Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the second T20 International (T20I) between India and Zimbabwe at the Harare Sports Club, Harare. I am Aditya Sahay and I will be bringing you all the updates from this match. Zimbabwe shocked India with a two-run in win the first T20I. India needed 8 to win from the final over, but Neville Madziva gave away just five runs off the final over, to help Zimbabwe notch up their first win of the tour. India will look to bounce back in the second match and are likely to make a change or two for this match. Live Cricket Scorecard: India vs Zimbabwe, 2nd T20I, at Harare

The Player of the Match award goes to Jasprit Bumrah. Fastest Player of the match goes to Ambati Rayudu. Mandeep Singh takes the Stylish Player of the award. Barinder Sran earns the Man of the Match award for his splendid spell of 4-0-11-4 which dismantled the Zimbabwe innings and made the match entirely one sided. Zimbabwe back to square one with a disappointing performance after starting off so well in the T20 series opener. MS Dhoni and co. will be pleased with his boys performance but will not be complacent as they have all to play for in the last T2o. That’s it from CricketCountry, this is Aditya Sahay signing off. Stay tune for the next and final match of the tour on June 22.

Nothing went Zimbabwe’s way after winning the toss. Their batsmen struggled to cope up with a much improved performance by Indian bowlers after a thrashing they experienced in the first T20. Jasprit Bumrah and Barinder Sran were the pick of the bowlers as they completed their quota of 4 overs taking 3 and 4 wickets respectively.  Sran demolished the Zimbabwean innings by taking two wickets on consecutive deliveries and Bumrah picked up from there on to take more than 50 wickets in 2016. Rest all the bowlers were among wickets and none conceded runs a plenty.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 103/0 in Overs 13.1:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 47(40), Mandeep Singh 52(40): FOUR! Mandeep smashes a short ball to the fence to reach to his maiden T20 fifty for his national team and takes India home by 10 wickets. Series leveled as India finish of a clinical performance with both bat and ball.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 99/0 in Overs 13:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 47(40), Mandeep Singh 48(39): DOT. A dot to start the over. SINGLE. Rahul drives it for a single. DOT. Confidence beaming in Mandeep’s batting as he blocks it by coming forward and respecting the ball. FOUR! A short ball and deservingly pushed hard by Mandeep towards point region. DOT. Mandeep blocks one. SINGLE. Mandeep tabs one for a single to end the over.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 93/0 in Overs 12:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 46(38), Mandeep Singh 43(35): DOT. Raza comes into bowl and concedes none on his first ball. SINGLE. Rahul goes off strike. DOT. Mandeep looked rusty but now has settled down as he blocks it well. TWO. Mandeep Singh plays an uppish drive for two. TWO. Mandeep adds another couple to his name with a pull. FOUR. Beautiful drive by Mandeep to end the over.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 84/0 in Overs 11:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 45(36), Mandeep Singh 35(31): SINGLE. Mandeep rotates the strike by taking a quick run.SIX! A great shot by KL Rahul as he goes for the maximum down the bowler’s throat. Rahul in a hurry to finish the formalities. DOT. Rahul blocks it well.SINGLE. Rahul flicks it for one. SINGLE. Both are rotating the strike beautifully as Mandeep adds one more to his name. SINGLE. Rahul takes one towards the sqaure leg region.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 74/0 in Overs 10:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 37(29), Mandeep Singh 33(29): SINGLE. Rahul tabs it down for a single. SINGLE. Ball keeps low but Mandeep takes one. SINGLE. Mandeep rotates the strike. He has a good chance to post his first T20 fifty. SINGLE and a NO-BALL! Mandeep gets off strike as Rahul to play the free hit delivery. SIX! Rahul slices it towards the deep cover region for a maximum. SINGLE. Rahul takes a single. SINGLE. Mandeep keeps strike for the next over.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 61/0 in Overs 9:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 28(28), Mandeep Singh 30(26): DOT. Rahul taps it to point for no run. TWO. Rahul plays with soft hands for a couple. SINGLE. Rahul plays it well for a single. SINGLE. Mandeep rotates the strike as India are cruising at a good pace. SINGLE LEG of Rahul’s pad. DOT. Mandeep flicks it to the leg but no run. DOT. Mandeep plays the over well with no damage yet.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 55/0 in Overs 8:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 25(25), Mandeep Singh 29(23): SINGLE. Mandeep gets to the other end. SINGLE. Rahul takes one. DOT. A loud call by Mandeep as he guides it to the point for no run. SIX! Mandeep mistimes another pull for deep square-leg but the fielder misses again and guides the ball past the boundary line. SINGLE. Mandeep takes one towards point. SINGLE. Rahul keeps strike for the next over.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 45/0 in Overs 7:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 23(23), Mandeep Singh 21(21): SINGLE. Rahul takes one. FOUR. Mandeep flicks one down the leg for four.SINGLE. Mandeep gets one. SINGLE. Rahul plays it sensibly by rotating the strike. DOT. Mandeep blocks it efficiently. SINGLE. Mandeep uses his wrist for a single.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 37/0 in Overs 6:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 21(21), Mandeep Singh 15 (15): DOT. Rahul blocks for no run. FOUR! Rahul smashes it past the mid-off region with a good hand eye co-ordination. DOT. Rahul tabs it but no run. TWO. Rahul frees his arm looking for another big hit, gets a couple. SINGLE. Rahul goes to the bowler’s end with a single. TWO. Mandeep plays it down the leg-side for a couple.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 28/0 in Overs 5:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 13(14), Mandeep Singh 13 (14): FOUR. Mandeep plays a bad shot as he pulls but an equally bad fielding gives him four runs. FOUR! Good shot by Mandeep as he plays on the rise for another boundary. SINGLE. Mandeep plays it sensibly for a quick single. DOT. Rahul blocks for no run. SINGLE. KL Rahul plays it sensibly for a run. DOT. Mandeep guides it to point for no run.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 18/0 in Overs 4:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 13(14), Mandeep Singh 4 (10): DOT. Rahul plays on the up for no run. FOUR! KL Rahul breaks the shackles. DOT. KL Rahul looking good as he is timing well but this time no run. TWO. Bad ball by Madziva as Rahul flicks to the the fine-leg for two. TWO. Rahul takes another two on the off this time. DOT. Mandeep sends Rahul back for no run.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 10/0 in Overs 3:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 5(8), Mandeep Singh 4 (10) SINGLE. KL Rahul goes off strike. DOT. Mandeep plays a drive but no run. TWO. Mandeep plays an uppish pull half heartedly for a couple. DOT. Mandeep looks in a hurry as he comes slightly forward to play and misses. DOT. Mandeep may throw his wicket looking at the way he is playing all kinds of shots. Another dot. DOT. A slow ball as no run conceded.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 7/0 in Overs 2:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 4(7), Mandeep Singh 2 (5) Neville Madziva comes from the other end.THREE. Rahul flicks it to the leg side for three. DOT. Mandeep Singh comes forward and blocks it well. DOT. Mandeep drives it straight but no run. DOT. Singh plays another dot. TWO. Mandeep drives it to third man for a couple.DOT. Mandeep comes forward and blocks well.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES: India 4/0 in Overs 1:  BATTING|  KL Rahul 1(6), Mandeep Singh 0 (0)DOT. A bouncer to welcome Rahul at the crease by Tiripano. DOT. Rahul plays and gives it back to the bowler. DOT. Tiripano is right on the money as Rahul blocks another.DOT. A loud shout by Rahul as he blocks one more to covers.DOT. Zimbabwe may have failed with the bat but Tiripano has started well. SINGLE. Rahul takes a quick single at mid-off to keep strike.

India come out to bat to chase a paltry total of exactly 100 runs in 20 overs. They will like to finish it off in style and in a commanding way. Should be a walk in the park for Team India as they take on the field to level the series. Donald Tiripano starts the proceedings for Zimbabwe as KL Rahul takes guard.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 99/9 in Overs 20:  BATTING|  Tiripano 11 (14), Taurai Muzarbani 0 (2): SINGLE! Tiripano plays it to shot mid-wicket and takes a run. WICKET. Cremer goes for the required big shot but as has been the case with Zimbabwe today, he fails to connect and goes out. Kulkarni gets his first wicket. Muzarabani comes out to the ground. WIDE. Kulkarni misses his line and concedes a wide. SIX! Tiripano connects and connects well. SINGLE! Tiripano goes off strike. DOT. Muzarabani plays and misses completely. DOT. Muzarbani misses another.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 90/8 in Overs 19:  BATTING|  Graeme Cremer 1 (2), Tiripano 3 (11) : SINGLE! Cremer takes a single and goes off strike. DOT. Bumrah is fuming fire just like Sran did as Tiripano misses. No room for Tiripano as Bumrah adds one more dot ball to his spell. DOT. Play and a miss. SINGLE. Tiripano finally gets bat to ball as he gives his captain the strike. TWO. Cremer plays an uppish drive and takes a couple.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 86/8 in Overs 18:  BATTING|  Graeme Cremer 1 (2), Tiripano 1 (2) : DOT! Sran comes in for his last spell and misses his hattrick. SINGLE. Tiripano cuts it to the cover regions.SINGLE! Cremer misses the length bowled by Sran and gets a single as umpire singles it as leg-byes. DOT. Tiripano comes forward and Sran bangs it little short for no run.DOT. Slower ball from Sran as Tiripano continues to struggle. DOT. Good shot by Tiripano but no run.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 84/8 in Overs 17:  BATTING|  Graeme Cremer 1 (2), Tiripano 1 (2) : WICKET! What a gem of a delivery from Bumrah to get Chigumbura out. Clean bowled. He struggled and never loked the same like he was in the 1st T20. Neville Madziva comes in. SINGLE. Madziva takes a single first ball. SINGLE. Captain Cremer takes a single. WICKET! Madziva goes for a single as Bumrah is firing on all cylinders. DOT as Tiripano comes in. SINGLE. Tiripano rotates the strike to keep himself on strike for the next over.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 81/6 in Overs 16:  BATTING|  Elton Chigumbura 8(18), Graeme Cremer 0 (2) : DOT. Akshar Patel comes back as he bowls a dot. FOUR! Easy pickings for Chigumbura. DOT. Chigumbura struggles. DOT. Chigumbura looks frustrated as he misses one more. DOT. He is not looking his best today. SINGLE. Chigumbura keeps strike.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 76/6 in Overs 15:  BATTING|  Elton Chigumbura 3(13), Graeme Cremer 0 (2) : DOT. Bumrah comes back and is right on the money. SINGLE. Moor punches it down for a single. SINGLE. Chigumbura is struggling for timing as he pulls and takes one. WICKET! A slower one from the talented Bumrah as Patel takes a sitter. Moor gone for 31 off 32.SINGLE. Chigumbura takes a quick single. Cremer takes his first ball. DOT. Comes right into his pads as Cremer blocks it back to Bumrah.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 73/5 in Overs 14:  BATTING|   Peter Moor 30 (30), Elton Chigumbura 1 (10) : SINGLE. Moor takes a single. DOT. Chigumbura struggles again against Chahal. SINGLE. Chigumbura is not loking the same as in the first T20 but gets one finally. SINGLE. Chahal goes for the maximum but Chahal misses the catch. WIDE. Chigumbura goes for the sweep as Chahal gives an extra. DOT. Chahal is bowling the right lengths to Chigumbura. NO BALL. Chahal provides another extra delivery. DOT. Thankfully Chigumbura misses.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 68/5 in Overs 13:  BATTING|   Peter Moor 28 (27), Elton Chigumbura 0 (5) : SIX! Moor gets a big shot for a maximum as ZIM try to move on. DOT. No run. FOUR! Moor looking good for a big innings as he gets one more boundary. DOT. Moor powers it to the covers. DOT. Moor tries to pull one on the leg but no success. SINGLE. Moor will keep the strike for the next over.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 57/5 in Overs 12:  BATTING|   Peter Moor 17 (21), Elton Chigumbura 0 (5) : WICKET! Waller goes for a shot but Chahal gets his first scalp as Akshar Patel takes a good catch at covers. Elton Chigumbura comes in next. DOT. Chigumbura comes down but misses as he tries to guide it to the leg side. DOT. Chigumbura gets no luck in the scoring board till now. DOT. Chigumbura comes down again but no run. DOT. Chigumbura under pressure as he misses another. DOT to finish the over. Wicket maiden over by Chahal.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 57/4 in Overs 11:  BATTING|   Peter Moor 20 (22), Waller 14(19) : SINGLE.Waller takes one. TWO. Moor goes for the big shot, Rayudu does well to keep it to two. SINGLE. Moor gets off strike. DOT. Waller plays and misses. DOT. Waller drives but no success. SINGLE. Waller takes a strike to keep the strike for the next over.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 52/4 in Overs 9:  BATTING|   Peter Moor 17 (16), Waller 10(12) : Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack. DOT! Waller gets no run. DOT. Bumrah right on the money. SINGLE. Waller gets a run finally. DOT. Good bowl by Bumrah as Moor plays and misses. DOT. Bumrah looking good with one more dot ball. DOT. Moor struggling against a disciplined Bumrah.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 46/1 in Overs 8:  BATTING|   Peter Moor 11 (12), Waller 9(10) : Chahal comes in. TWO. Waller takes couple towards mid wicket. FOUR! Waller plays an uppish drive. SINGLE. Waller takes a single. SINGLE. Quick single. SINGLE to finish the over.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 37/4 in Overs 7:  BATTING|   Peter Moor 7 (6), Waller 0 (0) : FOUR! Moor gets his first boundary. TWO. Moor gets a couple. SINGLE. Moor flicks it to the leg side. DOT. Waller misses it. DOT. Waller misses it. DOT. Swing and a miss again.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 26/1 in Overs 6:  BATTING|   Peter Moor 7 (6),  Waller 0 (0): SINGLE. Moor gets off strike with a single. WICKET! Masakdza’s stumps gets dismantled by Sran. Raza comes in. SINGLE. Raza gets off the mark. SINGLE. Moor gets one more to his score. OUT! Raza out at traditional gully. Mutumbodzi comes in. OUT! LBW first ball.  Sran on hattrick.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 25/1 in Overs 4:  BATTING|  Hamilton Masakadza 10(11), Peter Moor 0 (0) : Kulkarni comes back. DOT. Masakdza plays and misses. FOUR! Masakdza powers it for four. SINGLE. Masakdza takes a quick single. DOT. Moor cuts but no run. SINGLE. Moor guides it for a single. FOUR. An unorthodox pull by Masakdza to end the over.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 15/1 in Overs 3:  BATTING|  Hamilton Masakadza 1(4), Peter Moor 0 (0) : Barinder Sran comes back again. DOT. Chibhabha miscues it towards the bowler. DOT. Chibhabha misses it again. WIDE. Sran concedes the first extra. SINGLE. Leg-bye on the next ball. DOT. Short and wide, mistimed. WICKET! Chibhabha throws his wicket, Rayudu catches at mid-off. SINGLE. Masakdza takes a single to finish the over.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 12/0 in Overs 2:  BATTING|  Chamu Chibhaba 10 (7), Hamilton Masakadza 0(5) : Dhawal Kulkarni to bowl the second over. FOUR! Chibhabha slice it over point. DOT! Chibhabha plays and misses. SINGLE. Chibhabha gets a single over fine-leg. DOT. Masakadza misses it. DOT. Poor selection by Masakadza. DOT. Play and miss, scores remain the same.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Zimbabwe 5/0 in Overs 1:  BATTING|  Chamu Chibaba 5(3), Hamilton Masakadza 0(3) : Barinder Sran starts the proceedings. Chamu Chibaba tries to cut the ball, misses. DOT. Sran bangs it short and Chibaba pulls uncomfortably. No run. Banged it short, Chibaba cuts. FOUR. On the pads, Chibaba guides it to the fine-leg. Masakadza to face first ball. Masakdza tries to flick it to the keg-side. DOT. Masakdza leaves the last ball. DOT to finish the over.

ZIM XI: Chamu Chibhabha, Hamilton Masakadza, Sikandar Raza, Malcolm Waller, Elton Chigumbura, Peter Moor (wk), Tinotenda Mutombodzi, Graeme Cremer(c), Neville Madziva, Taurai Muzarabani, Donald Tiripano

IND XI: KL Rahul, Mandeep Singh, Ambati Rayudu, Manish Pandey, Kedhar Jadhav, MS Dhoni (wk & c), Akshar Patel, Dhawal Kulkarni, Jasprit Bumrah, Barinder Sran, Yuzvendra Chahal 

TOSS: Graeme Cremer won the toss and has elected to bat first.


India completed a 3-0 whitewash in the One-Day International (ODI) series ahead of the T20I series. MS Dhoni would have wanted to start the T20I series also on a winning note, but that did not happen, but he still has a chance to win the series. His young Indian side has stepped up to the plate on the tour so far and will hope to carry on their good show in the reminder of the T20I series as well. India vs Zimbabwe 2016, 2nd T20I at Harare: Preview

India gave debuts to as many as five Indian players in the last match. We might see another one or two in this match as well, with the likes of Barinder Singh, Jayant Yadav and Faiz Fazal sitting on the bench. India will know that they are in for a real fight in the series now and may not be as easy as the challenge they faced in the ODI series.

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