India vs West Indies 2013 Live Cricket Score, 2nd Test, Day 2 at Mumbai: West Indies strike twice in quick succession

Rohit Sharma remained unbeaten on 111 © IANS (File Photo)

Nov 15, 2013

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WI 43/3 | Overs 12.2 | Gayle 6*, OUT! Best 9(17) and Bravo 11(10)

West Indies have stumbled in their second innings. After Powell’s dismissal, they sent Tino Best as the night watchman, but the right-handed batsman was out after scoring nine off 16. Best’s dismissal brought Darren Bravo at the crease, who too was sent back to the pavilion by Ravichandran Ashwin, having him caught by Murali Vijay.

West Indies were 43 for three at stumps, and still trail by a further 270 runs.

WI 15/1 | Overs 6 | Gayle 2*, OUT! Powell 9(16)

West Indies openers Chris Gayle and Kieran Powell begin on a confident note, and did not take risks early on. Kieran Powell, however, lost his concentration as he is caught at long-off position by Mohammed Shami off Ravichandran Ashwin. India are in firm control.

IND 495 | Overs 108 | Rohit 111*, OUT! Shami 11(29)

India score 495 in their first innings as No 10 batsman Mohammed Shami is caught at the deep square leg boundary for 11. Rohit remains unbeaten on 111 off 127 balls with the help of 13 boundaries and three sixes. India have taken a mammoth 313-run lead in the first innings, and it will be a huge ask for the West Indies. India will certainly be eyeing another huge win.

IND 479/9 | Overs 105 | Rohit 105*, Shami 1*

West Indies are now tempting Rohit to do something unnecesary. They put the fielders on the fence to allow him the single. He then pushes Shillingford through the off-side with all men back and runs through for two. He then works towards the leg-side for a single and to move to 99.

And he gets his ton! After a few dot balls, he lofts Marlon Samuels into the stands at long-on.

IND 469/9 | Overs 102 | Rohit 95*, Shami 1*

Rohit Sharma has been in magnificent touch and has single-handedly ralied them after nine wickets were down. Shami and Rohit have already put up over 50 and Shami has only scored one run. Rohit is dealing in boundaries and is moving towards his ton.

IND 444/9 | Overs 96 | Rohit 74*, Shami 0*

Rohit has taken things in his own hands. He plays Shillingford very late and it goes to the boundary easily. Best has an appeal against him as Rohit tries to pull a short-one but cannot connect. The ball missed everything, but they still appealed. Rohit then dances down the track to Shillingford and smashes him high over mid-wicket for a massive six.

IND 419/9 | Overs 92 | Rohit 50*, Shami 0*

Rohit Sharma’s fine form continues as he brings up a quick half-century for India. Rohit nudges the last ball of the over towards the midwicket region to take a single and complete his half-century, and at the same time retain strike.

IND 416/9 | Overs 91 | Rohit 47*, OUT! Ojha 0(1)

A direct hit by Kieron Powell from deep midwicket sends back Pragyan Ojha to the pavilion for a duck. Rohit plays a pull shot off Shannon Gabriel to take couple of runs, but a good effort from Powell results in the Indian spinner’s dismissal.

IND 414/8 | Overs 90 | Rohit 45*, OUT! Bhuvneshwar 4(6)

Bhuvneshwar falls soon after tea. Shillingford strays onto the pads and Bhuvneshwar workes it around. Sammy at leg-slip takes a magnificent catch. That is his fifth catch!

IND 413/7 | Overs 89 | Rohit 44*, Bhuvneshwar 4* OUT! Ashwin 30(32) 

Ravichandran Ashwin was dismissed by West Indies pacer Shannon Gabriel as West Indies continued to make inroads in the Indian batting line-ip. Ashwin departs after a fluent innings of 30 off 32 balls, which included four boundaries and a six. India have extended their first-innings lead to 231 runs.

IND 400/6 | Overs 86 | Rohit 40*, Ashwin 25*

India have moved past 400. Rohit’s turn to essay the upper-cut as he guides Best over the slips for four. Meanwhile, Ashwin has had no problems in pulling Gabriel through mid-wicket for four and then guiding one over the slips for another. And all this against the new ball. After five overs from the seamers, they summon Shillingford to bowl with the new ball.

IND 384/6 | Overs 83 | Rohit 34*, Ashwin 15*

Shanon Gabriel is welcomed into the attack with a six over third-man by Ashwin. He pitched it short and Ashwin guided it over the slips and it sailed over the ropes. He then hits Best for a boundary to get off to a quick start.

IND 366/6 | Overs 81 | Rohit 30*, Ashwin 1* MS Dhoni 4(10)

Dhoni has been dismissed. He pokes at one outside the off-stump and the edge flies through to Sammy at second slip. Best finally gets his reward, although he would have wanted Tendulkar’s wicket. Ravichandran Ashwin is the new man.

IND 354/5 | Overs 78 | Rohit 23*, MS Dhoni 0* OUT! Pujara 113(167)

Pujara is gone as he tries to work Shillingford through the leg-side. Instead he gets an edge which flies back to Shillingford. It has been a good innings played under the shadow of Tendulkar. But, it has put India in a good position and now MS Dhoni takes over.

IND 351/4 | Overs 76 | Pujara 110*, Rohit 23*

Rohit charges to Shillingford and lofts him into the stands at long-on. He then waits for a short-one and merely places it behind point for four. Pujara then smashes a wide one from Marlon Samuels into the boundary.

IND 328/4 | Overs 72.1 | Pujara 100*, Rohit 10*

Pujara drives through mid-on to move to 98. Deonarine is the bowler and Rohit drives him gracefully through the off-side for four. Pujara then goes to 99 as he flicks Shillingford through the leg-side. Rohit dances down the track and gets a leading edge that falls in no-mans land on the off-side.

Pujara sweeps Deonarine to fine-leg and that is his ton. Second ton at the Wankhede Stadium for him.

IND 318/4 | Overs 70 | Pujara 97*, Rohit 3* Kohli 57(78)

Kohli is gone now. Shillingford comes from around the wicket and the bal doesn’t turn. He pushes forward and gets an outside-edge which is caught by Sammy at first-slip. Rohit Sharma is the new man in the centre. He gets off the mark with an edge through third-slip and gets two.

IND 302/3 | Overs 64 | Pujara 91*, Kohli 50*

Kohli has got to fifty. This has come soon after lunch as he flicks one through mid-wicket for a single. He got there in only 53 balls. Meanwhile, Pujara is closing in on his ton. The two youngsters are gradually building a very solid stand.

IND 282/3 | Overs 60 | Pujara 85*, Kohli 36*

Sachin Tendulkar may have falled after a fluent knock of 74, but India have ensured that the West Indies do not capitallise on the moment. Pujara is batting on 85, accompanied by Kohli on 36 with a first-innings lead of 100 runs. India take lunch at 282 for three on the second day.

IND 257/3 | Overs 55 | Pujara 77*, Kohli 19*

Pujara and Kohli have taken control at Wankhede. Kohli has setlled in with a few good drives through the covers. There was a scare for Pujara as the ball lobbed off his gloves and was taken by the short-leg fielder. Shillingford celebrated, but the umpires called for the replays. The third-umpire looked again and again and finally ruled him not out.

Here is what Bishan Singh Bedi has to say about Tendulkar’s dismissal:

IND 225/3 | Overs 48 | Pujara 60*, Kohli 4* OUT! Tendulkar 74(118)

Pujara rocks back on the backfoot and punches it through the off-side for four. Deonarine didn’t turn it and it was an easy shot for Pujara. But, Tendulkar is gone! He edges one to Darren Sammy at slips as Deonarine celebrates. The crowd gets up and Tendulkar waves the bat bidding good-bye.
Earlier, one could see the following tweets:

Irfan Pathan shares Gautam Gambhir’s dilemma:

Piers Morgan puts things into perspective:

IND 208/2 | Overs 45 | Pujara 50*, Tendulkar 73*

Pujara gets closer to his fifty with a flick through the leg-side for two. Shanin Gabriel has replaced Best. Pujara then gets a single to complete his half-century. Wankhede applauds as Pujara gets to a milestone away from the limelight. Tendulkar inside-edges one onto his pads as Gabriel gets it to move into a touch. Tendulkar then punches one down the ground and it goes for four.

IND 201/2 | Overs 44 | Pujara 47*, Tendulkar 67*

Narsingh Deonarine is the new bowler and he would hone his off-spinners. Tendulkar pushes the second ball through third-man and runs two. He then gets right behind all the deliveries and defends them. Deonarine is not turning it a lot.

IND 199/2 | Overs 43 | Pujara 47*, Tendulkar 65*

Best bowls it on the length outside the off-stump and Tendulkar rocks back to drive it through the covers for a four. A beautiful shot there by Tendulkar as he moves into the 60s. Best bowls another one short and makes Tendulkar duck under it. This is a very good battle between them. Tendulkar uncomfortably fends a delivery through fine-leg as Best tests him with another short one.

There is an interesting moment as Tendulkar flicks one onto the shin of Kieran Powell at forward short-leg. Best hoped for the best!

IND 192/2 | Overs 42 | Pujara 46*, Tendulkar 59*

Pujara takes a single through mid-wicket and gets Tendulkar back on strike. He tries to sweep, but he misses. Tendulkar then pushes through long-on and takes an easy single. With the mid-on up, Pujara plays a good on-drive for four.

IND 184/2 | Overs 41 | Pujara 40*, Tendulkar 58*

Best is bowling well when he gets close to the off-stump. However, he is straying down the leg-side too many times. Tendulkar glances through square-leg and runs through for a double. He is trying the upper-cut too many times, but isn’t getting it.

IND 181/2 | Overs 40 | Pujara 40*, Tendulkar 56*

Pujara is only giving strike to Tendulkar almost as if he has to do the job. But, Tendulkar rocks back to Shillingford and places it behind point to pick another boundary. Pujara and Tendulkar have now put up a 100-run partnership

IND 176/2 | Overs 39 | Pujara 39*, Tendulkar 52*

Tendulkar watches Best well. He gets right behind the ball and defends it with control. Tendulkar tries another upper-cut as he crouches to a short ball. It misses the bat and Best has a word or two. Tendulkar then pushes a full delivery through mid-off for a four. Wankhede is delirious as Tendulkar raises his bat. That is is half century.

While all the focus is on the Wankhede, Delhi and Mumbai are playing their Ranji Trophy game at Bandra, Mumbai. Here is what Gautam Gambhir has tweeted:

IND 172/2 | Overs 38 | Pujara 39*, Tendulkar 48*

Pujara glides one through backward point and runs through for a brace. He then pushes through mid-wicket and Tendulkar comes on strike. Tendulkar sweeps Shillingford for a single to move to 48. The crowd is waiting for his half-century.

IND 168/2 | Overs 37 | Pujara 36*, Tendulkar 47*

Best is straying on the pads a few times ans Pujara pushes through the leg-side to hand the strike to Tendulkar again. Darren Sammy places a short-leg as Tendulkar readies himself to face Best. Tendulkar tries to play a late upper-cut and Best starts celebrating as Denesh Ramdin throws the ball in the air. Richard Kettleborough says no as Best holds his head. The replays show that the ball flicked his shirt.

IND 167/2 | Overs 36 | Pujara 35*, Tendulkar 47*

Tendulkar gets his first boundary of the day as he rocks back to Shane Shillingford and cuts him through point. The Wankhede Stadium errupts in joy. He then paddles the next ball through fine-leg, although there was a leg-slip. 

IND 159/2 | Overs 35 | Pujara 35*, Tendulkar 39*

Day Two gets underway with Cheteshwar Pujara taking strike. Tino Best runs in to bowl and there is that early help for the fast-bowlers. Pujara works the third ball of the day through square-leg and runs through for a single. Theere is a huge roar as Tendulkar takes strike. He calmly walks towards a spot on the pitch and taps it. Tendulkar defends the first ball and then pushes again to square-leg to take a single.

Brian Lara also has a prayer as Tendulkar braces himself for a new day. The other day, the West Indian legend had called Tendulkar ‘The Greatest.’ Here is tweet:

The countdown has begun as the world awaits the start of play. And, that is for one man. His one time competitor, Shane Warne has an interesting thing to say. Here is what he tweeted:

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of Day Two of the second Test between India and the West Indies at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Or should one say Sachin Tendulkar‘s 200th Test? I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and will take you through the day’s play.

Since Tendulkar has finished Day One on 38 not out, all eyes are on him as a new day dawns in Mumbai. India are 157 for two in 34 overs after bowling West Indies out for 182. Will he make his farewell memorable? If Day One is anything to go by, he is looking in great touch.