England players celebrate the dismissal of Murali Vijay on Day 3 © Getty Images
England players celebrate the dismissal of Murali Vijay on Day 3 © Getty Images


Aug 17, 2014


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(After another batting collapse, it’s up to the Indian bowlers to restrict England and keep India in the Test. Catch live cricket scores and updates of the match here)


Indian fans and perhaps their cricketers would be relieved to see that this series is over. India surrendered not only in poor manner but the lack of fight shown was just beyond belief. England will be chuffed up to end their disastrous run in Test cricket. Here’s Nishad Pai Vaidya’s report of India’s surrender, once again, but for the last time in this series.  This is Devarchit Varma signing out, with England bouncing back in a spectacular manner, and India left with more questions to answer than in the past. 


Joe Root is the Man of the Match: “Nice to score runs and finish like this. Speaking of the team glad we performed like that. Tough times till Lord’s but we showed a lot of character. Enjoying batting at No 5, nice to come back and win like this. Generally I am looking to score and survive and put pressure back on bowlers. Important to keep improving as a cricketer. Exciting to be in that dressing room compared to the end of last winter,  it’s been a great series.”

James Anderson,  Man of the Series for England: “We fought back really well. I am in a good place with the ball. Last three Tests have been outstanding. Wickets had pace and bounce and carry and it makes a lot of difference. We may have not bowled many overs but it was tough. I will wait and see how body copes up for the next year’s 17 Test matches.”

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Man of the Series for India: “Tough times but what is most important is that we learn from the mistakes. When you start a series you hope to win but it is never easy to maintain performance and I hope we learn from it. Body is bit tired not as fresh as it was in the first Test match but great to learn and play in England. Nice pitches to bowl and I enjoyed.  Didn’t try many things there.”

 MS Dhoni: “We never really competed, batting reflected a lot. Many players have not played here in England or outside the subcontinent but it is important for them to learn their lessons. Batsmen never really performed and lower order did well in the start. But it was a camouflage for the top-order’s failure. Lack of runs on board did not help and the lower order got exposed. It is demanding to play in England. The wickets were good with nice pace and bounce. England are very consistent with their lines. Batsmen backed them up well. We tried all our bowlers in the squad. Ishwar Pandey didn’t get any game. We tried Rohit Sharma but difficult to give chances as team combination was important. Needed bit more application from batsmen. We did not really need a practise game in between the series. Resources were perfect, if you look at Bhuvneshwar Kumar he looks tired. He did really well. We need not get too technical about stuff, need to see where the mistakes were made. We all put together have not played enough Test cricket when compared to English players. Can’t get enough experience in the bench. Looking forward to the ODIs. New guys coming in with couple of these going out but it will be important to enjoy the game.”

Alastair Cook: “Amazing turnaround. We have won the last three games and the new players, coaching staff that includes Peter Moores and Paul Farbrace have made massive difference. We played good cricket in patches. Great to have these guys around. To win toss at Southampton and the first day was very important. We did great there. To score runs in these conditions, it’s a shame that we will be playing Test cricket after a very long time. Need character to turnaround things.”

India 94 | Overs 29.2 | S Binny 25 (28), OUT! I Sharma c Ali b Jordan 2 (4)

The nightmare is over! Ishant Sharms is last man out and England complete India’s annihilation in this Test series. What a turnaround for England!!!


India 94/9 | Overs 29 | S Binny 25 (28), I Sharma 2 (2)

Another maiden over as India continue to survive somehow. Binny resists Woakes’s six balls to prevent the inevitable.


India 93/9 | Overs 28 | S Binny 25 (22), I Sharma 2 (2)

India survive one more over somehow. Stuart Binny is hitting couple of boundaries amid the fall of wickets.


India 84/9 | Overs 26.6 | S Binny 18 (18), OUT! V Aaron run out 1 (3)

It’s all ending soon. Absolute horrific show as Varun Aaron is run out. What’s surprising is that he did not even stretch enough to get in the crease in time.


India 74/8 | Overs 25.6 | S Binny 13 (15), OUT!  B Kumar c Bell b Jordan 4 (4)

The tail is in without any significant score on the board. India are in deep, deep trouble. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is out without any contribution.


India 70/7 | Overs 25.2 | S Binny 13 (15), OUT! R Ashwin c Bell b Jordan 7 (9)

It’s all falling apart quickly. England have been excellent in the slips as Ashwin gets an edge and despite one fielder fumbling it, Ian Bell completes a clean catch.


India 70/6 | Overs 25 | S Binny 13 (15), R Ashwin 7 (7)

Chris Woakes continues as Ashwin collects three runs on the fourth ball of the over. The bowler improvises as he beats the batsman  outside the off-stump.


India 66/6 | Overs 24 | S Binny 12 (12), R Ashwin 4 (4)

Ravichandran Ashwin starts off with a four down the ground. The right-hander is beaten outside the off-stump on the last ball of the over from Jordan.


India 62/6 | Overs 23.2 | S Binny 12 (12), OUT! V Kohli c Cook b Jordan 20 (54)

Kohli fought well for about 50-odd balls but his stay is ended with a simple catch by Alastair Cook off Jordan. Pitched on the middle-stump line, Kohli looked to flick but got an edge. The ball flew to the slips and Cook did the rest.


India 62/5 | Overs 23 |  V Kohli 20 (52), S Binny 12 (12)

Chris Woakes continues. Virat Kohli is looking good now having fought hard all this while in this innings. Woakes spills a sharp return catch to get rid of the Indian batsman. Binny ends the over with a boundary on the off side.


India 55/5 | Overs 22 |  V Kohli 19 (49), S Binny 6 (9)

Time for drinks as India add one more run to their total off Chris Jordan.

India 54/5 | Overs 21 |  V Kohli 18 (46), S Binny 6 (6)

Virat Kohli takes a single off the last ball in Chris Woakes’s over.


India 53/5 | Overs 20 |  V Kohli 17 (40), S Binny 6 (6)

Stuart Binny cracks a good-looking boundary down the ground off Broad to take India past 50 in the second innings. India trail by 285 runs. England need five more wickets to win.


India 47/5 | Overs 19 |  V Kohli 16 (38), S Binny 1 (2)

Stuart Binny is off the mark with a single on the last ball. What a dream run England are having!


India 46/5 | Overs 18.4 |  V Kohli 16 (38), OUT! MS Dhoni c Robson b Woakes 0 (5)

In and out for MS Dhoni! Chris Woakes bangs one short and Dhoni gives an easy catch to the man at short-leg. This is a nightmare for India!


India 45/4 | Overs 17.5 |  V Kohli 16 (38), OUT! A Rahane c Ballance b Broad 4 (15)

Oh what a catch! Gary Ballance dives to his left to take a stunning catch to get rid of Rahane! Broad is delighted and so is everyone in the English side. India continue to lose wickets.


India 43/3 | Overs 17 |  V Kohli 16 (38), A Rahane 2 (10)

James Anderson is off and Kohli has done well to be at the crease. Hits a boundary off Chris Woakes beating the man at mid-on. Four runs off Woakes’s first over.


India 39/3 | Overs 16 |  V Kohli 12 (32), A Rahane 2 (10)

India get four extra runs via byes as they add another five runs to the total. India trail by 299 runs now.


India 34/3 | Overs 15 |  V Kohli 12 (29), A Rahane 2 (7)

An edge that falls short of fielder at slips gets Ajinkya Rahane two runs. Indian batsmen surviving every single ball somehow.


India 32/3 | Overs 14 |  V Kohli 12 (29), A Rahane 0 (1)

Double-minded Kohli tries to play one outside off-stump and is beaten. Broad continues to trouble Kohli outside the off-stump.


India 30/3 | Overs 13 |  V Kohli 10 (23), A Rahane 0 (1)

Ajinkya Rahane walks in to face an on-song Anderson and defends the final ball of the over on frontfoot. India in tatters.


India 30/3 | Overs 12.5 |  V Kohli 7 (19), OUT! C Pujara c Buttler b Anderson 11 (19)

Solid-looking drive through covers is stopped by Moeen Ali, who saves a certain boundary. But Pujara, who is back to the strike, edges one that pitched outside the off-stump and is OUT! Anderson strikes again!


India 27/2 | Overs 12 | C Pujara 11 (18), V Kohli 7 (19)

Pujara rocks back on the backfoot to punch one through point for four. Leaves the next ball outside the off-stump. Four more runs added, India now trail by 311 more runs.


India 23/2 | Overs 11 | C Pujara 7 (12), V Kohli 7 (19)

Kohli goes for the mighty drive but Anderson’s first ball nips back in and carries through to the wicketkeeper between the bat and pads. Who would have thought Kohli would be struggling like this? Double-minded Kohli leaves another ball that hits the bat but doesn’t carry to the slips. Kohli improvises as he defends the last ball directed on his pads well.


India 23/2 | Overs 10 | C Pujara 7 (12), V Kohli 7 (13)

An appeal for leg-before against Kohli is reject by Paul Reiffel as the ball had taken an inside edge before hitting him on the pads. It was hitting the wickets but marginally. Kohli is beaten on the next ball but he makes up with a nice gentle push down the ground to collect two runs. Broad’s been appealing really hard for everything this innings.


India 20/2 | Overs 9 | C Pujara 7 (11), V Kohli 4 (8)

A rare loose ball from Anderson on the pads is put away for four by Pujara. A chance for these two to bat for as long as they can and get back their lost confidence. Will they?


India 14/2 | Overs 8 | C Pujara 1 (5), V Kohli 4 (8)

Cheteshwar Pujara gets off the mark with a single off Broad. Kohli gets beaten outside the off-stump again.


India 14/2 | Overs 8 | C Pujara 1 (5), V Kohli 4 (8)

Cheteshwar Pujara gets off the mark with a single off Broad. Kohli gets beaten outside the off-stump again.


India 13/2 | Overs 7 | C Pujara 0 (1), V Kohli 4 (5)

Kohli has come in at the crease. Already edged once and the gets a boundary. England bowlers are all over India.


The start of the second session has been delayed due to rains.


India need to do some serious introspection. There was no need of that single, the rain was on it’s way to help them waste some time. Joe Root jumps in air as players walk out because of rain coming hard. India are meekly surrendering without any fight at all!


India 9/2 | Overs 6.1 | C Pujara 0 (1), OUT! G Gambhir run out (Woakes) 3 (19)

This is nothing but pathetic! Gambhir pushes down towards short midwicket and starts for a single. Pujara denies and Chris Woakes’s throw knocks down the wickets. Gautam Gambhir was nowhere near the crease. OUT! India in complete disarray!


India 9/1 | Overs 6 | G Gambhir 3 (18), C Pujara 0 (2)

Gautam Gambhir living dangerously here, as Ravi Shastri will put it. Broad’s second ball down the leg brushes the gloves and falls short of the wicketkeeper. Broad once again appeals very loud for a leg-before against Gambhir, the ball was pitched outside leg. This, is a different wicket on which India is batting. Certainly.


India 6/1 | Overs 5 | G Gambhir 0 (13), C Pujara 0 (1)

Michael Vaughan tweets that Gautam Gambhir now looks like a walking wicket. He actually does! Cheteshwar Pujara leaves the first ball that moves away after pitching.


India 6/1 | Overs 4.5 |G Gambhir 0 (13), OUT! M Vijay lbw Anderson 2 (16)

Anderson continues to bowl brilliantly from the other end. Real test for the Indian openers as the ball is moving around a lot. And there is the first wicket! The fifth ball of the over comes back in sharply and Vijay is rapped on pads. Here begins the procession?


India 6/0 | Overs 4 |  M Vijay 2 (12), G Gambhir 0 (13) 

Stuart Broad has Gautam Gambhir in all sorts of trouble. The first ball is rapped on the pads but was pitched outside the leg-stump. The second ball takes an edge and falls short of the third slip. The third takes an inside edge and hits Gambhir on the box. The fourth is defend on backfoot. The fifth beats him outside the off-stump. The last goes past the outside edge. Gambhir struggling again!


India 6/0 | Overs 3 |  M Vijay 2 (12), G Gambhir 0 (7) 

Murali Vijay does well to see off a probing over from James Anderson. No run scored. India trail by 332 runs.


India 6/0 | Overs 2 |  M Vijay 2 (6), G Gambhir 0 (7) 

Stuart Broad charges in and the first delivery is bang on the target. The fourth ball is a boundary through leg-byes even though it seemed like Gambhir hit it. Five runs added by the Indians.


India 1/0 | Overs 1 |  M Vijay 1 (4), G Gambhir 0 (2) 

It’s Murali Vijay who takes the strike against James Anderson and not Gautam Gambhir. One run scored in the first over of the innings


England are on a roll since the first ball on this day. They added about 100 runs in the first hour, and would like to remove couple of frail Indian batsmen before lunch. Indian openers walk out…


England 486 | Overs 116.3 |  J Root 149 (165), OUT! J Anderson lbw b Ashwin 1 (5) 

OUT!  Ashwin gets the final wicket as England are bowled out for 486 runs. They have added 338 runs, which they’d be thinking are enough to tame India.


England 483/9 | Overs 116 |  J Root 146 (164), J Anderson 1 (4) 

Root hits his 18th four through the third-man region. Ishant trying Anderson’s skills with bouncers now.


England 477/9 | Overs 115 |  J Root 141 (161), J Anderson 0 (1) 

Root continues the attack as he smashes two fours off Ravichandran Ashwin. England lead by 329 runs.


England 463/9 | Overs 114 |  J Root 127 (155), OUT! S Broad c Kohli b Ishant 37 (21) 

Ishant peppers Broad with short balls and the batsman hits one over MS Dhoni’s head. Lucky for India that it doesn’t go for a boundary. The left-hander is out finally, bounced out on the last ball. I don’t know why,  but Broad acknowledges the crowd by showing his bat to the crowd while walking back. Meanwhile, TV replays suggest thatn Broad’s hand was off the bat when the ball hit him.


England 461/8 | Overs 113 |  J Root 127 (155), S Broad 35 (15) 

Width provided by Aaron and Root smashes it for a four past point, bringing up the 50-run stand between these two. Another boundary on the fourth ball, again in the third-man area. The final ball is again a four, straight down the ground. 12 more runs added. England scoring at the run rate of four.


England 449/8 | Overs 112 |  J Root 115 (149), S Broad 35 (15) 

Now Ishant drops one very short and Broad smashes it for a six! England are truly out-batting India at the moment. England’s lead is past 300 now. Another nine runs added by Broad and Root.


England 440/8 | Overs 111 |  J Root 113 (146), S Broad 28 (12) 

Aaron drops one short and Broad pulls for a four. India are leaking boundaries, but who will score these many runs? Aaron trying to attack the England batsman with short balls. Seven more runs added by England.


England 433/8 | Overs 110 |  J Root 111 (143), S Broad 23 (9) 

India are in complete disarray! Ishant is hit for another four down to the third-man area, and then he oversteps on a delivery that has Joe Root bowled. This is beyond understanding! How many no-balls have India bowled so far? 12 is the figure. England lead by 282 runs here.


England 423/8 | Overs 109 |  J Root 104 (137), S Broad 21 (8) 

No fielder at gully or third-man either as India continue to leak boundaries. One wonders till when India will continue to make the same mistakes. Aaron manages an edge off Broad’s bat but the ball goes for a boundary. Broad gets another delivery way outside the off-stump and it is smashed for four and the final ball is also smashed for four. 16 runs scored. This is not hurting India it seems.


England 407/8 | Overs 108 |  J Root 103 (136), S Broad 6 (3) 

Ishant bags a wicket but England continue to revel. It’s a cloudy day, suggesting that seam and swing will trouble the Indians when they come out to bat. Another seven runs added.


England 400/8 | Overs 107.2|  J Root 102 (135), OUT! C Jordan c Dhoni b Ishant 20 (33)

Ishant continues as Joe Root completes his fifth Test century. This is his second in the series. Root has had an excellent start to his career. A push down the midwicket gets him the feat. Root has scored all his centuries in England. Ishant removes Chris Jordan on the second ball of the over. No celebrations by team India though.


England 397/7 | Overs 107 |  J Root 99 (134), C Jordan 20 (32)

It’s Varun Aaron from the other end. He bowls a fine delivery outside the off making Joe Root drive, the ball takes an edge and goes to the boundary for four past the gully fielder. Root immediately goes close to his century with that four and two singles.


England 390/7 | Overs 106 |  J Root 93 (130), C Jordan 19 (30)

Ishant Sharma is up in the first over. The second ball is drifting down the leg, so much so that MS Dhoni fails to grab it. Four byes. England add five runs to take their lead to 242.


The match is about to begin in 45 minutes, and Michael Vaughan has already predicted that this will be the last day of the series.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of Day Three of the fifth Test between India and England. I am Devarchit Varma and I’ll be bringing the live updates. England are yet again in a dominant position keeping India down and piling on the runs. Indian bowlers did well on the second day but Joe Root stood tall and resurrected the innings after they were down to 229 for five. England are leading by 237 with 385 runs on board. Root is on 92, well on course for his fifth Test ton.


Root and Buttler shared an 80-run sixth wicket stand which pretty much took the match away from India. Buttler fell in a soft fashion, limply flicking Ishant to Ashwin at short mid-wicket. The likes of Binny and Aaron found the outside edge more than a couple of times but did not find any joy. Root, essaying some classy punchy-drives further piled the agony on India.


The positive point for India from the previous day was the return of a wicket-taking Ravichandran Ashwin overseas. He removed Gary ballance and Moeen Ali. But the mix of caution and aggression from English batsmen helped them build a good lead. See the highlights of Day Two here


There’s nothing much left for India to do except restrict the huge lead. With the confidence level Indian batsmen are in, even the existing lead is threatening enough for an innings defeat.  See how the Day Two unfolded in photos here

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England 385/7 | Overs 105 |  J Root 92 (129), C Jordan 19 (25)

R Ashwin is reintroduced into the attack with India wasting a lot of time and then the bowler pulling off from his run up. England add three more runs to their total as players walk off the field. Stumps.

India 27/2 | Overs 11 | C Pujara 11 (18), V Kohli 7 (19)

Pujara rocks back on the backfoot to punch one through point for four. Leaves the next ball outside the off-stump. Four more runs added, India now trail by 311 more runs.