Jadeja s father Anirudhsinh is set to miss the historic maiden Test in Rajkot since he is on a pilgrimage Getty Images

India s long, Test-heavy home season will be witness to new Test venues making their debuts. Indore became a part of the club when India and New Zealand played the third Test of their recently concluded series. And now, with the first Test of the five-match India England series going underway from November 9, Rajkot will get its place in the history. The city will become the 23rd Test venue in India in the process. The Rajkot Test will also be special because not one but two local boys are set to feature in city s Test debut Cheteshwar Pujara and Ravindra Jadeja.

Both these cricketers grew up in the city of Rajkot and learnt and played their cricket here. It will not just be a huge moment for these two men, who have become an integral part of the Indian Test team, but also for their families, who have dreamt of this moment day-in-day-out. And while Pujara s father Arvind, who is also a former Saurashtra First-Class player as well as cricketer s coach, will witness this historic moment, Jadeja s father Anirudhsinh is set to miss this moment since he is on a pilgrimage. A “greatly disappointed” Anirduhsinh expressed his disappointment on missing out on the occasion in a chat with mid-day.

“I was looking forward to watching the first Test but that won’t be possible now. I’ve some guests from London and I’m currently with them on a pilgrimage to Ambaji, Mount Abu and other places in Rajasthan. I won’t be returning before November 13 the last day of the Test,” Aniruddhsinh told the daily recently, before going on to share his happiness on the fact that Rajkot is hosting a Test. “But, I’m very happy that a Test match has finally come to Rajkot, something which was only a dream a few years ago. It’s a very proud moment for the people of Saurashtra and I’m sure Rajkot will keep getting opportunities to host Test matches, he said.

Jadeja s father, who spends much of his time at the farmhouse that Ravindra purchased and developed in a Jamnagar village called Pasaya, expects his son to do well with ball and bat and contribute to an India win. “Ravindra enjoys the benefit of the people’s blessings here in Saurashtra. He hasn’t reached his peak, but I’m sure he will soon. What is important is that despite his success and stardom, he hasn’t forgotten his humble origins. Unlike many star cricketers, he remains firmly down-to-earth and extremely religious,” Aniruddhsinh concluded.