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  • 4:01 AM IST

    Time for the action! The Kiwi players are in a huddle with their skipper giving the final advice outside the ropes. The skipper now leads them to the middle. The two overnight Indian batters, Hanuma Vihari and Rishabh Pant follow them to resume their innings. It is quite overcast right now. So, we might get rain interruptions. Well, let’s not think about for the moment. Pant will take the strike first up. Tim Southee with the ball. 2 slips and a wide gully in place.

  • 3:47 AM IST

    97 runs ahead with 4 wickets in hand. If they take this lead closer to 180-200, we will have a match on our hands. They still have got Vihari and Pant in the middle who can score these runs for them. There is Jadeja too who can add valuable runs. What about the Kiwis? All it would take for them is just 4 good deliveries to bundle the Indians. They will look to do that as quickly as possible. Let’s see if they can do so. Welcome to our coverage of Day 3 of this final Test.

  • 3:47 AM IST

    … Day 3, Session 1 …

  • 11:45 AM IST

    So then, India have their backs against the wall. Just 97 ahead and 6 already back to the pavilion. Vihari and Pant will return on Day 3 and try to score as many as they can. They will also hope for runs from the lower order too. What about the hosts? They will look to quickly get the remaining wickets and then chase the smallest of targets. What does Day 3 hold? Join us on 2nd March 2020 at 1130 local (2230 GMT, Previous day) to find out. Till then, goodbye and take care.

  • 11:40 AM IST

    The Kiwi bowlers were relentless in this innings. They kept coming hard at the Indian batters. They kept taking wickets at regular intervals. Boult started the procession and then he ended it too as he finished with a 3-fer. Wagner kept bowling short, Jamieson kept bowling short and troubled Rahane. Wagner eventually got the better of Rahane. De Grandhomme managed the mighty scalp of the Indian skipper.

  • 11:38 AM IST

    After bundling the hosts 7 short of their first innings total, Indians came out to bat in the final session. Agarwal failed again. This time Shaw failed too. Kohli failed AGAIN. Pujara battled. He defended, and ducked. Rahane who joined him after the wicket of Kohli had other thoughts. He wanted to take the short ball challenge on. He got hit on the helmet, took a few on the gloves and then ended up dragging one onto the stumps. Then Pujara fell to a peach from Boult. And now, India are in a spot of bother.

  • 11:36 AM IST

    WOW! What a day of Test cricket! 86.1 overs, 262 runs and 16 wickets. Who is on top? Clearly New Zealand. They have picked up 6 Indian wickets with India’s lead still under 100. Sensational bowling in the final session from New Zealand bowlers have put India on the back foot.

  • 11:33 AM IST

    35.6 Trent Boult to Hanuma Vihari, no run, Shortish and around off from Boult. Vihari comes forward and then goes back to keep it out.

  • 11:32 AM IST

    35.5 Trent Boult to Hanuma Vihari, no run, Full and around off, Vihari comes forward and keeps it out. Last ball of the day coming up.

  • 11:32 AM IST

    35.4 Trent Boult to Hanuma Vihari, no run, Delivers a length ball outside off from wide off the crease. Vihari has his stumps covered as he lets it go to the keeper.

  • 11:31 AM IST

    35.3 Trent Boult to Hanuma Vihari, no run, Back of a length ball on middle, Vihari keeps it out.

  • 11:30 AM IST

    35.2 Trent Boult to Rishabh Pant, 1 run, Full and on middle, Pant flicks it towards mid on and takes a quick run.

  • 11:29 AM IST

    Rishabh Pant is in now.

  • 11:29 AM IST

    35.1 Trent Boult to Umesh Yadav, out, OUT! BOWLED ‘EM! Too good for a tailender there. Boult is just too good with the cherry in his hand. He comes round the wicket and angles it into the off pole, Yadav who is camping on the back foot is found wanting too much on this ball. In the end he decides to flick it to the leg side but is late in doing so. The ball sneaks between the bat and pad to crash into the off pole. India’s sorry tale with the bat continues. New Zealand are once again dictating the terms here.

  • 11:27 AM IST

    34.6 Neil Wagner to Hanuma Vihari, no run, Full and on the pads, Vihari flicks it to the leg side.

  • 11:26 AM IST

    34.5 Neil Wagner to Hanuma Vihari, no run, Shortish and around middle, Vihari keeps it out.

  • 11:26 AM IST

    34.4 Neil Wagner to Hanuma Vihari, FOUR, FOUR! Short and wide outside off this time. Vihari is on the toes quickly and slams it through point for a boundary.

  • 11:25 AM IST

    34.3 Neil Wagner to Hanuma Vihari, no run, Bouncer now! Vihari sits under it.

  • 11:25 AM IST

    34.2 Neil Wagner to Hanuma Vihari, no run, On the pads, worked towards the leg side.

  • 11:24 AM IST

    34.1 Neil Wagner to Hanuma Vihari, no run, Shortish and around middle, Vihari keeps it out.

  • 11:23 AM IST

    33.6 Trent Boult to Umesh Yadav, no run, Shortish and around off, Umesh defends it off his back foot.

  • 11:23 AM IST

    33.5 Trent Boult to Umesh Yadav, no run, Fuller and around off, Yadav keeps it out.

  • 11:22 AM IST

    33.4 Trent Boult to Umesh Yadav, no run, Bouncer down the leg side, Yadav looks to pull but misses.

  • 11:21 AM IST

    33.3 Trent Boult to Hanuma Vihari, 1 run, Full and angling into the pads, Vihari tucks it to square leg for a single.

  • 11:21 AM IST

    33.2 Trent Boult to Hanuma Vihari, no run, Good length ball on off, Vihari keeps it out.

  • 11:20 AM IST

    Hanuma Vihari is the new man in.

  • 11:19 AM IST

    33.1 Trent Boult to Cheteshwar Pujara, out, OUT! Goes through the defense of the best defensive Indian batsman! What a brilliant piece of bowling from Boult. He angles a length ball from outside off into the right-hander. Pujara tries to defend but the incoming ball sneaks through his defense and disturbs the woodwork behind. This is a huge blow for India. Pujara’s fighting effort comes to an end. Wonder if he could’ve done anything to this peach from Boult.

  • 11:18 AM IST

    32.6 Neil Wagner to Umesh Yadav, no run, The batsman defends it from within the crease.

  • 11:17 AM IST

    32.5 Neil Wagner to Cheteshwar Pujara, 3 runs, Full toss on middle, Pujara whips it towards deep mid-wicket. The ball is racing towards the fence. Boult from fine leg runs till deep mid-wicket and pulls the before it can reach the fence. Total commitment from the speedster.

  • 11:17 AM IST

    32.4 Neil Wagner to Cheteshwar Pujara, no run, In the channel outside off, Pujara ducks under it.

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