India vs Sri Lanka 2013 Live Cricket Score: Sri Lanka beat India by 161 runs

Sri Lanka convincingly beat India in the third ODI of the tri-series on July 2, 2013 © AFP

Kingston: Jul 2, 2013

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Upul Tharanga has been adjudged as the Man-of-the-Match for his brilliant unbeaten knock of 174.

Sri Lanka have climbed to second in the standings after their win. They have also gained a bonus point. They now have five points after two matches, whereas India have zero points from their two matches. West Indies sit at the top of the table with nine points.

That is it from us. Join us when India take on West Indies on July 5.

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IND 187/10 | Over 44.5 | Jadeja 49* OUT! Umesh 0 (6)

Malinga to bowl his eighth over. Jadeja hits one straight over the bowler’s head for a two and then drives through the covers for a single. Umesh gets bowled by Malinga right away. That is it, India are all out. Sri Lanka win by 161 runs.

Sri Lanka also gain the bonus point with that win.

IND 184/9 | Over 44 | Jadeja 46*, Umesh 0*

Kulasekara continues. Jadeja is batting quite well. He sees that the bowler is continuously bowling wide on the off side and shuffles across his crease and clips the ball over the midwicket region for a four. He then bludgeons one straight back past the bowler for a single.

IND 178/9 | Over 43 | Jadeja 41*, Umesh 0*

Malinga is back. He bowls a poor delivery down the leg side and Jadeja nudges it to fine-leg for a four. Umesh survives Malinga’s attempted yorker. Well it was more of a full toss and straight.

IND 173/9 | Over 42 | Jadeja 36*, Umesh 0*

Kulasekara is brought back into the attack. Jadeja plays a good cover drive and Jeevan Mendis misfields to gift the batsman a four.

IND 168/9 | Over 41 | Jadeja 31*, Umesh 0* OUT! Ishant 2 (7)

Herath back into the attack. Jadeja gives something for the Indian fans to cheer. He comes down the track and lofts Herath for a massive six over long-on. He then takes a single. Excited by the six, Ishant tries to play an expansive drive and edges it to Sangakkara behind the wickets. Umesh Yadav is the new man and he keeps out a very testing delivery.

IND 159/8 | Over 40 | Jadeja 23*, Ishant 2*

Senanayake to finish off his quota of 10 overs. Only three runs from his final over. Senanayake finishes with figures reading 10-0-46-2.

IND 156/8 | Over 39 | Jadeja 21*, Ishant 1*

Malinga charges in. Ishant is off the mark with a single towards third-man. It was a slower delivery from Malinga. Run rate is just… only just below 18 runs-an-over.

IND 153/8 | Over 38 | Jadeja 19*, Ishant 0* OUT! Ashwin 4 (13), Shami 0 (1)

Senanayake to bowl his ninth over. Just when there is praise of Ashiwn for his batting skills, he plays a reverse sweep. The ball takes the top edge and Malinga takes a simple catch at short third-man. Very Next ball Shami Ahmed gets bowled by Senanayake. The ball was a skidder and he played across the line without any foot movement. Ishant Sharma survives the hat-trick ball.

IND 152/6 | Over 37 | Jadeja 18*, Ashwin 4*

Malinga returns. The bowler is firing in his in-swinging yorkers at Ashwin, but he is able to deal with it as if he were a top order batsman. The 150 is up for India. So India cannot lose by a 200-run margin. Five runs from the over.

IND 147/6 | Over 36 | Jadeja 15*, Ashwin 2*

Senanayake is back into the attack. The batting powerplay has been taken. Jadeja and Ashwin though are only able to take a single each and not capitalise on three fielders being outside the 30-yard circle.

IND 145/6 | Over 35 | Jadeja 14*, Ashwin 1*

Herath to bowl his ninth over. There is a slip and silly point for Ashwin. He will not be enjoying this as he himself is a spinner and plus he is a very good lower order batsman. He gets off the mark with an outside edge going towards cover point. Drinks have been taken for a second time in the innings.

IND 143/6 | Over 34 | Jadeja 13*, Ashwin 0* OUT! Raina 33 (33)

Mathews brings himself back into the attack. Appeal for a run out at the non-striker’s end as Raina dives in to complete a third run. Mathews breaks the stumps, but it looks like Raina has made it. There is a doubt whether the bat bounced a little while the bails were clipped and that doubt is enough for the third umpire. Raina is out. That was really unlucky for Raina, the benefit of the doubt went against the batsman. Nothing has gone India’s way today. Ravichandran Ashwin walks into the middle.

IND 138/5 | Over 33 | Raina 30*, Jadeja 11*

Herath continues. Raina steps out of the crease and hits a brilliant shot inside out through extra cover region for four. Nine runs from the over.

IND 129/5 | Over 32 | Raina 23*, Jadeja 9*

Kulasekara also to bowl his seventh over. Only four runs from the over. Raina and Jadeja get two singles each. India need 220 runs more to win in 18 overs. Looking bleak.

IND 125/5 | Over 31 | Raina 21*, Jadeja 7*

Herath to bowl his seventh over. Good tight over from the left-arm spinner. The required run rate is now 11.78 runs-an-over.

IND 124/5 | Over 30 | Raina 21*, Jadeja 6*

Kulasekara is back into the attack. Jadeja plays out four dot deliveries and then flicks a straight delivery towards the deep midwicket boundary for four.

IND 119/5 | Over 29 | Raina 21*, Jadeja 1* OUT! Karthik 22 (41)

Herath continues. Karthik comes down the track, but is beaten by the flight. Sangakkara has enough time to clip the bails. Karthik is stumped. Ravindra Jadeja is the new man and he gets off the mark with a single towards wide long-on. Great over for Sri Lanka. One wicket and only one run given away.

IND 118/4 | Over 28 | Karthik 22*, Raina 21*

Senanayake comes in again. Raina guides a length delivery past a diving short third-man for a four. Then there is a huge appeal for leg before against Raina, but the umpire says not out. Replays show that the ball would have hit the stumps. Lucky break.

IND 110/4 | Over 27 | Karthik 20*, Raina 16*

Herath is back into the attack. Good tight over from Herath. Both the batsmen have now been in the middle for quite a while. It is time to increase the run rate.

IND 106/4 | Over 26 | Karthik 18*, Raina 14*

Senanayake continues. Another gift for India as the bowler bowls wide down the leg side and Sangakkara again fails to collect it and the ball races away to the boundary. The 100 is up for India. Raina then makes the worthwhile as he cuts a short delivery towards deep backward point for four.

IND 95/4 | Over 25 | Karthik 17*, Raina 9*

Malinga to bowl his fourth over in-a-row. Malinga bowls a low full toss to Karthik, who nicely whips it away to the deep midwicket boundary for a four. He repeats the shot again, but hits it straight to the fielder at midwicket. That is the half-way mark in the innings and India are way behind the asking rate. The required run rate is now 10.16 runs-an-over.

IND 90/4 | Over 24 | Karthik 13*, Raina 8*

Senanayake to bowl his fifth over. Only two runs from the over. It feels like the players just want to hand around in the middle and not lose their wicket.

IND 88/4 | Over 23 | Karthik 12*, Raina 7*

Malinga comes into bowl his third over. Karthik plays out a couple of deliveries and then pulls brilliantly only to find Tharanga cut it out. That run rate is creeping towards 10 runs-an-over.

IND 87/4 | Over 22 | Karthik 11*, Raina 7*

Senanayake is back into the attack. There is a lot of uncertaintyabout how Raina plays the spinner. Only three runs from the over.

IND 84/4 | Over 21 | Karthik 9*, Raina 6*

Malinga charges in. The bowler gifts India with a wide down the leg side, which runs away to the boundary after taking a deflection of Kumar Sangakkara’s gloves. Raina then plays a delightful cover drive and the ball races away to the boundary. The required run rate is currently at 9.13 runs-an-over.

IND 74/4 | Over 20 | Karthik 8*, Raina 2*

Mathews continues. The bowler is using the bouncer rule to good effect. He bowls two bouncers in the over. Then bowls a slower delivery, which nearly clipped the stumps after taking the inside edge of Karthik’s bat.

IND 70/4 | Over 19 | Karthik 5*, Raina 1* OUT! Vijay 30 (46)

If India thought they were in trouble, here comes Lasith Malinga. Karthik finally gets off the mark with a single towards fine-leg. India’s troubles get bigger as Malinga bowls Vijay. The ball was swinging in and got the inside edge onto the pads and onto the stumps. Suresh Raina is the new man. Malinga then bowls a low full toss to Karthik, who flicks the ball towards the square-leg boundary for four.

IND 62/3 | Over 18 | Vijay 28*, Karthik 0*

Mathews running in again. A lot of uneven bounce now. First Karthik tries ducking to a bouncer, but it hits his shoulder and then a half tracker bounces a little extra as Vijay fends it off. Karthik still to get off the mark.

IND 58/3 | Over 17 | Vijay 25*, Karthik 0*

Herath continues. Good over from the left-handed off-spinner. Only one run from it. Things have gone from bad to worse for India. Just not their day. The cricketing Gods favour Sri Lanka today. Drinks have been taken.

IND 57/3 | Over 16 | Vijay 24*, Karthik 0* OUT! Kohli 2 (5)

Mathews bring himself back into the attack. Sri Lanka’s captain gets one over India’s captain. Good bouncer bowled by Mathews. Kohli hooks straight to Lasith Malinga at fine-leg. He didn’t have to move at all. Dinesh Karthik walks into the middle. He recieves a sharp delivery just back-of-a-length, but somehow keepes it out.

IND 54/2 | Over 15 | Vijay 22*, Kohli 1* OUT! Dhawan 24 (42)

Herath to bowl his third over. Big appeal for leg before against Vijay. But umpire Ian Gould says not out and replays show that the ball would have gone down the leg side. Good decision. But Sri Lanka strike again. Dhawan charges down the track and hits the ball towards deep midwicket, where Upul Tharanga takes a good catch. Virat Kohli is the new man and he gets off the mark with a single pushed towards point.

IND 51/1 | Over 14 | Dhawan 24*, Vijay 20*

Senanayake bowls again. First Vijay sweeps a full delivery for a four towards square-leg and then comes down the track and hits inside out over extra cover for another four. He got to the pitch of that delivery. Good over for India. They need more of that.

IND 41/1 | Over 13 | Dhawan 23*, Vijay 11*

Herath continues. A little better this time. A couple of shots that had intent written all over them, but no boundaries yet. Six runs from the over.

IND 35/1 | Over 12 | Dhawan 21*, Vijay 7*

Senanayake to bowl his second over. This is now really slow. Only four runs from the over when the required run rate is well above eight runs-an-over.

IND 31/1 | Over 11 | Dhawan 19*, Vijay 5*

Rangana Herath is into the attack. A couple of appeals against Vijay for leg before, but on both occasions the ball was going down the leg side. It seems the batsmen have gone into a shell.

IND 28/1 | Over 10 | Dhawan 18*, Vijay 4*

First bowling change of the innings. Right-arm off-spinner Sachithra Senanayake comes into bowl. He has a slip. The batsmen show absolutely no intention of going after the bowler. So 10 overs are up and India are going at 2.80 runs-an-over. They need to go at 8.02 runs-an-over to win.

IND 26/1 | Over 9 | Dhawan 17*, Vijay 3*

Kulasekara runs in again. Only one run from the over. The pressure is surely adding now. The last ball of the over is close to the stumps and Vijay keeps out a low bouncing delivery.

IND 25/1 | Over 8 | Dhawan 16*, Vijay 3*

Mathews comes into bowl. Vijay plays a couple of good strokes, but hits it straight to the fielders for no runs. That will frustrate him. It is a maiden over from Mathews.

IND 25/1 | Over 7 | Dhawan 16*, Vijay 3*

Kulasekara to bowl his fourth over. He slightly pitches the ball shorter and Dhawan rocks back on his back foot to pull towards the square region on the leg side for four. He then bowls a wide delivery outside off-stump and Dhawan hits another four in between extra cover and mid-off.

IND 15/1 | Over 6 | Dhawan 7*, Vijay 2*

Mathews continues. Vijay works a delivery from off-stump towards the fine-leg region for a single. Dhawan then gets a single with a drive to wide mid-off.

IND 13/1 | Over 5 | Dhawan 6*, Vijay 1* OUT! Rohit 5 (13)

Kulasekara charges in. Rohit Sharma was to go back to the dressing room. He flicks a length delivery on the leg side straight to Mathews at short midwicket. Brilliant catch by Mathews. Sri Lanka strike early. Murali Vijay walks into the middle. He gets off the mark with a single towards wide mid-off.

IND 12/0 | Over 4 | Rohit 5*, Dhawan 6*

Mathews comes into bowl his second over. Shikhar Dhawan makes it a good over for India as he square drives a back of a length delivery towards the cover-point fence for four.

IND 6/0 | Over 3 | Rohit 4*, Dhawan 1*

Kulasekara bowls a tidy over. Only four runs from it. There was uneven bounce in that over, only that the bowler did not bowl at the stumps. That could be a factor as the match goes on

IND 2/0 | Over 2 | Rohit 1*, Dhawan 1*

Angelo Mathews decides to share the new ball with Kulasekara, saving Lasith Malinga for later. The Sri Lankan captain starts off with a maiden as the Indian openers look to settle in.

IND 2/0 | Over 1 | Rohit 1*, Dhawan 1*

India take just two runs off the first over of the chase, bowled by Nuwan Kulasekara. Remember, India need seven runs an over to win.

Upul Tharanga and Mahela Jayawardene were undoubtedly the stars of the Sri Lankan innings. Both scored a century each as they put the Indian bowlers to the sword. The Indian fielding was well below their standards. None of the bowlers were able to exert any kind of sustained pressure. Ravichandran Ashwin was the only bowler to get a wicket. Sri Lanka posted a mammoth total. Will that be enough as India have recent history on their side against the Sri Lankans in high run-chases. Join us in time for the Indian run-chase.

SL 348/1 | Over 50 | Tharanga 174*, Mathews 44*

Shami to finish off proceedings. He bowls a high full toss to Tharanga, who smashes a six over extra cover. There is an appeal for a run out on the last ball of the innings, but Tharanga just makes it. Extraordinary effort from the Sri Lankan batsmen and poor effort from the Indian bowlers.

SL 335/1 | Over 49 | Tharanga 164*, Mathews 41*

Umesh is now called upon. It makes no difference for Tharanga as he hits a low full toss right on the rope in the deep point fence for a six. Umesh then bowls the widest of wides Sabina Park has ever seen down the leg side as Mathews shuffles across his crease. Then Tharanga cuts a wide delivery for another four towards the third-man region. Mathews then hits a half-volley over extra cover for a four. 22 runs from that over.

SL 313/1 | Over 48 | Tharanga 152*, Mathews 36*

Ishant continues. India have just been abysmal on the field today as there is another misfield. Tharanga reaches the 150-run mark, his highest ODI score by a long distance. Mathews then knocks a low full toss on leg-stump for another four wide of long-on. This is just a procession.

SL 300/1 | Over 47 | Tharanga 144*, Mathews 31*

Shami brought back. The bowler is getting a pounding here. Tharanga hits a length ball through the midwicket region for his 17th four. The 300 is up for Sri Lanka.

SL 291/1 | Over 46 | Tharanga 136*, Mathews 30*

Ishant is back into the attack. A lot of breeze around the ground. It’s not easy for the bowlers to adjust to this breeze. Mathews spoils a good over with a four off the last ball. The ball is at off-stump and Mathews knocks the ball to the right of the long-on fielder, who misfields.

SL 282/1 | Over 45 | Tharanga 134*, Mathews 24*

Ashwin to bowl his 10th and last over. Again Mathews goes after the bowler first ball. He cuts a straight delivery towards the cover-point region for a boundary. Runs coming with ease. The run rate is now 6.24 runs-an-over. Ashwin finishes with figures reading 10-0-67-1.

SL 273/1 | Over 44 | Tharanga 133*, Mathews 17*

Jadeja is brought from the other end now. First ball Mathews slog-sweeps Jadeja for a big six over midwicket. Then off the last delivery, Tharanga comes down the track and lofts his first six over midwicket.

SL 258/1 | Over 43 | Tharanga 125*, Mathews 10*

Ashwin back into the attack. Four singles precede a four off the last ball. Tharanga smashes the ball through the midwicket for another boundary.

SL 250/1 | Over 42 | Tharanga 120*, Mathews 8*

Shami continues. The bowler bowls a half tracker and Tharanga pulls over wide mid-on for a four. He then drives brilliantly between cover and wide mid-off for another four. Then Shami, losing it a little, bowls down the leg side and Tharanga flicks the ball towards the fine-leg region for yet another four. 17 runs from that over.

SL 233/1 | Over 41 | Tharanga 107*, Mathews 5*

Jadeja replaces Ashwin. Tharanga has let loose now. He picks up the ball from well outside off-stump and knocks it for a four towards midwicket. 9 runs from the over. Jadeja is not having a good series with the ball so far.

SL 224/1 | Over 40 | Tharanga 100*, Mathews 3*

Shami is back into the attack. Vijay is not having a food day on the field. A routine fielding chance goes awkward for him as the ball bounces unusually over his hands. Tharanga also gets to his century with a flick towards midwicket. Brilliant batting from him. That is his 13th ODI century.

SL 215/1 | Over 39 | Tharanga 94*, Mathews 1* OUT! Jayawardene 107 (112)

Ashwin comes into bowl his eighth over. Jayawardene comes down the track and hits inside out over extra cover for a six. He then plays an outrageous reverse slog-sweep that is caught by Umesh diving low to his right at short third-man. Finally a wicket. Angelo Mathews is the new man and gets off the mark.

SL 204/0 | Over 38 | Tharanga 93*, Jayawardene 101*

Ishant to bowl his seventh over. Jayawardene hits a four towards the square-leg region and then gets his century with an awkward nudge towards long-leg. That is his 16th ODI century. The 200 is also up for Sri Lanka. This is this pair’s third 200-plus stand in ODIs. This is also Sri Lanka’s highest opening partnership against India. To add insult to injury, Umesh drops a skier from Tharanga at sweeper.

SL 195/0 | Over 37 | Tharanga 90*, Jayawardene 95*

Ashwin continues. Tharanga plays a lofted on-drive against the turn and gets a four towards the long-on region. The run rate is now 5.27 runs-an-.over.

SL 190/0 | Over 36 | Tharanga 86*, Jayawardene 95*

Ishant is back into the attack. Luck is not on the Indian side. Tharanga this time cuts without any room, but the ball takes the edge and flies over Karthik for a four. Jayawardene then opens the face of the bat and guides the ball to the left of the short third-man fielder for a four. Both batsmen are nearing their respective centuries.

SL 179/0 | Over 35 | Tharanga 81*, Jayawardene 89*

Sri Lanka have opted for the batting powerplay. Ashwin to bowl his sixth over. Tharanga plays a standing slog-sweep over the square-leg fielder for a four. He then hits the ball between the bowler and the mid-on fielder for another four. Good start to the powerplay, 11 runs from the over.

SL 168/0 | Over 34 | Tharanga 72*, Jayawardene 87*

Jadeja back into the attack. Jayawardene is teasing the Indians now. Karthik knocks the bails over and appeals for a stumping as Jayawardene slightly lifts his back leg and brings it back down in time to be safe.

SL 165/0 | Over 33 | Tharanga 70*, Jayawardene 85*

Raina bowls again. Jayawardene almost gives his wicket yet again. He does not ground his bat while completing a run as there is a direct hit. But his foot is over the line and grounded.

SL 159/0 | Over 32 | Tharanga 68*, Jayawardene 83*

Umesh continues. Jayawardene is becoming better and better as the innings has gone by. He gives himself room on the off-side and creams a delightful shot for four in the extra cover region. There is an appeal for caught behind as Jayawardene pulls, but the ball kissed the shirt rather than the bat.

SL 153/0 | Over 31 | Tharanga 67*, Jayawardene 78*

Suresh Raina into the attack to bowl his right-arm off-spin. The 150 is up for Sri Lanka, good batting from the openers. That is now seven bowlers used by India and none have got a wicket.

SL 148/0 | Over 30 | Tharanga 63*, Jayawardene 77*

Umesh brought back into the attack. He bowls a loosener — a half-volley — outside off stump and Tharanga hits the ball towards the extra cover boundary for a four. Good over for Sri Lanka as they get seven runs from it.

SL 141/0 | Over 29 | Tharanga 58*, Jayawardene 77*

Kohli bowling again. Jayawardene bends down on one knee and scoops a low full toss towards the boundary behind square on the leg side. This is getting very easy for Sri Lanka. The surprising aspect is that the batsmen have not really gone after the bowling. They have not lost any wicket, but still going at under five runs-an-over.

SL 135/0 | Over 28 | Tharanga 57*, Jayawardene 72*

Ashwin continues. Kohli still has a slip in for Tharanga. The left-hander charges Ashwin, but under edges it as the ball goes wide of Karthik behind the wicket. Luck on Sri Lanka’s side.

SL 129/0 | Over 27 | Tharanga 55*, Jayawardene 68*

Kohli is getting desperate here as he brings himself into the attack. He bowls right-arm slow medium. He is bowling from way wide of the wicket, so it is always darting in to the right-handed batsman.

SL 126/0 | Over 26 | Tharanga 53*, Jayawardene 67*

Ashwin comes into bowl his fourth over. Ashwin is bowling well, but is hardly able to create any wicket-taking opportunity. Batsmen knocking the ball around as if this was a training exercise. The run rate is just under five runs-an-over.

SL 120/0 | Over 25 | Tharanga 51*, Jayawardene 63*

Umesh has been brought back into the attack. Brilliant batting from Jayawardene. He opens the face of the bat at the last second and guides the ball to the right of the third-man fielder for a four. Half-way stage in the innings and Sri Lanka are cruising. India struggling to take any wicket. Chances have come, but have not been taken.

SL 113/0 | Over 24 | Tharanga 50*, Jayawardene 57*

Ashwin continues. Tharanga also scores his half-century. Good innings from him. That is his 29th half-century in ODIs.

SL 108/0 | Over 23 | Tharanga 48*, Jayawardene 54*

Jadeja runs into bowl his sixth over. Stand-in captain Kohli injures himself while trying to field. He was down for a few minutes, but gets back up. That is a relief for India, because they cannot afford him also to be out injured. MS Dhoni smiles from the dressing room looking at the situation.

SL 104/0 | Over 22 | Tharanga 46*, Jayawardene 52*

Ashwin comes into bowl his second over. both spinners bowling in tandem. Good spin and bounce for Ashwin from the wicket, but the batsmen are already settled in, so they deal with it quite well. Five runs from the over. The 100 up for Sri Lanka.

SL 99/0 | Over 21 | Tharanga 44*, Jayawardene 50*

Jadeja continues. Half-century up for Jayawardene as he chips the ball inside out towards extra cover. That is his 71st half-century in ODIs. Not the most classic innings from the stylish Jayawardene, but it is effective so far. Tharanga then guides a quick delivery past third-man for a four. The score is ticking.

SL 93/0 | Over 20 | Tharanga 39*, Jayawardene 49*

Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the attack. Tharanga hits the ball over midwicket for two runs. He mistimed it though. Good start for Ashwin, only three runs from the over. So after 20 overs, Sri Lanka are going at a run rate of 4.65 runs-an-over.

SL 90/0 | Over 19 | Tharanga 36*, Jayawardene 49*

Jadeja to bowl his fourth over. Tight over from the left-arm spinner. Only four runs from it. Jayawardene is inching towards a half-century.

SL 86/0 | Over 18 | Tharanga 34*, Jayawardene 47*

Ishant to continue after drinks. Took a pounding from Jayawardene in his previous over. Ishant again getting into trouble with the umpire with his follow through. Running on the wicket. Jayawardene again getting help from India’s fielders. He cuts a wide delivery towards deep backward point, but Shami’s throw is way too high for wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik to collect easily and knock off the bails. Jayawardene runs two, but if the throw was a few feet lower, surely he would have been run out.

SL 82/0 | Over 17 | Tharanga 33*, Jayawardene 44*

Jadeja continues. Don’t know what Jayawardene has had for breakfast, but it is working, despite playing brash strokes. He reverse slog-sweeps Jadeja for a four towards third-man. Drinks have been taken. India and Kohli have some thinking to do.

SL 77/0 | Over 16 | Tharanga 32*, Jayawardene 40*

Ishant to bowl his fourth over. First ball Jayawardene walks down the track and hits the ball from outside of off stump towards long-on for a massive six. Then he pulls a short delivery, which takes a slight top edge towards third-man. Umesh is two-minded and stays where he is and allows the ball to go for a four. A better fielder would have gone for the catch. Expensive over that, 12 runs from it.

SL 65/0 | Over 15 | Tharanga 32*, Jayawardene 28*

Jadeja to bowl his second over. Tharanga uses the depth of the crease to good effect and cuts a quick delivery for four towards third-man. Ishant was fielding at short third-man, but the ball beat him and raced away. Jayawardene continues his brazen approach to batting as he skies a slog sweep, but the ball lands safely behind square on the leg side.

SL 59/0 | Over 14 | Tharanga 28*, Jayawardene 27*

Ishant continues. A good tight over from Ishant. Only two runs from it. It looks as if the Sri Lankan batsmen are waiting for something to happen. Well Jayawardene has done his bit, but the Indian fielders have not.

SL 57/0 | Over 13 | Tharanga 27*, Jayawardene 26*

Ravindra Jadeja has been brought into the attack. Jayawardene has the cricketing Gods in his favour today. He reverse sweeps straight to Murali Vijay at short third-man. Vijay, though, drops it. Another chance missed. He later looks like he has been awoken by that. That was a regulation practice catch.

SL 54/0 | Over 12 | Tharanga 27*, Jayawardene 23*

Ishant comes into bowl his second over. Good over from the tall lanky fast bowler. Only three runs from it. Jayawardene again tests his luck. He cuts a wide delivery and somehow manages to hit it exactly in between gully and backward point.

SL 51/0 | Over 11 | Tharanga 26*, Jayawardene 21*

Kohli continues with Shami. The 50 up for Sri Lanka and they have looked like they have done it without breaking any sweat. Both batsmen have looked settled now and it is only a matter of time before they really cut loose.

SL 47/0 | Over 10 | Tharanga 23*, Jayawardene 20*

Finally a bowling change. Ishant Sharma comes in as first change. Tharanga gets two runs off the first delivery as he edges the ball towards third-man. Good effort from Dhawan as he saves two runs. With those runs Tharanga has reached the 5,000-run mark in his ODI career. So after the first 10 overs, Sri Lanka are going at 4.70 runs-an-over.

SL 42/0 | Over 9 | Tharanga 20*, Jayawardene 18*

Shami continues. Good over to consolidate after the previous over. Only three runs from it. Shami mixing it up as he bowls from round the wicket to the left-handed Tharanga. He bowls another bouncer, which shows he is going to keep the batsmen guessing.

SL 39/0 | Over 8 | Tharanga 19*, Jayawardene 17*

Umesh kept in the attack by captain Virat Kohli. Jayawardene gets lucky first ball. The ball is swinging away, but the right-hander goes hard at it and gets the outside edge. The ball flies towards the third-man region and just bounces short of the boundary line while reaching the fence. Tharanga then pulls the last ball for another four towards the midwicket region. Umesh proving to be very expensive.

SL 30/0 | Over 7 | Tharanga 15*, Jayawardene 13*

Shami comes in to bowl. Good bouncer from the bowler to Jayawardene, who is coming on the front foot with relative ease. Shami still swinging the ball both ways, but the Sri Lankan batsmen seem to be comfortable with the movement.

SL 26/0 | Over 6 | Tharanga 14*, Jayawardene 10*

Umesh continues. Expensive over from the bowler. Tharanga slaps the first ball for a four towards the covers. Then off the fourth delivery, Jayawardene plays a lofted on-drive for a four towards the long-on region. 10 runs from the over.

SL 16/0 | Over 5 | Tharanga 9*, Jayawardene 6*

Shami to bowl his third over. Another tight over from the bowler. Only four runs from it. Slim chance for a run out off the last delivery. Tharanga pushes the ball towards mid-off and takes off for a quick single. Shikhar Dhawan collects and throws at the non-striker’s end, only to find that Tharanga had made. The ball did not hit the stumps anyway.

SL 12/0 | Over 4 | Tharanga 8*, Jayawardene 3*

Umesh comes into bowl his second over. Half-hearted appeal from the Indians for leg-before as the ball crashes into the pads of Tharanga. The ball was going well down the leg side. There comes the first boundary of the match as Tharanga cuts a wide delivery towards third-man. Ishant Sharma glides in, but misfields and the ball goes over the boundary line.

SL 7/0 | Over 3 | Tharanga 4*, Jayawardene 2*

Shami continues. There was a chance for a run out as Rohit Sharma has enough time to aim and throw, but misses as Tharanga is miles outside the crease. Chance definitely missed.

SL 5/0 | Over 2 | Tharanga 2*, Jayawardene 2*

Umesh Yadav shares the new ball with Shami. Now he is fast, at least for Indian standards. Good start for Umesh as well. Only two runs from his first over, which included a wide. Good swing for the bowler.

SL 3/0 | Over 1 | Tharanga 1*, Jayawardene 2*

Shami Ahmed begins proceedings for India. For those who did not know, Shami is a right-arm medium fast bowler. Good starting over from Shami with a lot of swing. Only three runs from it. Both Upul Tharanga and Mahela Jayawardene are off the mark.

Virat Kohli wins the toss for India and elects to field against Sri Lanka in the third One-Day International (ODI) of the tri-series at Kingston, Jamaica.

Kohli takes charge of the Indian side in the absence of MS Dhoni, who suffered a hamstring injury in the match against West Indies. Murali Vijay comes into the side and Shami Ahmed replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

Angelo Mathews leads the Sri Lankan side. Jeevan Mendis and Ajantha Mendis make way for Kusal Perera and Sachithra Senanayake.

This is the 42nd time India and Sri Lanka would play against each other in the last five years.


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay, Virat Kohli (c), Rohit Sharma, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Shami Ahmed, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav

Sri Lanka: Upul Tharanga, Mahela Jayawardene, Kusal Perera, Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Dinesh Chandimal, Angelo Mathews (c), Lahiru Thirimanne, Nuwan Kulasekara, Rangana Herath, Sachithra Senanayake, Lasith Malinga

Welcome to CricketCountry and our coverage of the tri-series in the Caribbean. I am Shrikant Shankar and I will bring you the live updates of the third match between India and Sri Lanka. Virat Kohli-led Indian side take on Angelo Mathews’ Sri Lanka in Kingston, Jamaica. Read our preview here.