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Sep 2, 2014

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 Stat: India win their first bilateral series against England in England after 1990.


Dhawan tried hard but he can’t get a hundred. He smashed a four to level the scores and then hammers a six to complete the series win.


Shikhar Dhawan wants to swing his arms a bit and he has targeted Chris Woakes. Two boundaries and a six, all timed off the middle of his bat.


Rahane dismissed. Tries to go over covers and Cook takes an easy catch. A delightful innings comes to an end. Time for Virat Kohli to get some match practice.
OUT! A Rahane c Cook b Gurney 106(100),






Couple to Rahane on the fifth ball of the over from Woakes and he brings up his maiden ODI century. What an innings this has been, he has dominated the bowlers all through the innings. With the World Cup ahead, he has very well cemented his place. He has settled in at various positions playing for India.




The humiliation continues for England. Rahane picks a couple on the first ball of the over from Gurney and then adds one more. That was called a no-ball. Dhawan gets to take the free-hit and Gurney serves him with a pitched up delivery in the slot, he smacks it over midwicket for a huge six. Dhawan adds salt ti injury… premeditated shuffle and scoops the length delivery behind the wicket for four.


This is now Rahane’s career-best innings in ODIs. He has bettered the 91 against the same opposition at Mohali in 2011. He went past his previous best with an upper-cut neatly placed towards fine thirman for four.


This is India’s highest opening stand against England in England


Key interest for the Indians would be the Rahane century. Comes down the track to Finn and hits it past the bowler for four. Very few would imagine Rahane outscoring Dhawan. But he has allowed the left-hander to settle in.






Four singles off the over from Moeen Ali. England seem to be too disinterested with the match. Just going through the motions.


Steven Finn has ooked the best of the lot so far but that isn’t going to make any difference to the proceedings. Only two from it. 71 needed in a 27 overs.


Rahane is toying with the England bowling, one more six off Moeen’s bowling. India are finishing off in style. Comes down the track and chips it over the bowler for six.


Dhawan follows rahane’s way and gets to his fifty with a six off the same bowler. Pitched up and full swing of the bat and the ball sails over long-on for a six. Much-needed fifty for Dhawan. Second fifty on this tour for Dhawan.


Dhawan continues coming down the track against spinner and manages to get the result he wanted, a four off Moeen Ali. Two more singles in the over. 91 runs needed in 31 overs. Unfortunately no bonus points for India to chase this down early.




Rahane has taken a liking for Anderson. He charges down the track and lofts him for a six over long-on. Didn’t time it well but nevertheless had enough power behind it. Rahane could well get his maiden ODI ton.






Rahane gets his seventh half-century. he read the length early, takes a good stride forward and slog-sweeps over midwicket for six. Next ball on the leg-side and works it away for four more. He brings up India’s 100 on the fourth ball with a single.


Anderson comes back in to the attack. Rahane plays out defensively before sneaking a quick single on the last ball of the over. Won’t be wrong to say that Rahane is in his nervous 40s. Has to make this opportunity count.


Moeen Ali continues, single on the first two deliveries. Dhawan continues to adapt the ‘come down the track and think of a shot‘ style of play. Four from the over.


Once upon a time, Rahane used to have trouble facing Finn. But he has looked comfortable right from the start. After defending the first two deliveries of the over he picks a single playing towards leg. Dhawan adds one more and a wide ball follows. Though India are cruising, Rahane is interested in keeping the run-rate closer to six. The last ball of the over was short and rahane charged down and pulled it over midwicket for six.


After the bitter experience in tests, both batsmen are more than happy to just nudge around and pick singles against Moeen Ali. Five singles from the over.



Dhawan growing in confidence. The third ball of the over was drivess straight down the ground for a four. India are getting the boundaries at ease. He even timed one beautifully on the last ball but Moeen Ali stopped it well. Good fielding. For those interested, India need 137 runs in 37 overs.


Moeen Ali finally comes in to bowl. The first bowl is down the leg-side and the ball runs past the keeper after deflecting off the thigh pad. Three runs taken. Dhawan against an off-spinner. He is watchful initially and then comes down the track to play his shots. Gets a single. Five from the over after Rahane too adds one more.


Just a leg-bye and two singles from that over from Steven Finn. India are cruising along. Perhaps Cook might try out Moeen Ali here.



Aaah… there it is, role reversal, Vaughan goes after his own team with same white flag.



This looks like a cakewalk for India. Three boundaries in the over from Chris Woakes. This time around Shikhar Dhawan adds three boundaries to his account. Typical fast bowler psychology. The first ball on leg is clipped for four and then drops short which is pulled away. The fifth ball is again short and Dhawan goes aerial over midwicket for four more.



Ajinkya Rahane is batting as if India are in for a 300 chase. It was quiet over from Steven Finn. The fifth ball is a touch short and Rahane goes for the pull. It runs past the short midwicket fielder for four.



Now Dhawan joins the party. Pitched up by Gurney and driven through the off-side for four. Two more singles in the over.


Rahane is a delight to watch. The fifth ball of the over is pitched up by Finn and the right hander brings the bat down straight and the ball zoom past the bowler. He has once again displayed good technique up the order.


Gurney feeds Dhawan with some confidence and the left-hander manages to get a boundary playing towards leg-side. A single follows. Gurney bowls a wide on the last ball of the over and Rahane picks two from the extra delivery.


Three leg-side boundaries and one beautifully timed through mid-off. The first one was around off-stump and the wristy aerial flick sends the ball to the fence. Another one on the pads and he clips it away for four. The next one is good length and beautifully timed by Rahane. The fifth ball is a repeat of the first boundary of the over. Rahane has galloped to 19 from 21. 16 runs from the over.


Cautious approach from the openers. Though Dhawan has looked edgy, Rahane has played his strokes but towards the fielders. Finall manages to tuck one away towards fine-leg for a single on the last ball of the over from Gurney.


Dhawan isn’t looking assured at all. Anderson is teasing him with outswingers and troubles him with an inswinger. Maiden over from Anderson. The openers can afford to play out those dot balls with such a small target.



Harry Gurney starts off from the other end. Rahane picks a single slicing past gully. Dhawan gets off the mark with a single on the fifth ball.


Tidy first over from James Anderson. India’s new opener Ajinkya Rahane is watchful and gets off the mark on the fifth ball with a single. A full delivery on leg stump for Shikhar Dhawan and he plays it quietly towards mid-on.



 Read the innings report here



Shami teases Gurney with a short ball and the follows up with a yorker. Typical tail-ender dismissal. Gurney backs away to hit it through covers and is bowled.
OUT! H Gurney b Shami 3(9)


It’s so tough for Anderson to not reverse sweep. Last ball of the over from Raina almost got Anderson out leg-before trying to reverse sweep. Three singles from that over.


Hitting across the line is not the best way to deal with Jadeja. Finn survives miraculously but the next ball is full and straight, Jadeja gets the wicket. A long delay as Dhoni wanted to change his gloves. Gurney picks a single on the penultimate ball leaving Anderson to face Jadeja. But the No 10 plays out without any trouble.
OUT! S Finn b Jadeja 3(8)


Moeen Ali is almost run-out before being bowled. He had hit some big shots against Ashwin. this time he charges down the track to loft over the bowler’s head. Plenty of gap between bat and pad and the stumps are disturbed. Big wicket for India. But unfortunately for Moeen this brilliant innings might not be enough to save England’s poor batting overall.
OUT! Moeen b Ashwin 67(50)


inn too is almost run out. Shami decides to test him with a short ball. Finn is in no position to play it and before he could recover from that evasive action, Moeen Ali had reached his end. Finn sets off and Shami’s wayward throw ensures he makes it safely. But Shami has bowled fuller deliveries and not allowed any easy runs for the in-form Moeen.


Ashwin tosses the ball up and Moeen takes it on the full to sweep it for four. Ashwin did have an opportunity to pick a wicket when Woakes gave a return catch, the bowler failed to take the easy one. But that didn’t stop from Woakes in running himself out. Direct throw from Raina.
OUT! Woakes run-out Raina 10(18)


A tight over from Jadeja, only five from it. He did bowl a touch short on the last ball of the over but Moeen was late to go on the backfoot and dispatch it.


Third six of the innings from Moeen and he gets to a fifty. It was a poor delivery from Suresh Raina and the ball zooms in to the stands for six. 11 runs from the over.


Three deliveries each faced by Moeen and Woakes. Five from that Jadeja over. Indian bowlers have once again managed to keep a tight leash on the proceedings.


Dhoni manages to sneak in a quiet over from Raina. Chris Woakes faces three deliveries of Raina to pick a single. Moeen Ali gets two singles. Only thee from the over. It’s all up to Moeen to takes them past 220.


Short one from Shami and Moeen, in the form he is won’t miss out on those ones. Hammered cleanly for four. A singles ensues and then comes the big wicket. Good length ball and seams back in, hits above the knee-roll of Buttler, the umpire adjudges it leg-before. Replays show the ball was going by some fair distance above the stumps. Chris Woakes is the new batsman in.
OUT! J Buttler lbw Shami 11(24)


One more six. Moeen came down the track and lofted it for a six. Once again nine from the over. Moeen has timed the ball sweetly and looks set for giving England’s total some boost.


Moeen Ali continues to score briskly. Picks a couple on the second ball and then sweeps with authority for four. Buttler in the meanwhile is content playing the second fiddle. But it’s only a matter of time before he goes for the big ones. 150 up for England. Nine from that Jadeja over.


So it’s Moeen who infuses some pace in the innings. The fifth ball of the over is short and Moeen rocks on the backfoot and gives a big whack for six over mid-wicket. Three singles apart from the six in that over.


First ball in the batting powerplay and Moeen lofts it over covers for a four. The next ball is once again hit in the same area and Dhawan pulls off a good stop. Two more for Moeen. Then plays softly towards point and gets a single. Two more singles ensue in that over.


Buttler fails to put away a few loose deliveries from Raina. Three singles and a couple from that over.


Pace back in action, Dhawal Kulkarni concedes three from the over. Batting powerplay just around the corner.




Poor batting from Root. Was too obsessed with the reverse sweep despite two fielders stationed in the area for that shot. He had tried that and managed to squeeze it with some last-minute adjustments for a single. This time around the ball pops up and Dhawal Kulkarni takes a catch. Suresh Raina has a wicket. New batsman Moeen Ali gets off the mark right away. Stat: This is the fourth time Root has been dismissed trying to reverse sweep.
OUT! J Root b Raina 44(81)


Four singles from that over from Ashwin. England probably looking eager for the powerplay to up the ante. But it’s important for Buttler to hang around. The par score is 226 but England have looked overcautious against the slow bowlers.





Jadeja bowls his sixth over on the trot. Single on the second and third delivery of the over. Buttler is off the mark. Four from that over.


Ahswin quickly bowls an over conceding just a single from it.





Gone. The wide leg-slip (or call it short fineleg) has worked. Morgan tries to work one away off his hips and hits it straight in to the hands of an alert Suresh Raina. He doesn’t make any mistake and India get a breakthrough. Though the partnership had stabilised England, the run-rate was still slow. Time for new man Jos Buttler to up the ante.But he starts off cautiously playing out four dot deliveries.
OUT! E Morgan c Raina b Jadeja 32(58)


England finally manage to reach the three-figure mark. Raina starts off with a wide. The batsmen steal a single too. Root then sweeps square for two more. Some intent from the two batsmen to push the scoring rate. But nothing more than singles or twos.


Jadeja has got more turn than Ashwin on this pitch. After a single on the first ball. Morgan then tries to reverse sweep to a ball that spun towards the leg, misses it completely, was inches away from the stumps. Singles on the last three deliveries.


Suresh Raina gives Ashwin a break. Morgan sweeps the first ball and manages to add one. Some good fielding prevents the easy single to Root. Three singles on the last three deliveries.


Jadeja continues. Root punches the first one to long-on for a single. Morgan adds two on the third ball with one going past leg-slip. Jadeja has this habit of darting the ball in one area, but this time around he misses his line, bowls one down the leg-side conceding a wide. Morgan adds one to his account with a single on the last ball of the over.


Single for Root on the second ball. Morgan then plays a dot ball before playing a neat lofted shot over covers for four. A sweep shot on the next ball gives him two more. 50 partnership between the two.


England batsmen are content milking the spinners for singles. Though the run-rate isn’t looking good but they haven’t conceded any wickets.Their partnership has gone unnoticed considering the pace of their batting. Three runs from that Jadeja over.


Single on the first ball for Morgan. Root then plays out the next two defensively before getting one more. Morgan plaes the fifth towards long-off for one more. Root adds one to his kitty to end the over.


Dhoni finally gets Jadeja. Spin from both ends now. First ball from Jadeja pitches outside off and spins in to Morgan. The batsman had walked across trying to place it towards midwicket, gets hit on the pads. Morgan gets a single on the third ball placing towards long-on. Two more singles on the next two deliveries. Root then places nicely on the leg for a couple.


Ashwin starts off with two wides. Root then again struggles to work it away, even gets hit on the helmet tying to reverse sweep. Finally milks away towards long-on for single. Morgan on the last ball pushes to long-on for one more.


Poor over from Shami. He sprayed the ball all around and more significantly allowed Morgan to ease the pressure off him. The second ball was short on the leg and pulled away for four. The next one pitched up and Morgan hammers it for four. Rayudu makes a valiant effort but third umpire rules it in favour of England.


Time for the spinners to trouble England. Ravichandran Ashwin starts off. Morgan defends two deliveries and guides the third for single. Root struggles to work Ashwin away in the gaps. Bot the batsmen need to have a look at their strike rate! Root 50, Morgan 25.


That’s MS Dhoni the clever played for you. The first ball was played by Root fines towards thirdman and was attempting the second run. Dhoni sensing Root will fall short just guided the ball with a deliberate deflection off his glove. Nevertheless, no harm done. Couple on the first two deliveries. Those are the only runs in the over. Morgan still stranded on a 22-ball three.


Dhawal has often bowled that one loose deliveries. Started off with two on the off-stump and allows Root to work away the third ball for an easy couple.Gets one more on the fifth ball. Morgan though continues his rusty stay failing to connect a wild cut shot.


India’s fielding has been excellent when it comes to limited overs. After Raina, Rahane, it’s the third R, Rayudu pulling off a dive and saving two runs on the first ball of the over by Bhuvneshwar, The batsmen sprint for a single on the second delivery. Morgan plays out for dot deliveries. Just three from the over.


Morgan gets a couple on the third ball of the over from Dhawal. Flicks on the legside and sprints for two. A wide on the fifth ball. Dhawal has been on and off target but England have looked circumspect so getting away with the occasional loose deliveries.


Seventh over on the trot from Bhuvneshwar. Yet there has been no let off in his intensity. Finds the edge of Root and it runs past the slips for four. Root then struggles against the pacer. seven overs three wickets for 11 – Bhuvneshwar’s bowling figures.


Dhawal Kulkarni comes back to bowl from the same end where he started off. The first one s touch short and Morgan forcefully plays it towards thirdman for a single. Root quickly adds one more to the kitty. Kulkarni then bowls a probing line to Morgan and even beats him once.


Root finally gets off the mark with a four. Pitched up, comes forward and punches it back past the bowler for four. Still a good over from Bhuvneshwar. The last two deliveries were a touch wide but Root failed to seize the opportunity. Only four from the over.


Morgan has been under pressure for his dry run with the bat. He has averaged under 16 in his last five innings. Starts cautiously against Shami. Gets two leg-byes thanks to a wayward delivery from Shami. The pacer then gets past his outside edge. Finishes off the over playing back to the bowler. End of mandatory powerplay


Bhuvneshwar continues his accuracy and bowls his third maiden over. Joe Root has faced nine balls and yet to get off the mark.


First ball from Shami is pitched up and Ballance drives it past the bowler for four. Looked in complete control of that straight drive. He fails to find a single on the leg-side next ball. On the fourth delivery, Ballance goes for a big drive but misses it completely. The fifth one is middled off the bat but straight to fielder. Ballance tries to play across the line on the last ball and gets a leading edge, the ball balloons in the air, a simple catch for Rahane at covers.
OUT! G Ballance c Rahane b Shami


Ballance has preferred to let go off three away swingers and then plays one rustily towards cover. Ballance finally manages to rotate strike with a single. Bhuvneshwar bowls a wide outside off and then finishes off with a dot ball. Bhuvneshwar has conceded only three in his first four overs.


A nervous Dhawal Kulkarni has been replaced by Mohammed Shami. Maintains a good length outside off and Ballance can do nothing more than being watchful. He finally manages to play softly towards mid-off on the last ball of the over and sets off for a quick single.





Two in an over from Bhuvneshwar. The openers depart. The inswinger again gets a wicket for Bhuvneshwar. It kept a touch low but Hales was never prepared for that inswinger, and the stumps are in a disarray. Gary Ballance gets a single playing towards thirdman on the second ball he faced. Cook then cuts straight towards third slip. Excellent catch from Raina. Joe Root is the new batsman.
OUT! A Hales b Bhuvneshwar 6(7) & A Cook c Raina b Bhuvneshwar 9(19)


Kulkarni to Hales again. The first ball is played towards covers for no run. Hales then swings his bat wildly, the outside edge runs towards thirdman and Shami sprints across and stops the second run. Cook then once again plays a dot ball towards mid-off. The next one is short and wide, Cook tries to cut, the outside edge flies over slips for four. The last ball of the over is short and Cook cuts it between cover and extra-cover for four more.


Excellent fielding display from Indians. Cook guides one past third slip and Suresh Raina stops it. The next one is pitched up and Cook punches it through the covers, Rahane at covers dives and stops it. The field is suddenly charged up. Cook fails to find the gap in the field and eventually ends the over going for a cut and only managing a thick inside edge. Consecutive maiden overs for Bhuvneshwar thanks to some good fielding.


Alex Hales starts off with a four and not a memorable first ball in international cricket for Dhawal Kulkarni. Pitches it up, gets a bit of swing and Hales creams it through covers for four. A similar pitched up third delivery saw Hales swinging his bat through covers and the inside edge runs behind the wicket for a single. Cook doesn’t look very comfortable to Dhawal’s middle-stump line, but manages to flick one to fineleg and gets off the mark. Good first over from Dhawal. Has bowled at the right lengths.


Bhuvneshwar begins over the wicket and gets the ball to angle across to Cook and the skipper is content shouldering his arms to the first two deliveries. He thinks of having a go at the third one but withdraws his bat at the last moment. The fourth one is played out towards cover. Leaves the next delivery and Bhuvneshwar bowls a maiden over with an accurate last delivery which was tapped by Cook towards midwicket.



Lovely warm day at Birmingham, no chance of rain, Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl to Alastair Cook.


Toss: India have won the toss and elected to bowl. Dhawal Kulkarni set to make ODI debut as Mohit Sharma fails to regain fitness in time.

Meanwhile England have three changes: Gary Ballance in for Ian Bell. Moeen Ali in for Ben Stokes, Harry Gurney comes in for James Tredwell.

Playing XI

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Dhawal Kulkarni, Mohammed Shami.

England: Alastair Cook (c), Alex Hales, Gary Ballance, Joe Root, Jos Buttler (wk), Moeen Ali, Eoin Morgan, Chris Woakes, James Anderson, Steven Finn, Harry Gurney.


So England have decided to drop their best bowler, Tredwell and continue with four pacers. Somehow, Cook looked a bit cautious at the toss. Atherton even questioned whether the changes were more due to the panic of two losses than picking players on form. Meanwhile, Umesh Yadav’s wait continues as Dhawal Kulkarni makes it to the XI. He missed out earlier.


Here’s the first task for India to retain their new No 1 tag. Pretty simple equation isn’t it? Win and you keep it, lose hope for Aussies to win.



Welcome to the live blog of the fourth One-Day International (ODI) between India and England at Edgbaston. I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing the live updates of the match. In a matter of few days, India’s Test loss seems forgotten and they are on the cusp of recording their first ODI series win against England in 24 years. England on the other hand have already coped criticism for their limited overs performance and a few former players have already declared them as least likely contenders in the ICC World Cup 2015. Alastair Cook and co have fought back in the Tests but they have a stiff task to turn the tables against an in-form Indian side to save the ODI series. Read the Preview of the match here

Everything is going India’s way coming in to this match. Australia’s embarrassing loss to Zimbabwe means that India come in to this encounter as ODI champions. Moreover, it’s on this venue India won the Champions Trophy last year. If there was one turning point that makes India look unbeatable is the role of spinners. Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja have been skipper MS Dhoni’s go-to options especially in the subcontinent conditions. And he has been gifted tracks that are slow and offer turn here which has made life tough for the hosts. Here are key battles to watch out for in the India-England 4th ODI

India are unlikely to change the winning combination unless Mohit Sharma struggles to regain fitness. But there will some key points to watch out for. Shikhar Dhawan continues to struggle and will soon run out of opportunities if he fails again. The pitches aren’t tricky at all and yet Dhawan has failed to deliver. Read our analysis of Dhawan here

On the other hand, his new opening partner Ajinkya Rahane has quickly adopted to the opening slot while the new No 4 Ambati Rayudu has quickly grabbed the opportunity with a half-century. The revelation in the batting though has been Suresh Raina. The southpaw has looked in sublime touch and has hardly been troubled.

Stat: MS Dhoni is one win away from surpassing Mohammad Azharuddin’s record of leading India in most ODI wins

Having seen lots of positives in the Indian side, there aren’t many when you look at the England. They have had opportunities in both matches which they failed to seize. More than the bowling, the batting remains a concern. Their batting mainstays haven’t delivered. Joe Root in particular seems to be completely off-colour despite being England’s best batsman in Tests. In the bowling department, they would surely be tempted to bring in Moeen Ali to add more teeth to the spin along with James Tredwell.


England: Alastair Cook (c), Alex Hales, Joe Root, Moeen Ali, Gary Ballance, Eoin Morgan, Ian Bell, Ben Stokes, Chris Woakes, Chris Jordan, James Anderson, Steven Finn, Harry Gurney, James Tredwell, Jos Buttler (wk).  To know England’s likely XI click here

India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Sanju Samson (wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Karn Sharma, Ravichandran Ashwin, Dhawal Kulkarni, Umesh Yadav, Mohit Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammad Shami, Stuart Binny. Click here for India’s likely XI

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