India vs West Indies 2013 Live Cricket Score, 2nd ODI at Visakhapatnam:

Darren Sammy scored 63 not out © Getty Images (File Photo)

Nov 24, 2013

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WI 289/8 | Overs 49.3 | Sammy 63*, Permaul 0*

Mohit bowls the last over. Sammy takes a single off the first ball. Permaul is on strike. Dhoni gets all his troops inside the circle. There is also one slip in place. Permaul gets a single off a leg-bye as the scores are level.  And the West Indies have won! Sammy lofts over mid-wicket and runs the single. Good win for the West Indies.

WI 286/8 | Overs 49 | Sammy 61*, Permaul 0* OUT! Holder 7(5) Narine 0(3)

Shami to bowl. Holder flicks him through square-leg for two as West Indies inch closer. Holder edges as he tries to play one through the off-side and Dhoni takes the catch. Narine then plays two dot-balls. And he is out! Narine tries to pull a short ball and he is caught! There is a question whether the batsmen crossed over and they have as Sammy takes strike. This is now in his hands. Sammy gets a single off the last ball. it is in the air and Yuvraj dives at mid-wicket, but cannot get it. Three needed off the last over.

WI 283/6 | Overs 48 | Sammy 60*, Holder 5*

Holder is the new man and Bhuvneshwar returns to the attack. Sammy gets a single off the first ball and gets his half-century off 40 balls. Dhoni comes up to the stumps as Holder takes guard. Holder snicks it off the first ball, but Dhoni cannot hold on. Holder then places it between point and third-man for a four. Sammy then carts Bhuvneshwar between mid-wicket and long-on for a four. And, he smashes another six! Now West Indies need only six runs off 12 balls

WI 267/6 | Overs 47 | Sammy 49* OUT! Simmons 62(74)

Jadeja comes in to bowl. The first ball is hit to point and there is no single. Simmons tries to smash it over the on-side, but gets a leg-bye. Sammy now gets a single. Both batsmen are just pushing it around for the singles and are doing it very calmly. And Simmons goes as one stays low and traps Simmons in front. Jadeja gets 50 ODI wickets this year.

WI 263/5 | Overs 46 | Simmons 61*, Sammy 47*

Shami is into the attack. Simmons charges down the track and lofts it. Luckily for him, the ball lands short of the long-off fielder. Sammy has a change of bats. All those big hits! It was bound to break at some point. Simmons cuts the ball by making room and smashes it for a four. In fact, the sweeper on the boundary did not spot it as he was going the other way. Shami then bowls a full-toss and Shami smashes a six.

WI 250/5 | Overs 45 | Simmons 55*, Sammy 40*

Jadeja comes into the attack and bowls two dots to Sammy first up. The 250 is up for the West Indies. They now need 39 off the remaining five overs. good over from Jadeja.

WI 248/5 | Overs 44 | Simmons 54*, Sammy 40*

Mohit is into the attack and Sammy misses the first two. In fact, there was a sound, but there was no appeal. Sammy then carts one over mid-wicket for a massive six. Mohit loses his line and bowls a wide down the leg-side.

WI 237/5 | Overs 43 | Simmons 52*, Sammy 32*

Jadeja comes into the attack and Simmons sweeps the first ball of the over through mid-wicket for a massive six. That is his fifty. Sammy then works the ball through fine-leg for another four and West Indies have picked up pace. There is a huge shout later for leg-before, but it was going down the leg-side.

WI 226/5 | Overs 42 | Simmons 45*, Sammy 28*

Simmons miscues a heave and it goes to long-on. Yuvraj comes in and he jugles with it, before the ball lands onto the ground. How crucial would that be? Sammy carts the last ball of the over through square-leg for six. They are turning it on now.

WI 215/5 | Overs 41 | Simmons 43*, Sammy 19*

Powerplay gone, now West Indies need 86 in the last ten overs. Shami will continue to biwl. Sammy drives one through the covers for a brace. Run-scoring may become a touch easier. Shami then bowls a low full-toss and Sammy hits him through the covers for a four. Sammy gets another boundary as he uses his wrists to work one through the leg-side for a four.

WI 203/5 | Overs 40 | Simmons 43*, Sammy 7*

Simmons hits it uppishly to covers, but the ball doesn’t carry. The batting powerplay has intensified the pressure on the West Indies as they have scored only 15 runs in the five overs.

WI 200/5 | Overs 39 | Simmons 42*, Sammy 5*

Shami is into the attack now and Simmons takes a single off the first ball. There was a possibility of a run-out as Simmons sprinted to the non-striker’s end. The ball missed the stumps and had that hit, it could have been very close.

Simmons has taken his shirt off. Something may have gone in looks like. Seen something like this for the first time. Remember Andrew Flintoff and Sourav Ganguly? Meanwhile, West Indies get their 200 as Simmons gets two.

WI 194/5 | Overs 38 | Simmons 38*, Sammy 3*

Sminnons works the first ball away for a couple and defends the second ball. He tries to give the huge heave to the third, but doesn’t connect as it goes off the edge and goes into his foot. Jadeja is keeping it tight and not giving the batsmen the room to swing their arms.

WI 191/5 | Overs 37 | Simmons 35*, Sammy 3*

Simmons gets a single at last and West Indies are away in this batting powerplay. Bhuvneshwar is bowling in the right spots and is making it difficult for the batsmen.

WI 188/5 | Overs 36 | Simmons 33*, Sammy 2*

Jadeja comes in to bowl as the batting power-play starts. Dhoni has men close in for Sammy and a short-leg also comes into the equation. Sammy finds it difficult to get the ball off the square and Jadeja bowls a maiden here.

WI 188/5 | Overs 35 | Simmons 33*, Sammy 2* OUT! DJ Bravo 18(26)

Dwayne Bravo is out! He pulls Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Shikhar Dhawan accepts the catch at deep square-leg. Darren Sammy enters the stage and he gets off the mark first ball by working it towards the on-side.

WI 185/4 | Overs 34 | Simmons 32*, DJ Bravo 18*

Raina is bowling and he is smashed through the covers for four by Dwayne Bravo. West Indies are very much on course here and Dhoni would be thinking now. The singles are coming and so are the occasional boundaries.

WI 176/4 | Overs 33 | Simmons 30*, DJ Bravo 11*

Yuvraj at his best! Simmons cuts one behind point and Yuvraj dives across to stop a certain four. Later in the over, there is a bit of hesitation in the running and they do not go through for the run. Bravo then pushes for a single through long-on.

WI 174/4 | Overs 32 | Simmons 29*, DJ Bravo 10*

Raina continues and he keeps the batsmen in check. However, Dwayne Bravo gets the important boundary as he lofts the last ball over the covers for a four.

WI 169/4 | Overs 31 | Simmons 28*, DJ Bravo 6*

Simmons moves across his stumps and sweeps Ravindra Jadeja behind square for a four. The run-chase is still on track and West Indies have to keep wickets in hand. West Indies need 120 off the remaining 19 overs.

WI 163/4 | Overs 30 | Simmons 23*, DJ Bravo 5*

Suresh Raina is back into the attack and he is bowling to his Chennai Super Kings teammate Dwayne Bravo. After a few balls, Bravo is able to get to the other end.

WI 162/4 | Overs 29 | Simmons 23*, DJ Bravo 4* OUT! Powell 59(70)

Simmons gets an edge onto the pad and it lobs to the vacant leg-slip area. Bravo tries to work it around, but only gets off strike much later.

WI 160/4 | Overs 28 | Simmons 22*, DJ Bravo 3* OUT! Powell 59(70)

Jadeja is cut behind point by Simmons and it goes to the boundary for four. He bowls a similar ball again and is hit with a similar shot for four more. Jadeja however, gets back well as he only concedes the single off the remaining deliveries.

WI 150/4 | Overs 27 | Simmons 13*, DJ Bravo 3* OUT! Powell 59(70)

Powell, what have you done! He was going very well and then charges to Ashwin. However, the ball turns away and Powell is stumped. He goes for 59. Dwayne Bravo is the new man.

WI 147/3 | Overs 26 | Powell 59*, Simmons 12*

An edge of Llendl Simmon’s bat falls short of Suresh Raina at slips. However, a couple of balls later, he breaks the shackles with a slog hit for a boundary after three dot balls. Six runs scored off the over.

WI 141/3 | Overs 25 | Powell 59*, Simmons 6*

Ravichnadran Ashwin is having trouble in gripping the ball. Kieran Powell dances down the ground to send a full toss towards the mid-wicket boundary.

WI 134/3 | Overs 24 | Powell 54*, Simmons 4*

Ravindra Jadeja is introduced into the attack. Kieran Powell and Llendl Simmons avoid taking risks. Only three runs scored off the over.

WI 131/3 | Overs 23 | Powell 53*, Simmons 2* OUT! DM Bravo 50(54)

Bravo moves back and tries to hit it through the off-side. He gets the edge and Dhoni holds on to it. The wicket India were looking for and Ashwin is delighted. Lendl Simmons is the new man in the cente and he gets a single to get off the mark. Powell gets his half-century with a boundary down the leg-side.

WI 123/2 | Overs 22 | Powell 48*, DM Bravo 50*

Bravo gets another life. There have been quite a few in the last two overs. Three to be precise. He lobs one back and Shami dives to his left in his follow through and cannot hold on. Shami then overpitches outside the off-stump and Bravo merely guides it through third-man for four. Bravo gets to his fifty with a single through the off-side. Powell smashes the last ball of the over mid-wicket for a six.

WI 109/2 | Overs 21 | Powell 40*, DM Bravo 45*

Ashwin continues. Ashwin gets an edge of Bravo, but Dhoni is unable to hold on to that one. Bravo that slashes hard at one and it flies to Raina at first-slip, but he too can’t hold on. Two chances gone in one over. This partnership is building.

WI 106/2 | Overs 20 | Powell 39*, DM Bravo 43*

Shami comes from round the wicket. He strays on Powell’s pads and it takes his leg as it goes to the fine-leg boundary. Powell then works it away to the mid-wicket boundary and takes two.

WI 100/2 | Overs 19 | Powell 37*, DM Bravo 43*

Bravo edges Ashwin through third-man and it goes for four. As a result, West Indies’ hundred is up. They look on course as these two are looking confident.

WI 96/2 | Overs 18 | Powell 37*, DM Bravo 39*

Raina offers a half-volley and it goes to the boundary for four through the covers. West Indies are going along smoothly.

WI 90/2 | Overs 17 | Powell 36*, DM Bravo 34*

Bravo lofts Ashwin over the off-side, but can only manage a single. Powell works the second ball to long-on for a single. The batsmen are now only working the strike over and don’t seem to be hassled with anything.

WI 86/2 | Overs 16 | Powell 34*, DM Bravo 32*

Dhoni is persisting with Raina here. Bravo tries to loft him over the on-side, but doesn’t hit it well and can only get two as it goes to square-leg.

WI 80/2 | Overs 15 | Powell 32*, DM Bravo 28*

Ashwin continues and he is asking the batsmen a few questions. Run-scoring is not all that easy against him.

WI 79/2 | Overs 14 | Powell 31*, DM Bravo 28*

Raina continues and the West Indies batsmen have got their eye in. Raina then strays down the pads and Bravo merely guides him for four.

WI 71/2 | Overs 13 | Powell 30*, DM Bravo 21*

Four runs come off that over. West Indies going smooth.

WI 67/2 | Overs 12 | Powell 28*, DM Bravo 19*

Suresh Raina is into the attack and it is a move similar to the one taken during the first ODI at Kochi. Powell dances down the track and works him through mid-wicket for a four.

WI 60/2 | Overs 11 | Powell 22*, DM Bravo 18*

Ashwin is introduced into the attack. The first ball is punched by Bravo to the cover fielder, but it was hit a bit uppish. There is a bit of turn on offer for Ashwin. The last ball is edged by Bravo, but it falls short of the slip fielder. That is a maiden.

WI 60/2 | Overs 10 | Powell 22*, DM Bravo 18*

Mohit continues and Powell hits one behind him for a single. Mohit then comes from round the wicket and bowls it a bit wide outside the off-stump. Bravo punishes it through extra-cover for four. The fifty for the West Indies is up. Bravo then creams a ball through the covers and it goes for four. That was a brilliant shot. He then follows it up by lofting it over point for four.

WI 46/2 | Overs 9 | Powell 21*, DM Bravo 5*

Mohammed Shami comes into the attack now. Powell gets off strike by pushing a single through third-man. Bravo smashes the last ball of the over through the covers and it goes for four. Typical Bravo shot as there is that air of class.

WI 41/2 | Overs 8 | Powell 20*, DM Bravo 0*

Mohit comes from round the wicket and Powell punches him through the covers for another four. He is looking in good touch now.

WI 35/2 | Overs 7 | Powell 15*, DM Bravo 0*

Bhuvneshwar gets Powell to edge, but it goes between Dhoni and Ashwin, who is standing quite wide at slip. The ball goes through for four. Bhuvneshwar then bowls short and Powell pulls it behind square for another four. Powell then punches one through mid-on for another boundary.

WI 23/2 | Overs 6 | Powell 3*, DM Bravo 0* OUT! Samuels 8(10)

Mohit bowls it on a length and outside the off-stump. Samuels flays at it and it goes between cover and mid-off for a four. He then losts Mohit over the covers for another four. And Mohit gets his man! Dhoni comes up to the stumps and Samuels plays another drive, but edges it and Dhoni takes a good catch. Mohit comes from round the wicket to the left-handed Darren Bravo.

WI 15/1 | Overs 5 | Powell 3*, Samuels 0*

There is some hesitation off the penultimate ball. Powell pushes it to mid-on and sets off. Samuels sends him back and as Powell was reaching the crease, the ball sailed over Dhoni’s head. It was a bad throw. The last ball hits Powell on the pads, but it pitched outside the line of leg-stump.

WI 15/1 | Overs 4 | Powell 3*, Samuels 0*

Powell walks down the ground and punches it to mid-on. Shami misfields and that allows Powell to complete the single easily. Samuels inside edges one and it doesn’t carry to Dhoni as it bounces just in front of him. Mohit concedes only one in this over.

WI 14/1 | Overs 3 | Powell 2*, Samuels 0* OUT! Charles 12(9)

Dhoni is standing up to the stumps for Bhuvneshwar and the first ball is hit through the off-side for a couple of runs. And Charles is out! He lobs a catch back to Bhuvneshwar and he takes it. Bhuvneshwar looks in some pain here and he is down. Samuels is in the centre.

WI 12/0 | Overs 2 | Charles 10*, Powell 2*

Mohit Sharma is into the attack. The second ball is edged through third man and Charles gets four. Sharma is working some decent pace as he is bowling in the 130s. There is a little bit of movement on offer for him.

WI 6/0 | Overs 1 | Charles 5*, Powell 1*

Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts the proceedings for India. Johnson Charles directs the ball towards thirdman for a single. Powell (replaced Chris Gayle in this match) is watchful not going for any shots. On the fifth ball he times the ball sweetly but Rohit Sharma stops it brilliantly to restrict it to a single. Charles on the last ball hits a boundary.

IND 288/7 | Overs 50 | Dhoni 51*, Bhuvneshwar Kumar 1* OUT! Ashwin 19(10)

Ashwin makes room and lofts Holder over the covers for a four. He then smashes one through the one-side and takes a single. Holder bowls a high full-toss and Dhoni can only take a single as he doesn’t get enough bat onto it. Ashwin joins the party now as he swings across the line and smashes a slower delivery over fine-leg for a six.

Ashwin gets out off the penulrimate ball as he tries a reverse sweep. However, he gets a thin edge to the wicket-keeper. Bhuvneshwar faces the last ball and can only manage a single.

IND 279/6 | Overs 49 | Dhoni 50*, Ashwin 8*

Rampaul is into the attack and Dhoni can only take a single off the first two balls of the over. Rampaul bowls a clever slower ball to Ashwin and he swings across the line and cannot connect. Rampaul errs after four good deliveries and Dhoni sends it into the stands at long-on. It went high and cleared the fence easily. And he also sends the next ball over long-on for a six. He gets his fifty off 39 balls.

IND 261/6 | Overs 48 | Dhoni 37*, Ashwin 7*

Ashwin walks across his stumps to Holder and he flicks it very fine through the leg-side for a four. He then pulls to the mid-wicket boundary for a single as Dhoni takes strike again. Holder bowls a low full-toss and he losts it over wide long-on. Darren Bravo tries to stop it there, but it crosses the boundary as it goes between his legs.

IND 249/6 | Overs 47 | Dhoni 31*, Ashwin 1* OUT! Jadeja 10(20)

Jadeja edges the first ball through third-man and takes a single to give Dhoni strike. Rampaul then gets Jadeja as he comes from round the wicket and castles him. Ravichandran Ashwin is the new man in the centre. He edges one through the off-side and runs through for a single. Dhoni gets the boundary as he guides one through point and it goes for four. Permaul at point could not stop it as he dived over the ball. He pitches it short then and Dhoni pulls him through fine-leg for another four.

IND 238/5 | Overs 46 | Dhoni 16*, Jadeja 9*

India need to build in these overs as they have slowed down quite a lot here. Narine has been the major force for West Indies. Dwayne Bravo is back into the attack. He too keeps it tight, but then Dhoni flicks a full toss on the legs to the fine-leg boundary.

IND 226/5 | Overs 45 | Dhoni 13*, Jadeja 6*

Narine has kept a stock of things here. Jadeja is not able to get the ball off the square and he very nearly drags onto the stumps.

IND 226/5 | Overs 44 | Dhoni 13*, Jadeja 6*

Dhoni gets a single off a leg-bye and Jadeja gets on strike. Jadeja works it to third-man and gets two as Rampaul misfields. He then finishes the over with a single. India have to get things going in these slog overs.

IND 221/5 | Overs 43 | Dhoni 13*, Jadeja 3*

Narine is maming things tough for the Indian batsmen. They are not getting too many freebies and keeps the batsmen guessing. Only three runs come in the over.

IND 219/5 | Overs 42 | Dhoni 11*, Jadeja 2*

Jadeja pushes the first ball through the off-side and takes the single. Dhoni also a takes a single. West Indies have pulled things back very well. Dhoni then gets into his stride. Holder overpitches a little bit and smashes it over long-off for four.

IND 209/5 | Overs 41 | Dhoni 3*, Jadeja 0*

Narine is into the attack and he bowls five dot balls to Dhoni. With half the side back in the hut, India have a task on their hand. He then turns one away from Dhoni to complete a maiden.

IND 209/5 | Overs 40 | Dhoni 3*, OUT! Kohli 99(100)

Rampaul continues to bowl and Kohli takes a single off the first ball to move to 99. Dhoni then gives him strike for the last ball and the West Indies take their time to set their field. And he is out! Rampual pitches it short and Kohli pulls it and Holder takes a magnificent catch at fine-leg. Diving low, he tales it inches off the ground.

IND 207/4 | Overs 39 | Kohli 98*, Dhoni 2*

Dhoni plays out the over carefully apart from a single. Kohli gets the strike once and takes a single. He is still two more away from a century.

IND 205/4 | Overs 38 | Kohli 97*, Dhoni 1* OUT! Raina 23(24)

Raina tries to loft one, but it takes the edge and flies to Dwayne Bravo to the off-side as it is taken. Dhoni pulls through fine-leg and gets a single.

IND 202/3 | Overs 37 | Kohli 95*, Raina 23*

Narine is back into the attack and Kohli pushes through mid-on for a single. Not many runs coming from this over.

IND 199/3 | Overs 36 | Kohli 93*, Raina 22*

The batting powerplay is in force and Holder is back in the attack. Kohli pushes the first ball for a brace through wide long-on. Only singles and a double come from this over as Holder is bowling well to the field. Only six runs come off the over.

IND 193/3 | Overs 35 | Kohli 89*, Raina 21*

Raina first makes room and takes two through the off-side. Bravo is coming from round the wicket and Raina then lofts him over mid-off for a four. Kohli then pulls Bravo through mid-wicket for a four. Samuels at short mid-wicket gets his hands to it, but it was hit very well.

IND 184/3 | Overs 34 | Kohli 84*, Raina 16*

Lendl Simmons is into the attack and he bowls down the leg-side. Raina tries to pull and offers a catch to Kieran Powell at fine-leg. However, he drops it! It was an easy catch, but it goes down. The batsmen take singles off the over.

IND 179/3 | Overs 33 | Kohli 82*, Raina 13*

Bravo strays down the pads again and Kohli nonchalantly flicks him through fine-leg for a four. Bravo then bowls it short and Kohli half-flicks half-pulls it through square-leg.

IND 171/3 | Overs 32 | Kohli 76*, Raina 11*

Permaul pitches it short and Kohli pulls him over mid-wicket for four. He then cuts him behind point for another four. Permaul then strays on Raina’s pads and he works it behind fine-leg for a four.

IND 156/3 | Overs 31 | Kohli 66*, Raina 6*

Bravo is back into the attack and he strays down the leg side first ball. Kohli flicks him fine for four. Kohli then almost spoons a catch back and Bravo dives in his follow through, but he could not get it.

IND 147/3 | Overs 30 | Kohli 59*, Raina 4*

Sammy is out of the attack and Permaul is in. He bowls a wide down the leg-side to Raina as it turns. Raina then takes a single by pushing through mid-on.

IND 142/3 | Overs 29 | Kohli 57*, Raina 2*

Kohli pushes Rampual through mid-on for single. Rampual then comes from round the wicket to Raina and he works him away through fine-leg for a single. Only two of the over as Rampual keeps Kohli on strike for a major part of the over.

IND 140/3 | Overs 28 | Kohli 56*, Raina 1* OUT! Yuvraj 28(49)

Kohli gets his fifty. Darren Sammy is brought into the attack and he bowls it quite close to the off-stump. But Kohli opens the face of the bat at the last moment and gets a four through third-man. He then flicks it through the fine-leg region for four.

And, Yuvraj is out! He tries to pull Sammy through mid-wicket, but cannot get the elavation and gives a catch to Marlon Samuels at short mid-wicket.

IND 129/2 | Overs 27 | Kohli 46*, Yuvraj 28*

A change in bowling here as Rampaul comes back into the side. Yuvraj and Kohli pick a few singles. After a long spell from the spinners, some fast-bowling on show.

IND 126/2 | Overs 26 | Kohli 44*, Yuvraj 27*

Permaul is now swept across the line as Yuvraj gets another boundary through square-leg. Yuvraj suddenly looks a lot more confident.

IND 119/2 | Overs 25 | Kohli 42*, Yuvraj 22*

Narine first comes from round the wicket. He then goes over and beats Yuvraj. He then shifts to round the wicket and Yuvraj sits on his knee and dispatches it way over the mid-wicket boundary for a maximum. That should make him feel a lot better.

IND 112/2 | Overs 24 | Kohli 41*, Yuvraj 16*

Virat and Yuvraj scramble for three singles off Permaul as India are looking to consolidate.

IND 109/2 | Overs 23 | Kohli 39*, Yuvraj 15*

Narine is continuing and Bravo is keeping the spinners from both ends. Narine maintains the pressure as he concedes only one from the over. Yuvraj is still taking his time in the middle.

IND 108/2 | Overs 22 | Kohli 37*, Yuvraj 15*

Yuvraj and Kohli are doing it easily now and are working the singles of Permaul. Yuvraj is still watchful as he is determined to build a long innings.

IND 105/2 | Overs 21 | Kohli 35*, Yuvraj 14*

The first ball hits Kohli’s pads and the keeper collects it. However, the umpire gives it a wide which was quite surprising. Kohli them sweeps him very fine for four. In fact, it went just down the leg-side. Sammy tried to move across from first slip.

IND 99/2 | Overs 20 | Kohli 31*, Yuvraj 14*

Permaul is bowling those wides down the leg side to the left-handers. He is getting turn and they are going down. He then bowls in the slot and Yuvraj sweeps it with conviction for a four.

IND 93/2 | Overs 19 | Kohli 30*, Yuvraj 10*

Yuvraj calls for a quick single off the first ball and there was some hesitation from Kohli’s end, but they complete it. Yuvraj then pushes to fine-leg and sprints through for two. He is indeed looking a lot fitter. Narine then pitches it short and he pulls him through mid-wicket for a four.

IND 86/2 | Overs 18 | Kohli 29*, Yuvraj 4*

Yuvraj plays the sweep in awkward fashion, but gets a double. Permaul bowls down the leg-side and it is a wide again.

IND 83/2 | Overs 17 | Kohli 29*, Yuvraj 2*

Sunil Narine is introduced into the attack, so it is spin at both ends. Kohli takes two off the first ball and then sweeps across the line, over mid-wicket for a four.

IND 73/2 | Overs 16 | Kohli 20*, Yuvraj 1*

Permaul continues to bowl and there is a good field set. Kohli pushes one through the off-side and takes the single. Yuvraj gets off the mark by pushing a single through mid-on. Kohli then punches one through the off-side and gets a single.

IND 70/2 | Overs 15 | Kohli 18*, Yuvraj 0*

Bravo continues from the other end and Kohli flicks him for a single to give the strike to Yuvraj. The southpaw is taking his time and he has a chance to get a few runs behind him. So, he is leaving those probing deliveries outside the off-stump.

IND 69/2 | Overs 14 | Kohli 17*, Yuvraj 0* OUT! Dhawan 35(37)

Permaul bowls a wide down the leg-side and is then driven through the off-side. But, he gets his man. The ball turns in and hits Dhawan on the pads. After a long appeal, the umpire raises his finger. Yuvraj Singh out there and he has a good chance here.

IND 64/1 | Overs 13 |  Dhawan 31*, Kohli 17*

Kohli charges down the ground to Bravo and punches it behind him. However, he can only manage a single as the man in the deep fields it. Now, they have a sweeper on the off-side for Dhawan as well. They are not letting India get off and running with boundaries.

IND 60/1 | Overs 12 |  Dhawan 29*, Kohli 15*

Veerasammy Permaul is into the attack. He has come into the eleven to provide more teeth to the bowling. Both Dhawan and Kohli knock it around easily to pick up singles. Dhawan drives through the off-side and picks up a double.

IND 55/1 | Overs 11 |  Dhawan 26*, Kohli 13*

They have an interesting field set for Kohli. The long-on is back and they also have that man in the deep on the off-side. So, he is only pushing them through for singles. The fifty is up for India and these two are gradually building the innings. Dhawan edges Bravo for four through the vacant slip region. The West Indies captain can only look.

IND 48/1 | Overs 10 |  Dhawan 21*, Kohli 11*

Holder comes from around the wicket for the left-handed Dhawan. He overpitches and Dhawan leans forward to thread it through the covers for four. Remember this was the ground where Dhawan got a duck on debut?

IND 41/1 | Overs 9 |  Dhawan 16*, Kohli 8*

Rampual squares Dhawan up a little bit and he gets an edge to the off-side. He then runs across for a single. Kohli then flicks it to wide mid-on for a single. A few fielders are placed in the deep.

IND 38/1 | Overs 8 |  Dhawan 15*, Kohli 7*

Holder is bowling decent lines here and now he comes from round the wicket for the left-hander off the last ball and he seems to get the right line.

IND 32/1 | Overs 7 |  Dhawan 12*, Kohli 6*

Kohli has a sweeper placed for him on the off-side in the deep and his crunchy shots are being intercepted there. Rampaul overpitches to Dhawan and he plays a good straight drive for four. In fact, it was just a push and it went all the way to the boundary. Kohli finishes the over with two doubles.

IND 23/1 | Overs 6 |  Dhawan 7*, Kohli 1*

Virat Kohli gets strike early in the over. However, Holder keeps him on his toes and doesn’t give much away. One call climbs on him outside the off-stump and Kohli plays it down. Kohli hits the last ball over the in-field to the sweeper on the off-side. He is off the mark.

IND 22/1 | Overs 5 |  Dhawan 6*, Kohli 0* OUT! Rohit 12(19)

Rohit glides one to mid-wicket and gets four. But, Rampaul has his man. He bowls one outside the off-stump and he tries to waft at it. However, he gets the edge and it flies to Darren Sammy at second slip, where he takes a good low catch.

IND 17/0 | Overs 4 |  Dhawan 6*, Rohit 8*

Holder overpitches outside the off stump and Dhawan gracefully drives it through the covers for four. That is his first boundary of the day. Holder isn’t getting his line right as he first strayed down the leg-side and then bowled a wide outside off.

IND 11/0 | Overs 3 |  Dhawan 2*, Rohit 8*

Rampaul bowls a wide in this over. Dhawan pushes one to the off-side and sprints for a single. Rohit comfortably watches the ball and sees off the over.

IND 9/0 | Overs 2 |  Dhawan 1*, Rohit 8*

Off the first ball, Dhawan tries a single towards mid-on. The throw comes in to the bowler’s end and he would have been short, had it hit.

IND 8/0 | Overs 1 |  Dhawan 0*, Rohit 8*

Rohit Sharma starts off the proceedings with a boundary through the off side, and gets another on the third man area to make it eight from the over.

West Indies captain Dwayne Bravo won the toss and elected to field against India in their second One-Day International (ODI) at Visakhapatnam on Sunday.

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (c&wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohit Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami. 
West Indies: Kieran Powell, Johnson Charles (wk), Darren Bravo, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo (c), Lendl Simmons, Veerasammy Permaul, Darren Sammy, Sunil Narine, Jason Holder, Ravi Rampaul.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the One-Day International (ODI) series between India and West Indies 2013-14. After a thumping six-wicket win in the first ODI, India will hope to maintain their domination over the West Indies in the second match of the series.

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