Alviro Petersen scored his sixth Test half-century © AFP
Alviro Petersen scored his sixth Test half-century © AFP

Dec 21, 2013


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SA 138/2 | Overs 45 | Petersen 76*, du Plessis 10*


Well here is something one does not see often. MS Dhoni is coming onto bowl. He bowls one over of his right-arm medium and concedes only two runs. Virat Kohli dons the wicket-keeping gloves. Dhoni gets some swing as well. Next over, Dhoni goes back to wicket-keeping as Ashwin bowls. He does not wear his pads though. Very brave. Then next over, Dhoni again bowls. Quite a bit of fun action in the last half-an-hour at the New Wanderers Stadium on Saturday. He bowls a bouncer at 114.5 kmph and Petersen has to duck.


This is the first time in the history of Test cricket that wicketkeepers from both sides have bowled. That is stumps on Day Four. South Africa need 320 runs more to win the match and India need eight wickets. That is it from us today. Join us on Sunday and hopefully we have a result in the Test.



SA 132/2 | Overs 41 | Petersen 74*, du Plessis 6*


Faf du Plessis has walked out into the middle. Jacques Kallis gets a bit of rest after bowling a lot of overs. Du Plessis can in no way be termed as a nightwatchman. Ishant bowls a bouncer and Petersen has to duck very quickly. The ball just grazes the helmet as Dhoni collects it. Ishant, quite surprisingly, appeals loudly to everyone’s confusion. Murali Vijay has been handed the ball to bowl his occasional right-arm off-spin. He gives three runs away in his first over.



SA 118/2 | Overs 36.2 | Petersen 67*, OUT! Amla 4(13)


Amla is gone in bizarre circumstances. Mohammed Shami bowls it short and Amla ducks. However, it doesn’t climb and as it moves past his body, it crashes into the off-stump. He walks back for four. In the first innings, he was leaving a ball and it hit the stumps, and now he was ducking!



SA 118/1 | Overs 35 | Petersen 67*, Amla 4*


Ishant hits Petersen on the pads and there is an appeal. However, it is turned down as the ball was going down the leg-side. Amla gets some short treatment from Ishant and he lets them go through to the keeper. Mohammed Shami is back in the attack and he replaces Ashwin. Amla then gets off the mark by flicking one through mid-wicket off Shami. That raced away to the boundary.




SA 109/1 | Overs 31 | Petersen 62*, Amla 0* Smith 44(73)


Smith has been dismissed! No not to Zaheer. He charges down the wicket to Ashwin and places him towards mid-on and runs through for a quick single. Ajinkya Rahane runs from mid-on and throws the stumps down. Replays show that he was just short and the 108-run opening stand has been broken. Big breakthrough for India.




SA 98/0 | Overs 29 | Petersen 60*, Smith 36*


Zaheer continues to give Smith a few scares. He bowls a knuckle ball and Smith very nearly lobs a catch back to him. Zaheer jumps in his follow through to get there, but it goes way over him. Smith is now settled against the other bowlers though. Ashwin gives him a bit of room and he works it behind point for two. An overpitched delivery is then driven through the covers for a four. This partnership is gradually moving towards 100.




SA 77/0 | Overs 24 | Petersen 54*, Smith 21*


Zaheer Khan gives Graeme Smith a few nervous moments as usual. However, he is also at the receiving end from Ashwin. Coming from round the wicket, the ball nearly hits the off-stump as it held its line. Smith was beaten as he tried to play it according to the turn. Smith then works Zaheer through mid-wicket for a four.




SA 68/0 | Overs 20 | Petersen 51*, Smith 16*


South African openers have put up fifty. Petersen rocks back and cuts Ashwin behind point. Zaheer Khan chases it, but was nowhere near it. He then works a short-ball from Shami through fine-leg and picks another boundary. The openers are looking in good touch and India have to get the wickets soon. Ashwin is using a bit a variation to keep the batsmen guessing but the openers have succeeded in reading hims so far.


Mohammed Shami continues to be accurate bowling wicket-to-wicket making the batsmen play. On the fifth ball of the 17th over, Smith goes for a tentative push and the edge passes through between slips and gully for a boundary. Petersen has reached his fifty. It is a good effort by him.




SA 41/0 | Overs 13 | Petersen 31*, Smith 9*


Ravichandran Ashwin resumes after tea. He bowls tight lines and on one occasion, he gets the edge. The ball goes past the first-slip fielder and they run three. Shami starts from the other end and he id pitching then in the right areas. Petersen isn’t able to get him away as Shami is sticking to the right channels.




SA 38/0 | Overs 11 | Petersen 28*, Smith 9*


Ishant is bowling at the channel just outside off-stump to Petersen. MS Dhoni brings Mohammed Shami into the attack and he concedes four runs off his first over. Immediately, Ravichandran Ashwin is also brought into the attack. He has a slip and a forward short-leg placed for him. Shami then has a big appeal for caught behind against Petersen. But umpire Rod Tucker says not out and it is a good decision as the ball clipped the top of the pad and not the bat.


That is tea on Day Four and South Africa need 420 runs still to win.



SA 30/0 | Overs 7 | Petersen 23*, Smith 6*


Ishant and Zaheer are getting bounce on this surface. Both the South African openers are circumspect, but confident. They are putting the bad balls away and that is keeping the scoring rate up. Smith hits an uppish drive but it goes through for a few runs. Zaheer may be wondering what might have been had that catch been taken by Kohli.



SA 13/0 | Overs 3 | Petersen 11*, Smith 2*


Graeme SMith doesn;t take first strike as Zaheer has the ball in his hands. Alviro Petersen faces instead and gets off the mark with a couple. Zaheer then goes from round the wicket and strays on the pads. Petersen works it away to the square-leg boundary to get the first four of the innings. In the third over, Zaheer almost has Smith again. Smith works it to short fine-leg and it sped to Kohli, who couldn’t hold on to that sharp chance. Petersen then gets an edge through backward point for a four.





IND 421 | Overs 120.3 | Zaheer 29* | OUT! Shami 4 (5)


Zaheer thumps one from Steyn over deep extra-cover now. He just stands in his crease and he whacks that. Mohammed Shami then flicks one from Steyn for a four through deep square-leg. Shami then tries to slog-sweep Tahir, but misses and is bowled. So, India’s second innings ends at 421. South Africa need 458 runs to win the first Test. Tall task for the world’s No 1 Test side.



IND 405/9 | Overs 119 | Zaheer 21* | OUT! Ishant 4 (14)


Tahir finally gets his first wicket of the match. He bowls a quicker one and Ishant puts his front foot forward and misses the line of the ball. Tahir appeals vociferously and umpire Steve Davis has no hesitation in raising his finger. Tahir, however, does not celebrate very excessively.



IND 405/8 | Overs 118 | Zaheer 21*, Ishant 4*


After the fall of India’s middle-order, Smith has brought back Imran Tahir into the attack. He only gives one run away in the over. Philander then bowls a short delivery and Zaheer gets a thick outside edge and the ball goes over the slip region for a for. Seeing this, Smith places himself in a fly slip region. He is standing in-between the usual first slip position and the boundary line. Zaheer then hits a massive six off Tahir over deep extra-cover. The ball was pitched outside off-stump and was full. Zaheer just smacked that over the boundary line. Zhaeer then swings his bat at a full delivery from Steyn and gets an inside edge. The ball races away for a four past de Villiers.



IND 384/8 | Overs 114 | Zaheer 5*, Ishant 0* | OUT! Dhoni 29(44)


Dhoni has taken the task of smashing it all over and does get a few boundaries. Even Zaheer Khan joins the act by smashing one past point for a four. Later, Philander has a huge shout for caught behind to Dhoni, but it is turned down. In the same over, he carts him over the off-side, but is caught at deep point. Ishant Sharma is the new batsman in.



IND 369/7 | Overs 109.2 | Dhoni 19*, OUT! Ashwin 7(12)


India’s lead is now past 400 and Ravichandran Ashwin has walked out to partner Dhoni. He rocks back to Duminy and places him past point for four. It would be interesting to see how long they continue batting. And Ashwin is gone. he gets a leading edge off Philander and is caught in the covers.




IND 358/6 | Overs 106.2 | Dhoni 16* | OUT! Rahane 15 (27)


Rahane gets a full delivery from Steyn and he hits it straight past him for a four down the ground. India have gone past 350 runs in their second innings. In the last over before lunch, South Africa strike again. Duminy slides one away from Rahane and he edges it to Smith at first slip. And on that note, lunch is taken. India are 394 runs ahead.



IND 344/5 | Overs 103 |  Rahane 6*, Dhoni 11*


Dhoni is proactive at the crease and knows that he has to get at least 400 runs on the board. He drives Kallis straight down the ground for a four and then sweeps Duminy very fine for another. India have to go into lunch on a slightly better note and Dhoni is trying to milk a few runs so that it happens. Ajinkya Rahane is very quiet at the other end until he rocks back and cuts Duminy through the off-side for afour.




IND 327/5 | Overs 98.4 |  Rahane 0*, Dhoni 0* OUT! Kohli 96 (193), OUT! Rohit 6(13)


Rohit gets an outside edge off Kallis and it goes to the boundary through the slip cordon. Kallis looked furious and frustrated at that one. However, he had his revenge. He bowls one delivery that stays low and castles Rohit. His stumps are shattered and he has to walk back. Kohli is now gone! He is agonisingly short of the second ton in the game. He shapes to cut a ball from Duminy and is caught behind.






IND 320/3 | Overs 97 |  Kohli 93*, Rohit 2*


Rohit gets off the mark immediately by getting a quick single. They are taking the singles that are available as they have keep the scoreboard ticking. They are continuing to persist with JP Duminy as he bowls his gentle off-spinners from round the wicket. The runs have been slow this morning and India may take the charge soon. Kohli is well into his 90s.




IND 313/3 | Overs 93.1 |  Kohli 90*, Pujara 153(270)


Pujara is out! He tried to work Kallis through the off-side, but edged it to the wicket-keeper. He has been dismissed for 153. He gets a standing ovation as he leaves the crease. Kohli comes down from the striker’s end to congratulate him.


Earlier, he had nearly chopped on a delivery onto his stumps off Duminy.




IND 314/2 | Overs 92 |  Pujara 152*, Kohli 90*


There were a few quiet overs as Philander was getting some movement. Kohli moves closer to the 90s by opening the face of the bat and guiding a ball through third-man for four off Jacques Kallis. The Indians have scored quite a few runs through that region and South Africa have to do something to plug the flow of runs. Kohli then moves into the 90s with a dab through the off-side.


Surprisingly, Duminy is brought back into the attack when the new ball is only 10 overs old.




IND 305/2 | Overs 87 |  Pujara 150*, Kohli 83*


There is some movement for the bowlers and a few have gone past the bat. Meanwhile, these two are running well between the wickets and have kept the scoring going with a few singles and twos. Pujara guides one outside the off-stump from Steyn and it goes through to the third man boundary. There was a lot of control in that shot as he opened the face of the bat and precisely guided it past the gully fielder. Later, he gets more width and he carts it in typical fashion through the off-side. Pujara gets his 150 by taking a single off Steyn. It has been a great innings for India.




IND 293/2 | Overs 82 |  Pujara 141*, Kohli 80*


Imran Tahir starts off for South Africa and Pujara picks up a single off the first ball. He does dish out one googly and it does turn a bit. However, he bowls one with width and Pujara places him behind point for a boundary. He waited on that and just guided it to the boundary. JP Duminy starts off at the other end as it is the last over before the new ball is available.


It is quite obvious that they opt for the new ball and Dale Steyn comes into play immediately. This partnership is now worth 200.




Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the fourth day of the first Test between India and South Africa at the Wanderers, Johannesburg. We move into Day Four with India firmly in control of the game as they are 320 runs ahead. After bowling South Africa out for 244, they finished Day Three on 284 for four. Cheteshwar Pujara has been phenomenal with his brilliant century and Virat Kohli too has done his bit with an aggressive knock. South Africa lost Morne Morkel due to injury and have their resources cut, but Dale Steyn, Vernon Philander and Jacques Kallis can still do the damage. It would be interesting to see how much India score and whether their bowlers are able to maintain pressure on the South African batting.


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