordan still continues to bowl the odd-wide and it is not helping his case.


IND 132/4 | Overs 30 | Suresh Raina 15 (18), MS Dhoni 0(4)

OUT! Rohit Sharma 52(87)

Rohits is gone! And not in an unexpected manner! He charges down the ground to Rohit and plays it straight down long-off’s throat. James Tredwell celebrates! MS Dhoni walks out to bat! The first ball is smashed back by him and it hits the stumps. Dhoni defends his first four deliveries and that gives Tredwell a wicket-maiden.

IND 132/3 | Overs 29 | Rohit Sharma 52 (85), Suresh Raina 15 (18)

Jordan bowls to Raina and he is worked away to fine-leg first ball for a single. Rohit also farms the strike-over to get a single. Jordan then bowls one down the leg-side to Raina and they get a single.

IND 127/3 | Overs 28 | Rohit Sharma 50 (83), Suresh Raina 14 (14)

Raina gets a four as he plays through the leg-side. Tredwell was swept on that occasion and was hit in front of square. Raina then plays one through the leg-side and gets a single.

IND 122/3 | Overs 27 | Rohit Sharma 50 (83), Suresh Raina 9 (8)

Stokes continues and Raina drives the first ball beautifully through cover and James Anderson manages to keep it inside play in the deep and they get three. Rohit, now on 49. He misses one outside the off-stump and then defends one. Rohit gets his half-century. He plays it to square-leg and gets a single. Raina then gets a single as an edge falls to the leg-side.


IND 117/3 | Overs 26 | Rohit Sharma 49 (79), Suresh Raina 5 (6)

Rohit moves a step closer to his fifty by placing one through the leg-side. Tredwell continues and Raina plays a few dot balls before getting a single through long-on.

IND 115/3 | Overs 25 | Rohit Sharma 48 (76), Suresh Raina 4 (3)

Stokes continues and Rohit drives the first one to cover. He then defends the second and looks for the quick single, but Raina sends him back. He gets a single later as he plays one to third-man. Raina is off the mark by guiding one for a four through mid-wicket. That should help Raina get some much-needed confidence.

IND 110/3 | Overs 24 | Rohit Sharma 47 (72), Suresh Raina 0 (1)

OUT! Ajinkya Rahane 41 (47)

Tredwell is back and Rohit takes a single. Rahane then sweeps one to square-leg for another single. Rohit then drives one to long-off for a single. And, now have they got Rahane? Buttler takes the bails off when Rahane tries to defend forward and misses. And he is gone. His foot was just outside. Suresh Raina is the new man and he defends his first ball.


IND 107/2 | Overs 23 | Rohit Sharma 45 (69), Ajinkya Rahane 40 (45)

Stokes is back and he starts off with a full-toss and Rahane plays it to the deep for a single. Rohit then drives one down the ground for a single. Rahane then gets another single. Rohit then drives one to the deep for another single.

IND 103/2 | Overs 22 | Rohit Sharma 42 (66), Ajinkya Rahane 38 (41)

India get their hundred as Rohit knocks one down the ground. The batsmen are satisfied to knock it around for a few singles.

IND 99/2 | Overs 21 | Rohit Sharma 41 (64), Ajinkya Rahane 36 (38)

Root continues and Rahane gets a single as there is one that is misfielded behind square on the leg-side. Rohit is now in the 40s and India are closing in on their 100.

IND 95/2 | Overs 20 | Rohit Sharma 39 (61), Ajinkya Rahane 34 (35)

James Tredwell replaces Chris Woakes. The first ball is driven doe a single down the ground by Rahane. Rohit then opens the face of the bat and gets a single to the off-side. Rahane cuts one behind point and the fielder there slipped. So, before the sweeper could come across, the Indians get a brace.

IND 88/2 | Overs 19 | Rohit Sharma 37 (59), Ajinkya Rahane 29 (31)

Rahane misses the first one as Root comes around the wicket and angles it to the off-side. Buttler misses as well and India get a bye. Rohit then defends one and then gets a single to fine-leg. Rahane gets a single to square-leg. Rohit then shapes to cut it behind point and he gets a four. Two men were running behind it, but couldn’t stop it.

IND 81/2 | Overs 18 | Rohit Sharma 32 (56), Ajinkya Rahane 28 (29)

Jordan will go on at this end. Rohit gets a single as he pushes one to the leg-side. Jordan then overpitches and Rahane drives it down the ground for four. What a good shot by Rahane! He was well balanced and timed it perfectly. Mid-off could only chase it and bring it back after it hit the ropes.

IND 75/2 | Overs 17 | Rohit Sharma 31 (54), Ajinkya Rahane 23 (25)

First signs of spin at Cardiff. Joe Root comes to bowl his off-spinners. Rahane drops one to the leg-side for a single. Rohit then gets one down the ground. Rahane also gets another to the deep on the leg-side.

IND 71/2 | Overs 16 | Rohit Sharma 29 (48), Ajinkya Rahane 21 (23)

Jordan bowls it a little outside the off-stump and it is overpitched. Rahane drives it handsomely through cover for a four. What a good shot by Rahane! India are feeling much better now after the initial spell by the England bowlers. Rahane then plays one to fine-leg and they get a single. The 50-run stand is up. A much-needed partnership for India. There are two wides in this overs.

IND 64/2 | Overs 15 | Rohit Sharma 29 (45), Ajinkya Rahane 16 (21)

Ben Stokes comes in to bowl. He oversteps off the third-ball and the batsmen take a quick single. Rohit scampers to the other end to take the free-hit. Replays suggest that Stokes landed behind the line but his foot slid ahead. Rohit smashes a six. A length ball is smashed for a six over mid-wicket. There was a fielder there and he can only see it go over his head. The over ends with a brace for Rohit through third-man.


IND 52/2 | Overs 14 | Rohit Sharma 20 (41), Ajinkya Rahane 14 (18)

Jordan comes in and Rahane gets an inside-edge and that has gone for a four to fine-leg. Rohit then comes on strike and plays a couple of dots. This partnership has largely been positive. Rohit charges down the ground and tries to hoick it, but misses. Jordan appeals, but the umpire is unmoved.

IND 46/2 | Overs 13 | Rohit Sharma 20 (38), Ajinkya Rahane 10 (15)

Ben Stokes comes into the attack. Rohit gets a single off the third ball as he guides one to third-man. Rahane then gets an overpitched delivery and he is driven straight down the ground for a four. Beautifully played by Rahane. The over is done with Rahane taking a single to the leg-side.

IND 41/2 | Overs 12 | Rohit Sharma 19 (35), Ajinkya Rahane 5 (12)

Chris Jordan comes in as England opt for a change in bowling after an extended opening spell. A few runs come off this over as both Rahane and Rohit are trying to rebuild the Indian innings.



IND 36/2 | Overs 11 | Rohit Sharma 18 (34), Ajinkya Rahane 4 (7)

Anderson gets an extended first spell. Rohit plays and misses one outside the off-stump. Rohit then charges down the ground and hits it through mid-wicket for a four. Anderson then bowls outside the off-stump and Rohit leaves it. Rohit then plays it to fine-leg for a couple. Anderson then overpitches and Rohit drives it beautifully through cover for a four! Wonderfully played! That is the way to play Rohit! Well done in this over.


IND 26/2 | Overs 10 | Rohit Sharma 8 (28), Ajinkya Rahane 4 (7)

Woakes continues to Rohit. After a few dots, Rohit plays it behind spot for a single. England are keeping the pressure on India and aren’t allowing them any easy runs.


IND 21/2 | Overs 8 | Rohit Sharma 6 (21), Ajinkya Rahane 2(2)

OUT! Shikhar Dhawan 11 (22), Virat Kohli 0(2)

Dhawan is gone! He tries to play at one outside the off-stump and gets that thin edge through to the wicketkeeper. India have lost their first man! Virat Kohli to walk in now! And Kohli lasts only two balls. He charges down the ground and smashes it down mid-off’s throat. Ajinkya Rahane is in and he gets off the mark with a brace through square-leg.


IND 19/0 | Overs 7 | Rohit Sharma 6 (21), Shikhar Dhawan 11 (21)

Anderson continues and Dhawan gets a single through the leg-side. And then, Rohit defends one on the off-side and takes a quick run. The fielder throws it to the non-striker’s end and Rohit makes it back with the dive. Dhawan then gets one on the pads and he smashes it for a four through the mid-wicket region.


IND 12/0 | Overs 6 | Rohit Sharma 5 (19), Shikhar Dhawan 6 (17)

Woakes continues. He tries to york Dhawan off the second ball but the batsman keeps it out very well.  Only a single in this over with Dhawan getting to the other end.


IND 11/0 | Overs 5 | Rohit Sharma 5 (17), Shikhar Dhawan 5 (13)

Two runs have been taken in this over. India are moving slow, but the batsmen are showing the fight to stay. There have been a few nervous moments for each of them though.


IND 9/0 | Overs 4 | Rohit Sharma 4(12), Shikhar Dhawan 4(12)

Dhawan gets an inside edge and it goes towards short-fine leg. Rohit comes down and nearly shakes hands with Dhawan. However, he is sent back and Jos Buttler isn’t able to throw it to the bowling end in time. Rohit is safe. Dhawan gets off the mark as he cuts the last ball through the off-side for a four.


IND 5/0 | Overs 3 | Rohit Sharma 4(12), Shikhar Dhawan 0(6)

India finally get the runs on the board. The first one is a wide and then Rohit keeps playing and missing. But off the last ball, Anderson overpitches and it is driven handsomely down the ground for four.


IND 0/0 | Overs 2 | Rohit Sharma 0(6), Shikhar Dhawan 0(6)

Chris Woakes starts off from the other end and has the ball shaping away from the batsman. Unlike Rohit, Dhawan is leaving those deliveries outside the off-stump and letting them go through to the wicket-keeper. But then, there is one that just leaves him outside the off-stump and Dhawan almost pokes at it. Here is another maiden!


IND 0/0 | Overs 1 | Rohit Sharma 0(6), Shikhar Dhawan 0(0)

James Anderson begins proceedings with an overpitched delivery and it is played into the cover region. He wanted a single but Shikhar Dhawan sends Rohit Sharma back. The second ball moves past Rohit’s outside edge as it shapes away beautifully. Rohit defends a few on his body and then plays and misses another one outside the off-stump. Maiden to start with.



England have won the toss and have elected to bowl. Here are the two teams:

England: Alastair Cook (c), Alex Hales, Ian Bell, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan, Jos Buttler (wk), Ben Stokes, Chris Woakes, James Tredwell, James Anderson, Chris Jordan.

India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohit Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami.




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Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the second One-Day International (ODI) at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff. This is Nishad Pai Vaidya, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the game.  The first ODI of the five-match series at Bristol was washed out on Monday, and both the sides will be eager to resume their rivalry at Cardiff as the weather doesn’t look as threatening as it was in Bristol. However, there are forecast of light rain later in the day, which might bring the Duckworth-Lewis in play. Read preview of the match here.

England will be aiming to maintain their domination over India, after bouncing back in a impressive manner to beat the tourists 3-1 in the five-match series. Alex Hales is likely to make debut in ODI format. Check out England’s likely playing XI for the second ODI.

India, on the other hand, have made a couple of changes  — not in their squad but in the coaching staff. Joe Dawes and Tevor Penney are not with the Indian squad anymore on this tour and couple of Indian coaches have joined the team in England. Click here to find out India’s likely playing XI.


England: Alastair Cook(c), Alex Hales, Ian Bell, Gary Ballance, Joe Root, Moeen Ali, Jos Buttler (wk), Chris Jordan, James Tredwell, James Anderson, Harry Gurney, Steven Finn, Eoin Morgan, Chris Woakes, Ben Stokes.

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (c&wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Mohit Sharma, Dhawal Kulkarni, Sanju Samson, Stuart Binny, Karn Sharma.

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