India vs Zimbabwe 2013 Live Cricket Score: Rohit Sharma, Cheteshwar Pujara off to cautious start

Rohit Sharma (above) had a new opening partner in debutant Cheteshwar Pujara in the fourth ODI © AFP

Aug 1, 2013

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Ind: 145/1  | Overs 30.5 |  R Sharma 64*, S Raina 65* INDIA win by 9 wickets

India win by 9 wickets! Its all over! Sharma and Raina have seen India through to a comprehensive victory. With 12 needed, Rohit hit a four and a six and followed it up with two singles to finish the match with 19.1 overs to spare. India have now taken a 4-0 lead and are just one step away from a whitewash. As for the home side, they were thoroughly outplayed from the very beginning, including the toss that Kohli won and opted to field. That’s all from me for now. For all those who have just joined us, the third Ashes Test is underway at Old Trafford. Catch the live updates here.You can also read the first session report here.

Ind: 131/1  | Overs 30 |  R Sharma 50*, S Raina 53*

Batting powerplay taken and Raina (finally) shows some urgency to finish the game. He first plays a powerful stroke down the ground for the boundary and then hit another boundary past square leg on the last delivery of the over. India are only 12 runs away from victory.

Ind: 119/1  | Overs 29 |  R Sharma 50*, S Raina 53*

Malcolm Waller is introduced into the attack and he almost gets a wicket. Raina is foxed by the turn and he seems to have dragged his back leg out of he crease in the process. When the wicketkeeper dislodges the bails, he pushes his foot back but even it is not conclusive despite multiple replays. He just about seems to have made it. Benefit of doubt to him. Good over from Waller, just three runs from it.

Ind: 116/1  | Overs 28 |  R Sharma 50*, S Raina 50*

Short delivery and Rohit pulls it past deep square leg for a boundary! Rohit’s eyes lit the moment he saw the length and was quick to go on his back foot and hit it to the boundary line. Eight runs collected from the over and both batsmen have brought up their half-centuries.

Ind: 108/1  | Overs 27 |  R Sharma 44*, S Raina 48*

Utseya comes on to bowl his ninth over. He has been disciplined but has failed to break this partnership. Another over fetches four runs for India.

Ind: 104/1  | Overs 26 |  R Sharma 42*, S Raina 46*

India go past the 100-run mark. Williams concedes six runs from the over. The visitors need 41 runs to win from the remaining 24 overs.

Ind: 98/1  | Overs 25 |  R Sharma 39*, S Raina 43*

The singles are coming easily here. These two have helped India cruise along after Pujara’s early dismissal. Many expected Raina to make way for Ajinkya Rahane in  the line-up but the former has done well to dig in.

Ind: 94/1  | Overs 24 |  R Sharma 37*, S Raina 42*

Suresh Raina has looked solid here. He has displayed some positive cricket here. He moves into the 40s. Four runs from the over. These two have added 71 runs so far and seem like they can go on till the end.

Ind: 90/1  | Overs 23 |  R Sharma 35*, S Raina 40*

Utseya bowls resumes his miserly line and length. But, Raina and Rohit are happy to pick up just three singles.

Ind: 87/1  | Overs 22 |  R Sharma 34*, S Raina 38*

Sean Williams comes into the attack and starts well. Just three runs from the over.

Ind: 84/1  | Overs 21 |  R Sharma 33*, S Raina 36*

Its Raina’s turn to come down the track now! He comes down and lofts a delivery over long-off and the ball just about rolls to the boundary.

Ind: 78/1  | Overs 20 |  R Sharma 32*, S Raina 31*

Pure brilliance from Rohit Sharma! He steps down the track (again!) and lofts the ball over the bowler’s head for a boundary.

Ind: 71/1  | Overs 19 |  R Sharma 26*, S Raina 30*

Raina makes room! He moves his front foot out and slams a boundary. Two more runs taken.

Ind: 65/1  | Overs 18 |  R Sharma 24*, S Raina 21*

Another fairly quiet over with just five runs from it as both teams take drinks at India on 65 for one in 18 overs, still needing 80 runs to win from 32 overs

Ind: 60/1  | Overs 17 |  R Sharma 24*, S Raina 21*

Utseya continues with his tight line and length and gives very little away. The Indian batsmen can pick up just three runs from it.

Ind: 57/1  | Overs 16 |  R Sharma 24*, S Raina 18*

These two are getting their singles easily here. They dont necessarily need the boundaries and are playing it smart by getting their eye in and getting some batting practice. Four runs from the over.

Ind: 53/1  | Overs 15 |  R Sharma 23*, S Raina 16*

Utseya bowls tight line and length and offers just three singles in the first three deliveries and gets three dot balls to follow.

Ind: 50/1  | Overs 14 |  R Sharma 19*, S Raina 11*

Fifty up for India. Six runs taken from this Chatara over. Raina and Rohit are keeping the scorecard ticking.

Ind: 44/1  | Overs 13 |  R Sharma 19*, S Raina 11*

A good over for India, this. Both Rohit and Raina get a boundary each and add two more runs to the total.

Ind: 34/1  | Overs 12 |  R Sharma 14*, S Raina 6*

Raina gets a juicy half-volley and converts it into a boundary. He will be glad to get going. He needs a big knock here to revive form.

Ind: 26/1  | Overs 11 |  R Sharma 10*, S Raina 0*

Sharma dances down the track again but can only get a single. Raina also gets a single and they take three runs from the over.

Ind: 23/1  | Overs 10 |  R Sharma 10*, S Raina 0* OUT! C Pujara 13 (24)

Tendai Chatara sends back Cheteshwar Pujara! Pujara comes forward with a half-hearted attempt to drive the ball but an inside edge crashes onto his stumps. His debut ends here with his score at 13 from 24 deliveries. Surprise, surprise! Suresh Raina walks out at No 3. Expect a few short deliveries first up.

Ind: 23/0  | Overs 9 | C Pujara 13*, R Sharma 10*

Oh, what do we have here? Sledging from Vitori? Rohit Sharma comes down the wicket and plays a one-handed shot which goes straight to point. Vitori is seen talking to Sharma. Two runs from the over.

Ind: 21/0  | Overs 8 | C Pujara 12*, R Sharma 9*

A firm backfoot stroke through point from Pujara gives him his second boundary. India are ticking along slowly here. Six runs come from the over.

Ind: 15/0  | Overs 7 | C Pujara 7*, R Sharma 8*

Vitori complements Chinouya from the other end. He bowls a maiden. He bowls six good deliveries to Rohit who is happy to see all of them off.

Ind: 15/0  | Overs 6 | C Pujara 7*, R Sharma 8*

Chinouya is bowling well here. He bowls tight line and length and keeps the Indian duo from scoring easily. Three runs come from the over.

Ind: 12/0  | Overs 5 | C Pujara 5*, R Sharma 7*

Vitori bowls a poor half-volley and invites Rohit Sharma to play it through the covers and the latter kindly obliges.Five runs come from the over.

Ind: 7/0  | Overs 4 | C Pujara 5*, R Sharma 2*

This is a slow start for India. Another over that fetches just one run. India wouldn’t mind this though, with just 145 to get.

Ind: 6/0  | Overs 3 | C Pujara 5*, R Sharma 1*

Brian Vitori bowls a good over. COnditions still suiting the quicks. He gives only one run away.

Ind: 5/0  | Overs 2 | C Pujara 5*, R Sharma 0*

Michael Chinouya starts well but the over ends with a glorious shot for a boundary from Pujara’s blade through the covers. He is underway.

Ind: 1/0  | Overs 1 | C Pujara 1*, R Sharma 0*

Cheteshwar Pujara is out to represent India in ODIs! Big moment, this. He gets his first international runs with a single towards third man. Meanwhile,’rested’ player Shikhar Dhawan is seen geared up and in conversation with Trevor Penney. He seems to be practicing. Some commitment that. Just the single from that over.

Zim: 144/10 | Overs 42.4 |  E Chigumbura 50* OUT! B Vitori 8 (6), M Chinouya 0 (1)

Chigumbura gets to his fifty but Mishra picks up the final two wickets to wrap up the Zimbabwe innings for 144. The innings has belonged to the disciplined Indian bowlers who took good advantage of the early helpful conditions and made the batsmen struggle early on. Chigumbura and Waller did well to dish out an 80-run stand for the sixth wicket but once Mohit Sharma broke the partnership, it was downward spiral for the home side. India need 145 runs to win.

Zim: 142/8 | Overs 42 |  E Chigumbura 49*, B Vitori 8*

A rare good over for the home side. They collect nine runs off it as new man Brian Vitori launches Jadeja for a six off the last delivery. Cheteshwar Pujara takes a running catch but goes beyond the boundary line.

Zim: 133/8 | Overs 41 |  E Chigumbura 48* OUT! T Chatara 1 (6)

Amit Mishra strikes! Tendai Chatara goes after a wide delivery and skies it for Ravindra Jadeja to complete a fairly simple catch. Meanwhile, Chigumbura is still unbeaten at the other end on 48.

Zim: 131/7 | Overs 40 |  E Chigumbura 47*, T Chatara 1* OUT! P Utseya 1 (12)

The pressure of playing out a maiden over has got to Utseya. He goes after a loose delivery outside the off-stump and is caught by Rohit Sharma at point.

Zim: 129/6 | Overs 39 |  E Chigumbura 45*, P Utseya 1*

Mohit Sharma comes back and Kohli brings in a slip fielder. Mohit tests Utseya with a barrage of short deliveries and gets a maiden over in return.

Zim: 129/6 | Overs 38 |  E Chigumbura 45*, P Utseya 1*

Kohli brings back Jadeja. He gives a single to Chigumbura and bowls four dot deliveries to the new batsman Prosper Utseya before the latter collects a single off the last delivery.

Zim: 127/6 | Overs 37 |  E Chigumbura 40* OUT! M Waller 35 (77)

Mohit Sharma breaks the partnership! A straight delivery is edged by Waller and Dinesh Karthik takes a good low catch diving forward to send back Waller for a well-made 35 from 77 deliveries.

Zim: 122/5 | Overs 36 | M Waller 34*, E Chigumbura 40*

The powerplay is taken and the over starts with a boundary. Chigumbura comes into the act by slamming Shami for a six over deep square leg. This passage of paly will be crucial. This duo have done well to get their eye in and play out the tough phase and now have the powerplay overs to up the run rate.


Zim: 111/5 | Overs 35 | M Waller 28*, E Chigumbura 35*

The first ball fetches a three as Mishra is slow to get to the ball. Another two singles come from the remaining overs.

Zim: 106/5 | Overs 34 | M Waller 27*, E Chigumbura 31*

Mishra errs for the first time in the game with a juicy full toss which is dispatched for a boundary by Waller. Five runs from the over.

Zim: 101/5 | Overs 33 | M Waller 23*, E Chigumbura 30*

100 comes up for Zimbabwe! Unadkat bowls from around the stumps and Waller drives it through covers for a single. Unadkat comes back over the wicket and bowls four dot deliveries before giving a single off the last ball.

Zim: 99/5 | Overs 32 | M Waller 21*, E Chigumbura 29*

Mishra bowls another miserly over. Just one single from it. Chigumbura and Waller fail to put away his length deliveries and play out another tight over.

Zim: 98/5 | Overs 31 | M Waller 21*, E Chigumbura 29*

Between one-odd boundary, Zimbabwe are going through overs of just a few singles. Four comes from Unadkat’s fifth over.

Zim: 94/5 | Overs 30 | M Waller 19*, E Chigumbura 27*

Mohit tests Waller with a few short deliveries and the latter is happy to let all of them go through to Karthik behind the stumps. Mohit bowls a full delivery and Waller jumps onto it to get a boundary from it.

Zim: 88/5 | Overs 29 | M Waller 13*, E Chigumbura 27*

Chigumbura dances down the track and starts Mishra’s over with a one-bounce boundary over long off. However, those are the only runs that come from the over as Mishra comes back well.

Zim: 84/5 | Overs 28 | M Waller 13*, E Chigumbura 23*

Kohli brings back Mohit Sharma who bowled six overs in his first spell. He is probably looking to get another breakthrough in a bid to go through the tail and wrap up the innings. The Waller-Chigumbura stand has been slow but has been an important stand so far. Mohit beats Waller’s bat on a couple of occasions and the over ends with two singles from the over.

Zim: 82/5 | Overs 27 | M Waller 12*, E Chigumbura 22*

Another quiet over from Mishra. Only three runs from it.

Zim: 79/5 | Overs 26 | M Waller 9*, E Chigumbura 22*

Waller finally dispatches a short delivery through mid on for a boundary. A welcome boundary, this. Five runs from the over.

Zim: 74/5 | Overs 25 | M Waller 5*, E Chigumbura 22*

‘Well bowled Mishraji, says skipper Virat Kohli as the leggie goes through another tough over. The batsmen are still struggling to find the gaps and rotate strike.

Zim: 72/5 | Overs 24 | M Waller 4*, E Chigumbura 21*

Jadeja wraps up another over quickly. This time its a maiden as Chigumbura fails to find the gap in the field.

Zim: 72/5 | Overs 23 | M Waller 4*, E Chigumbura 21*

Mishra continues and the batsmen play him out for most of the over, picking up just two singles. This is a crucial phase for the home side. A wicket is likely to trigger a collapse but they need to up the run rate if they are to make a match of this game. A lot rests on Chigumbura’s shoulders.

Zim: 70/5 | Overs 22 | M Waller 3*, E Chigumbura 20*

Jadeja completes another good over. He has only one run to give away.

Zim: 69/5 | Overs 21 | M Waller 3*, E Chigumbura 19*

Amit Mishra — the leading wicket-taker in the series comes on. He has an ordinary start. The batsmen rotate strike easily. This also seems like the first over when Mishra hasn’t unleashed a wrong ‘un. Five runs taken from the over.

Zim: 64/5 | Overs 20 | M Waller 2*, E Chigumbura 15*

Chigumbura gets a much-needed four. A short delivery and he goes on the backfoot and hits the ball through to sweeper cover for a boundary.

Zim: 59/5 | Overs 19 | M Waller 2*, E Chigumbura 10*

Unadkat shifts back to over the wicket and concedes five runs through one three and a couple.

Zim: 54/5 | Overs 18 | M Waller 0*, E Chigumbura 7*

Chigumbura brings up Zimbabwe’s 50 with a boundary through third man. He and Waller collect five runs from the over.

Zim: 49/5 | Overs 17 | M Waller 0*, E Chigumbura 1*

A very tight over from Unadkat comes to an end. Only a single from it. Zimbabwe are struggling to keep the scorboard ticking here.

Zim: 48/5 | Overs 16 | M Waller 0*, E Chigumbura 1*  OUT! V Sibanda 24 (45)

Oh boy! Jadeja cleans up Sibanda! A length delivery moves in a bit and Sibanda is caught on the crease, trying to play the ball away on the leg side. The off-stump is disturbed and half the Zimbabwean side is back in the hut. Just a run and a wicket from the over.

Zim: 47/4 | Overs 15 | V Sibanda 24*, M Waller 0*  OUT S Williams 0 (2)

Unadkat’s dream debut series continues. He bags his seventh wicket of the series. A full delivery beats Williams’s bat and sends the off-stump cartwheeling to send back the batsman for a blob. Malcolm Waller comes out.

Zim: 44/3 | Overs 14 | V Sibanda 20*, S Williams 0* OUT! B Taylor 0 (9)

Ravindra Jadeja comes on and strikes immediately! And he has got the back of the opposition skipper. On first look, it seemed like the ball would have missed the leg stump but a loud shout from Jadeja and the close-in fielders seems to have convinced the umpire. Remember, no reviews here. Taylor has to take the long walk back for a nine-ball duck. Good start for Jadeja, just a run and a big wicket from it.

Zim: 43/2 | Overs 13 | V Sibanda 20*, B Taylor 0*

Jaydev Unadkat comes into the attack. The Southpaw starts well but gives away a boundary to Sibanda off an over-pitched delivery. Seven come from the over.

Zim: 36/2 | Overs 12 | V Sibanda 13*, B Taylor 0*

Shami continues and bowls a maiden over. Taylor is happy to play out the length deliveries that continue to move a bit.

Zim: 36/2 | Overs 11 | V Sibanda 13*, B Taylor 0* OUT! H Masakadza 10 (15)

Sir Ravindra Jadeja forces a run out. Masakadza was starting to look dangerous but has been dismissed by a direct hit from Jadeja who was fielding at point. The batsmen set off for a quick single but Jadeja is on the spot (like always) and Masakadza had to walk back. Skipper Brendon Taylor walks out.



Zim: 35/1 | Overs 10 | V Sibanda 13*, H Masakadza 10*

Hamilton Masakadza hits the first six of the innings!  He walks across and pulls one over deep midwicket. Zimbabwe manage 35 for one from the first 10 overs.

Zim: 28/1 | Overs 9 | V Sibanda 13*, H Masakadza 4*

Mohit bowls another ripper to Sibanda. The length delivery nipped back sharply after pitching and goes inches above Sibanda’s stumps. He, however, regains his confidence with a square drive off an over-pitched delivery. Six runs from the over.

Zim: 22/1  | Overs 8 | V Sibanda 6*, H Masakadza 1*

Shami strays a bit in line and length and concedes six runs from the over.

Zim: 16/1  | Overs 7 | V Sibanda 6*, H Masakadza 1* OUT! S Raza 7 (17)

And Mohit Sharma gets his first international wicket. Raza has been dismissed. He had done well till this point by not putting his bat out to a delivery that was shaping away from him but on this occasion he gives a thick edge to wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik. Just one run and a wicket from the over.

Zim: 16/0  | Overs 6 | V Sibanda 6*, S Raza 7*

A full delivery from Shami and Sibanda is there to help it to the long off boundary with a beautiful drive. Four runs come from the over.

Zim: 12/0  | Overs 5 | V Sibanda 2*, S Raza 7*

Sibanda looks to get a move on and frees his arms and pulls a short delivery from Mohit but can only hit it to the deep fine leg fielder for a single. But it is Raza who brings up the first boundary of the innings. Ordinary stuff from Mohit. Short and wide and Raza puts it away to the point boundary.

Zim: 5/0  | Overs 4 | V Sibanda 1*, S Raza 3*

Sibanda takes 16 deliveries to get off the mark. Two runs come from Shami’s second over.

Zim: 5/0  | Overs 3 | V Sibanda 0*, S Raza 2*

Mohit Sharma completes another tidy over as the batsmen continue to be cautious and wary about putting bat to ball. Two runs frm the over.

Zim: 3/0  | Overs 2 | V Sibanda 0*, S Raza 2*

Mohammad Shami starts from the other end and straighaway gets the ball to shape away from Sikandar Raza. Zimbabwe’s tactics wil lbe interesting to watch.  Runs will not come easy in the first hour or so. Shami gets an appeal his way as a ball pitched on the leg stump straightens and hits Raza on the pads. However, it hit him above the knee roll. Raza gets off the mark off the last delivery with a couple of runs.

Zim: 1/0  | Overs 1 | V Sibanda 0*, S Raza 0*

Mohit Sharma starts with a ripper! He bowls a length delivery that jags back into the right-handed Vusi Sibanda and goes through his bat and pad to Dinesh Karthik. Sharma will hope to use the early conditions to his advantage and get a wicket or two in his kitty. There is swing and Mohit bowls one down the leg side for a wide. Lot of swing here. A good first over. Sibanda will be glad it has come to an end. Just one run from it.

Indian captain Virat Kohli won the toss and elected to field against Zimbabwe in the fourth One-Day International (ODI) at Bulawayo.

India have made two changes and have handed Cheteshwar Pujara an ODI debut in place of opener Shikhar Dhawan. Mohit Sharma also debuts in place of Vinay Kumar.

Zimbabwe: Vusi Sibanda, Hamilton Masakadza, Sikandar Raza, Brendan Taylor (c & wk), Sean Williams, Malcolm Waller, Elton Chigumbara, Brian Vitori, Prosper Utseya, Kyle Jarvis, Tendai Chetara
India: Cheteshwar Pujara, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli (c), Dinesh Karthik (wk), Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra, Shami Ahmed, Mohit Sharma,  Jaydev Unadkat

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of India’s tour of Zimbabwe 2013. I am Prakash Govindasreenivasan and I will be bringing you key updates of the match. India have already sealed the series and the focus will be on those who get to make a debut for the visitors.