India vs Zimbabwe Live Cricket Score: Dhawan dismissed after brisk knock

Virat Kohli (above) finished unbeaten on 68 © AFP (File Photo)

Jul 28, 2013

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Ultimately, a good win for India as they bowled well and were disciplined during their run-chase. Amit Mishra was the pick of the bowlers, but India would take heart from the fact that their new ball bowlers also got the wickets. Lots of thinking to do for Zimbabwe here as they collapsed after looking quite promising.

The man of the match is Amit Mishra for his spell of four for 47..

So, that is the end of our coverage for this game. Do join us for the fourth ODI on Thursday i.e. August 1, 2013.

IND 187/3 | Overs 36.3 | Kohli 68*, Raina 28*

Chatara is the new bowler. Kohli welcomes him with a flick to deep square-leg which fetches him a brace. Chatara then tries to bowl the bouncer but gets it way over Kohli’s head as the umpire calls it a wide. Kohli then pulls a short ball for a single to take India to within one run of victory. The game is over as Raina turns one to the fine leg boundary for four. India win by seven wickets and have also clinched the series.

IND 179/3 | Overs 35 | Kohli 65*, Raina 24*

Kohli wants to finish things quickly. Vitori bowls a length delivery and Kohli pulls it with authority over mid-wicket for four more. Vitori then strays on Raina’s pads and he gets some bat on it for it to go to the fine-leg boundary for another four. India need only five to win.

IND 167/3 | Overs 34 | Kohli 60*, Raina 17*

Kohli takes two strides down the track and drives it between the cover and mid-off for a four. That exquisite shot brings up his half-century. A very controlled innings, although Chinouya had troubled him early. But, later on Kohli has got the better of him. To finish the over, he charges down the track again and lofts him high over the cover boundary for a massive six. 

IND 154/3 | Overs 33 | Kohli 48*, Raina 16*

Kohli makes room and hits one to mid-off. The fielder stops it, but cannot take it cleanly which allows Kohli to take a single. Raina runs it down to third-man with deft touch and they take two very quickly. Raina then moves across and flicks it over wide mid-on for four. India’s 150 is up.

IND 144/3 | Overs 32 | Kohli 47*, Raina 7*

Michael Chinouya returns to bowl. The first ball is pushed by Raina to mid-wicket and he runs two for that. Raina then tries to play one on the leg-side but gets an edge through the off. That allows Kohli to regain strike. Kohli pulls one across the line and the fielder in the deep at mid-wicket misjudges and the ball sails over his head and cross the boundary on the first bounce.

IND 136/3 | Overs 31 | Kohli 42*, Raina 4* OUT! Rayudu 33(54)

Just as we thought they could target their personal milestones, Rayudu falls. Vitori bowls one fuller and Rayudu punches it straight into his hands for a return catch. Suresh Raina walks in and he would want to get a few runs to get back into his flow. He pulls his first delivery on the on-side for a brace to get off the mark. Vitori seems to be targetting Raina with the shorter one, but the southpaw is pulling him away without too many problems.

IND 131/2 | Overs 30 | Kohli 42*, Rayudu 33*

Things are just motoring along with the batsmen taking singles off Utseya. There is no reason to try something extra-ordinary as they take five singles off the over. Perhaps, the batsmen can now target their individual fifties and complete the victory with ease.

IND 126/2 | Overs 29 | Kohli 40*, Rayudu 30*

Vitori is introduced into the attack. Now, there is some good running on show by the two Indian batsmen. Kohli dabs one to the leg-side and the batsmen sprint for two as the fielder comes in from the deep.

IND 124/2 | Overs 28 | Kohli 38*, Rayudu 30*

Rayudu dances down the track to Utseya and pushes it to mid-wicket. He gets back for two as the long-on comes to stop it. There is some flow in this over as the batsmen have run a few. India are on course and untroubled now.

IND 118/2 | Overs 27 | Kohli 36*, Rayudu 26*

Kohli bludgeons one through point and sprints for one. He was turning for the second, but Rayudu was not interested. Kohli was disappointed, but has a word with Rayudu. Kohli then creams it again through the off-side, but only the single is available as the sweeper clears it.

IND 112/2 | Overs 26 | Kohli 34*, Rayudu 23*

Although, Zimbabwe do not have a big total to defend, Utseya has bowled with a lot of application and has made things tough for the Indians. There is the odd short delivery outside off, but lucklily for ZImbabwe, they are few and far in between.

IND 109/2 | Overs 25 | Kohli 32*, Rayudu 22*

Chigumbura is persisted with although he had a poor first over. Rayudu lofts it over the in-field to long-on and gets only the single for that. Kohli moves forward positively and essays a cover-drive. The fielder in the deep is square, so the batsmen can take two.

IND 106/2 | Overs 24 | Kohli 30*, Rayudu 21*

Utseya continues his good work and is bowling very well. The only single of the over came as Rayudu worked one to square-leg for a single. Kohli gets an edge to cover and it shows how well Utseya is bowling here. Batsmen are not able to use their feet to him.

IND 105/2 | Overs 23 | Kohli 30*, Rayudu 20*

A change in the bowling as Elton Chigumbura is at the bowling crease. He starts off poorly as the first ball goes way down the leg-side. He then pitches it short and it isn’t too fast. Kohli is untroubled and pulls it between mid-on and mid-wicket for a four. The Indian hundred is up as Rayudu calls Kohli for a very quick single. Chigumbura kicked the ball on to the stumps, but Rayudu was home. Rayudu then smashes it over mid-on for four. It was in the slot and there to be hit.

IND 93/2 | Overs 22 | Kohli 25*, Rayudu 14*

Rayudu gets an edge past first-slip and it goes to the third-man boundary for four. It came in streaky fashion, but a boundary at last for India. Utseya erred in line and length there and the ball flew past Sibanda at first-slip.

IND 85/2 | Overs 21 | Kohli 23*, Rayudu 8*

This partnership has taken its time and don’t seem to be in a hurry to get on with things. The occasional singles are coming, but the boundaries have dried up. The target is not too challenging and Rayudu may just be getting his eye in.

IND 80/2 | Overs 20 | Kohli 21*, Rayudu 5*

Rayudu goes on the back-foot and gets it towards point for a single. Even Utseya has kept things quiet and is bowling a tight line from arounf the wicket.

IND 76/2 | Overs 19 | Kohli 19*, Rayudu 3*

Chatara is bowling that probing line outside off-stump. One particular delivery was moving in and Rayudu was stuck on the crease as he missed it. Kohli and Rayudu run for a quick single after the latter just dabbed it towards the leg-side. Run-making has become slow after the fall of Dhawan.

IND 75/2 | Overs 18 | Kohli 19*, Rayudu 2*

Utseya continues from around the wicket and has Rayudu in trouble with one delivery. He was way forward and it just missed the edge of the bat. However, Rayudu takes a single off the next ball to ward off some pressure.

IND 73/2 | Overs 17 | Kohli 18*, Rayudu 1*

Rayudu tries the short-arm pull, but it hits him on the body. Chatara is angling the ball into the batsmen and only two runs come off that over, one of them being a leg-bye.

IND 71/2 | Overs 16 | Kohli 17*, Rayudu 1*

Utseya gets Kohli to come forward and that in turn gets the edge. As it trickles to third-man, the batsmen can run two. Rayudu opens his account by turning one to deep square-leg for a single.

IND 67/2 | Overs 15 | Kohli 14*, Rayudu 0* OUT! Dhawan 35(32)

A breathtaking catch! Dhawan absolutely whacked that one from Chatara. Sibanda is standing at short extra cover and takes it in a flash. That ball was traveling at some speed and Subanda made it look so nonchalant. That is a big blow for India as Dhawan goes. Ambati Rayudu is in at number four.

IND 67/1 | Overs 14 | Dhawan 35*, Kohli 14*

Utseya bowls around the wicket to Kohli and comes over for the left-handed Dhawan. He bowls a good over as only two runs come off it. Kohli cannot get it away too many times and ends up playing to the fielders in the ring itself.

IND 65/1 | Overs 13 | Dhawan 34*, Kohli 13*

Chatara gets an edge off Kohli’s bat and it flies past point. The batsmen can complete two before the fielder at third-man gets across. Kohli taking his time today even as Dhawan seems to be in a hurry. A decent start here for India.

IND 62/1 | Overs 12 | Dhawan 34*, Kohli 10*

We have spin on show early in the Indian innings. Prosper Utseya is brought into the attack and he would be expected to keep things in check as that has been his role in this side. But, he is welcomed into the attack with a brutal sweep behind square-leg by Dhawan. The ball pitched outside leg and was coming in a touch. Dhawan sweeped it with ease as the fielder at the boundary was a mere spectator.

IND 56/1 | Overs 11 | Dhawan 29*, Kohli 9*

Dhawan pulls one with authority and swats it across the line towards mid-wicket. They only ran two runs and it looked like the batsmen felt it would go to the boundary. However, one must remember that it is a long boundary there.

IND 51/1 | Overs 10 | Dhawan 25*, Kohli 8*

Kohli finally gets a few runs off Chinouya as he punches one through extra cover and runs across for two. India’s fifty is up with those two runs. Chnouya still manages to keep him quiet for the rest of the over by bowling in and around off-stump.

IND 49/1 | Overs 9 | Dhawan 25*, Kohli 6*

Tendai Chatara replaces Brian Vitori. Dhawan gets an edge off the first ball and takes a single. He then bowls on Kohli’s body and he merely flicks it for four a little square past the fine-leg fielder. Chatara then bowls it short and there is some width for Dhawan. He pounces on it and punches it past cover for four.

IND 38/1 | Overs 8 | Dhawan 20*, Kohli 1*

Chinouya gets one to climb on Kohli and hits him on the body. The incoming delivery has been his best and has troubled the right-handers. However, he does get to move the ball away as well at times and that can cause a few problems. He moves one away, but it was too wide. Kohli cannot take a run this over and the wide is what they will get.

IND 37/1 | Overs 7 | Dhawan 20*, Kohli 1*

The wicket seems to have bouyed Zimbabwe’s spirits. As Dhawan and Kohli set off for a quick single, Sean Williams made a good stop at point. They have to field well to put India under pressure in this run-chase. Kohli gets things underway by pulling a short delivery to fine-leg for four. Dhawan then lifts Vitori over square leg as the ball crosses the boundary on the first bounce. He then transfers his weight on to the back-foot as Vitori bowls a short one and pulls it with power for another four.

IND 27/1 | Overs 6 | Dhawan 11*, Kohli 0* OUT! Rohit 14(21)

Chinouya has his first wicket in ODIs. Rohit danced down the track and poked at one outside off without any conviction. Brendan Taylor took the catch as Chinouya goes for a run doing the typical John Cena ‘You can’t see me’ move.

IND 25/0 | Overs 5 | Rohit 14*, Dhawan 10*

Rohit defends one on the on-side and sets off for a quick single. Vitori then strays on Dhawan’s pads as he flicks it to fine-leg for another single. Rohit places one to mid-wicket, but the fielder misfields and the Indians get two. The last ball is pitched short and Rohit pulls it with conviction for a four through square-leg.

IND 17/0 | Overs 4 | Rohit 7*, Dhawan 9*

Chinouya is angling it into the right-hander here and has cramped Rohit for room on the first two deliveries. He then bowls a touch fuller and Rohit charges and lofts him over the covers for a four. The ball crossed the boundary on the first bounce.

IND 12/0 | Overs 3 | Rohit 2*, Dhawan 9*

Vitori pitches it up and Dhawan gets an edge past second-slip and it goes to the boundary. The second-slip flung himself across, but it was too far away. Dhawan signals that something near the sigh-screen troubled him. He waits for the problem to be solved. A bouncer from Vitori surprises Dhawan. It looked like he was shaping up to pull, but then withdrew the last minute and almost fell over. Everyone has a laugh after that.

IND 8/0 | Overs 2 | Rohit 2*, Dhawan 5*

Michael Chinouya runs in for his first over in ODIs. After two decent deliveries, he angles into Dhawan’s body who tucks it around the corner at square leg and runs two to get off the mark. Chinouya has a bustling run-up and comes in with a lot of energy. He over-pitches outside off and Dhawan drives through the covers for three more.

IND 3/0 | Over 1 | Rohit 2*, Dhawan 0*

India open their account with a wide. Brian Vitori is angling it across Rohit Sharma, who cuts the ball straight to point. He then flicks one off the legs and runs two as the fielder close in on the leg-side fumbles. Rohit is off and running.

Zimbabwe have been bowled out for 183 and it took some fight to get there. India’s new ball bowlers struck early and dismissed the openers. Brendan Taylor and Hamilton Masakdza fought hard, but once they were dismissed, Zimbabwe’s innings fell apart. Sean Williams essayed a good innings, but with wickets falling, he couldn’t do much. The tail extended the fight though.

India now need 184 to win this game and clinch the series. Join us in some time for India’s pursuit.

ZIM 183/10 | Overs 46 | Chinouya 6*, OUT! Chatara 23(42)

Mishra bowls a wide down the leg-side and Dinesh Karthik cannot get to it as it goes for four byes. As the other deliveries come on the line, he gets his bat forward to defend. Mishra then bowls a very quick ball and Chatara cannot get around it. But, Mishra finishes the innings with a googly that takes Chatara’s off-stump. Zimbabwe have been bowled out for 183.

ZIM 178/9 | Overs 45 | Chatara 23*, Chinouya 6*

Chatara is almost covering his stumps while facing Shami Ahmed and showing some resolve to extend Zimbabwe’s fight.

ZIM 177/9 | Overs 44 | Chatara 22*, Chinouya 6*

Chonouya to face his first delivery. A googly from Mishra shaves the off-stump as Chinouya is left clueless. He then gets an outside edge to third-man to open his account in international cricket. He then rives through the covers to finish the over with four. This is frustrating India.

ZIM 171/9 | Overs 43 | Chatara 22*, Chinouya 0*

Michael Chinouya, the debutant has come in as the last man. Shami Ahmed will bowl this over. Chatara is getting on to the front-foot and defending anything that is bowled in line with the stumps. Anything outside off, he has let it go through. He then charges down the ground and bludgeons one over wide long-on for a four.

ZIM 167/9 | Overs 42 | Chatara 18*, OUT! Vitori 17(26)

These tailenders are showing some guts! Vitori gets down on his knee and sweeps Mishra in the air over square-leg. There are shouts of ‘catch-it’ but the fielder cannot get around as it goes through for four. But, Mishra gets his revenge later in the over. An over-pitched googly takes a thin edge and Karthik takes the catch. Relief for India

ZIM 161/8 | Overs 41 | Chatara 17*, Vitori 12*

Unadkat comes in to the attack. He is varying it well and has mixed it up. First, Vitori just put it past second-slip for a sinvle and then he bowled a few full balls to Chatara. Thenm he bowled it short. However, Chatara attacked the next ball that was full and smashed a four over mid-on, who is in the circle,. The Tail is troubling India again. Some traditions continue.

ZIM 156/8 | Overs 40 | Chatara 13*, Vitori 11*

Vinay Kumar isn’t getting it right. He bowled a short and wide one outside off and Chatara couldn’t make contact. However, he pitched it a little in line, but was short. Chatara pulled it with all power for a six over square-leg.

ZIM 150/8 | Overs 39 | Chatara 7*, Vitori 11*

Zimbabwe’s 150 comes up with a single by Chatara. Jadeja continues from around the wicket to the left-handed Vitori. He keeps playing and missing and Jadeja fires them with a little pace outside the off stump. The last-one comes in, but Vitori gets an inside edge into the pads.

ZIM 149/8 | Overs 38 | Chatara 6*, Vitori 11*

Vinay Kumar replaces Amit Mishra. He comes around the wicket to Vitori and bowls it a touch full outside the off-stump. Vitori gives it a whack and it speeds to the point boundary.

ZIM 144/8 | Overs 37 | Chatara 5*, Vitori 7*

Jadeja is into the attack. Bowling to Vitori, Jadeja fires two wides down the leg-side. Vitori tries to sweep it and it bumps to mid-wicket. The question was whther the ball hit the boot and lobbed in the air. However, the umpire doesn’t refer it. Jadeja then fires another wide. 

ZIM 141/8 | Overs 36 | Chatara 5*, Vitori 7*

Mishra comes in for his seventh over. Kohli wants to finish things quickly and summons his wicket-taker again. However, the left-handed Vitori carts a full delivery over long-off for a six. Something to cheer for the home crowd.

ZIM 133/8 | Overs 35 | Chatara 4*, Vitori 0* OUT! Williams 45(53)

Williams has to take most of the strike and pushes Chatara for two. He then tries again for two, but Williams is run-out. Jadeja ran in from deep square-leg and threw it right on top of the stumps as Williams is short. Why was he challenging Jadeja’s throw there?

ZIM 130/7 | Overs 34 | Williams 42*, Chatara 4*

Unadkat continues to bowl. He comes from around the wicket to Chatara as he flirts with the edge. Chatara drives the last ball past Unadkat and sets off for a run. Williams is unmoved at the other end. The fielder at mid-off throws it to Karthik, but Chatara’s big dive saves him.

ZIM 129/7 | Overs 33 | Williams 41*, Chatara 4* OUT! Utseya 10(38)

Pace from both ends now. Shami Ahmed comes to the bowling crease. He gets a wicket as Utseya pokes at one outside off and Karthik does the rest. It was a long vigil, but he has to go back and there is no encore of his fifty this time. Will Zimbabwe bat the 50 overs? Williams has a lot of work to do. Tendai Chatara is the new man. Zimbabwe get bonus four runs as there are overthrows

ZIM 125/6 | Overs 32 | Williams 41*, Utseya 10*

Unadkat returns to the attack. Williams takes a single through the off-side with a punch shot. Unadkat comes arounf the wicket to the right-handed Utseya and he gets a single off the last ball through third-man.

ZIM 123/6 | Overs 31 | Williams 40*, Utseya 9*

It is a change of ends for Mishra. Jadeja has been given a breather. He bowls the first one a little wide down the leg-side to the left-handed Williams. The batsman tries to sweep, but doesn’t get it off the middle. Coming from over the wicket. Mishra is keeping it near middle and off. However, Williams reverse-sweeps him every so subtley and it goes to the third-man boundary for four.

ZIM 118/6 | Overs 30 | Williams 35*, Utseya 9*

Amit Mishra is taken off and it looks like Kohli wants to save him for later. Raina comes in his place. Williams is taking it very sensibly and isn’t trying anything extraordinary at this stage. He places one through the covers and runs across for a single.

ZIM 117/6 | Overs 29 | Williams 34*, Utseya 9*

Jadeja continues and would want to keep it quite now. Williams is starting to look more comfortable and the two batsmen are pushing it around for singles. Jadeja’s main delivery is the one outside off, which is on a good length and turns away from the right-hander.

ZIM 114/6 | Overs 28 | Williams 32*, Utseya 8*

Mishra is bowling with air and is varying his length. He seens Utseya trying to slog him, so he sends the man back on the fence at long-on. Zimbabwe manage to take two off this over.

ZIM 112/6 | Overs 27 | Williams 31*, Utseya 7*

Utseya creams one beautifully through the covers for four. Jadeja bowled a half-volley and Utseya drove him for four. Williams then sits on one knee and sweeps it with brute power over square-leg. It flies flat over the boundary for a maximum. He then clips one to fine-leg for a two to end the over.

ZIM 99/6 | Overs 26 | Williams 23*, Utseya 2*

Ambati Rayudu was hit on the knee while fielding at silly point. He has gone of the field and Ajinkya Rahane has substituted him. Mishra over-steps again and Williams gets a free-hit. He moves across his stumps and scoops it fine for three.

ZIM 94/6 | Overs 25 | Williams 20*, Utseya 1*

Jadeja is keeping the pressure on. He is very accurate and doesn’t give Utseya a lot of width. The great thing is that he is varying it well. He gets the batsman on the front foot a few times and then pushes him back. A maiden over for him here.

ZIM 94/6 | Overs 24 | Williams 20*, Utseya 1*

Mishra continues and the responsibility now falls on Williams to make a fight out of this for Zimbabwe. Mishra is coming around the wicket and cuts it to deep extra cover. He runs two, but there are overthrows and they get the extra run. Kohli has put a silly point and gully fot Utseya. They also have a first-slip. Mishra over-steps and concedes a free-hit. However, there is no damage. Utseya gets off the mark with a singl behind point.

ZIM 89/6 | Overs 23 | Williams 17*, Utseya 0* OUT! Chigumbura 3(8)

Jadeja gets Chigumbura. He tossed one up first and moved it past him first. The next ball was fired in and it hits Chigumbura on the pads. The umpire raises his finger as Jadeja appeals. Utseya walks in and he has to perform an encore of his fifty in the previous game.

ZIM 89/5 | Overs 22 | Williams 17*, Chigumbura 3*

Kohli is keeping men around the bat. There is a slip and a leg-slip as he wants the wicket-taking Mishra to get him more scalps. Interestingly, Masakadza has fallen to Mishra in all the three games. Williams punches one through the off-side and runs two. Both batsmen have to be very watchful and wait for the googly,

ZIM 85/5 | Overs 21 | Williams 14*, Chigumbura 2*

Williams and Chigumbura take five singles off this over. What can they do in such situations? Time to rebuild again and approach it sensibly.

ZIM 80/5 | Overs 20 | Williams 11*, Chigumbura 0* OUT! Waller 0(1) Masakadza 38(53)

Amit Mishra’s leg-spinners are introduced. Williams waits on one and places it behind point to take a single. Masakadza tries the same thing, but edges it. Karthik takes the catch. Zimbabwe lose a big wicket. A huge blow for them. Waller is the new batsman and he goes on the back-foot first ball. The ball hits him a little high on the pads and the Indians appeal. The umpire takes a long-hard look and finally gives him out. Zimbabwe in big trouble.

Chigumbura faces the hat-trick ball with men around the bat. It is a googly and he plays it safely.

ZIM 79/3 | Overs 19 | Masakadza 38*, Williams 10*

Suresh Raina is in. Remember he got Williams bowled in the first ODI. Williams waits on the back-foot and drives it through long-on for a single to get off-strike. Raina raps Masakadza on the pads as he goes on the back-foot. However, the umpire turns down the appeal.

ZIM 76/3 | Overs 18 | Masakadza 37*, Williams 8*

Unadkat now gets some shape away from the left-handed Williams. He is circumspect, but when Unadkat pitched it a little short, Williams latches on to it and pulls it through square-leg for four. Williams then flicks one through the same area and runs three. The fielder stops it as it is a long boundary there.

ZIM 69/3 | Overs 17 | Masakadza 37*, Williams 1*

Jadeja continues to purchase turn and bounce. He gets Masakadza on the front-foot off the first ball and then pushes him back. Masakadza punches one through long-on for a single as Williams comes to face Jadeja. He gets off the mark with a dab through square-leg.

ZIM 67/3 | Overs 16 | Masakadza 36*, Williams 0* OUT! Taylor 23(44)

Unadkat bowls a slower ball and Masakadza checks his shot. He gets an edge through to third-man. Taylor then hits it in the air to mid-off and the fielder dives forward to pouch it. Deja vu! This time for the Zimbabwe captain! Taylor stands his ground and the third-umpire has a look at a few replays. They indicate that Shami had taken it just over the ground and like Kohli in the second ODI, Taylor has to walk back after a recovery act. Unadkat has a wicket after changing ends.

It will be the left-hander who would face Unadkat. Sean Williams lets his first ball go through to the wicket-keeper. He has to play a long innings here and rally Zimbabwe’s chase after Taylor’s fall.

ZIM 66/2 | Overs 15 | Masakadza 35*, Taylor 23*

Turn and bounce for Jadeja. Masakadza shapes to cut, but it turns and climbs as Karthik takes it. Jadeja pitches it a little short and Masakadza rocks back on to the back-foot and carts it over mid-on for a four. He then comes forward and drives to deep cover fielder for a single

ZIM 61/2 | Overs 14 | Masakadza 30*, Taylor 23*

Unadkat has now changed ends and gets some movement off the first ball away from Taylor. This is a better over for Unadkat as there is some help for him. The batsmen are only able to take two singles in the over.

ZIM 59/2 | Overs 13 | Masakadza 29*, Taylor 22*

More surprises. Unadkat only bowls one over from this end and Jadeja is brought on. Masakadza has been dropped. It was a tough chance. He smashes one to ccover and Kohli drives across, latches it inches off the ground and it comes out of his hands.

Masakadza then walks down the track and lofts one over mid-on to collect four. More intent from the batsmen. He tries to sweep it over wide long-on. It goes high, but falls in no-mans land. They finish the over with two.

ZIM 52/2 | Overs 12 | Masakadza 23*, Taylor 21*

Surprise surprise! Guess who is into the attack? Skipper Virat Kohli brings himself on and it would be interesting to see if this is only for a change of ends ir a decently long spell. Masakazda places one wide of mid-off and sprints through for a single. Kohli then strays onto the pads and Taylor works him very fine for four. Zimbabwean fifty is up.

ZIM 45/2 | Overs 11 | Masakadza 22*, Taylor 15*

India’s star of the previous game, Jaydev Unadkat is introduced into the attack. Coming from over the wicket, the first ball leaves Masakadza and he leaves it. There is some width for Masakadza and he places it between extra cover and point. It was timed beautifully and collects four for that. Unadkat did not get movement on that delivery. The next ball is also way outside off-stump and Masakadza hits it to the sweeper at extra-cover to take a single.

The last ball hit Taylor on the pads and it almost looked as if it would go on to the pads. However, it falls on the crease and Masakadza calls Taylor through and they complete the run safely.

ZIM 39/2 | Overs 10 | Masakadza 17*, Taylor 14*

Shami gives Masakadza some width outside the off-stump and he drives it through point for a triple. It is a big boundary there and the fielder got across to stop it as the batsmen finished three. After the first ten over, Zimbabwe have scored 39 and have recovered decently well after the fall of the openers.

ZIM 36/2 | Overs 9 | Masakadza 14*, Taylor 14*

Vinay Kumar gets Masakadza to duck under a short-ball. He is then hit on the legs and they get through for a run. Taylor punishes one that is pitched too short. He transferred his weight back and pulled it in front of square for four. He was then early on to one over-pitched, but it did not carry to mid-off. The fielder couldn’t stop it and the batsmen ran two.

ZIM 29/2 | Overs 8 | Masakadza 14*, Taylor 8*

Some uncertainty in the calling as Taylor pushes one to the fielder and the latter throws at the stumps. It deflects and goes into an area between fielders, with both batsmen unsure. No run taken there. Shami has kept Taylor quiet by maintaining a good line. There is only one run off the over as a wide was bowled down the leg-side.

ZIM 28/2 | Overs 7 | Masakadza 14*, Taylor 8*

Vinay Kumar is bowling in the tight areas around the off-stump. He has realised that he cannot afford to over-pitch and is keeping it on a good length. He bowls one a touch wider and Taylor gets the tor end of the bat and runs through for a quick single. Ravindra Jadeja throws at the bowler’s end, but the diving Taylor makes it with the ball missing the stumps.

ZIM 27/2 | Overs 6 | Masakadza 14*, Taylor 7*

Taylor glances one to fine-leg and turns the strike over to Masakadza. The next ball is a good one by Shami as it leaves Masakadza again and he was beaten all ends up with that one. Masakadza then punches one down the ground and runs across for three.

ZIM 22/2 | Overs 5 | Masakadza 11*, Taylor 5*

Vinay Kumar continues to get movement past the bat. Masakadza tries to chase one wide outside the off-stump, but he was nowhere near it. He was unable to latch on to one on the legs as he hit it straight to the fielder at mid-wicket. However, Vinay over-pitches twice and Masakadza punches him through mid-off twice for two fours. That should make him feel good.

ZIM 14/2 | Overs 4 | Masakadza 3*, Taylor 5*

Masakadza has to watch the ball move. Shami is getting movement away from the right-hander and Masakadza is waiting till the last minute. He gets some room and drives it off the back-foot between extra-cover abnd point to open his account with a triple.

ZIM 11/2 | Overs 3 | Masakadza 0*, Taylor 5*

This is why Taylor is a good batsman. Vinay Kumar gets one wrong and over-pitches. Taylor leans forward and times it through mid-off for four. The next ball hits him on the pads as he is caught on the crease, but it was too high. Taylor lets the moving deliveries go away.

ZIM 7/2 | Overs 2 | Masakadza 0*, Taylor 1* OUT! Raza 1(3)

Shami Ahmed to bowl from the other end and he has instant success. The first delivery pitches on a good length and leaves Raza a touch. He tentatively pokes at it and the edge goes through to Dinesh Karthik who took an easy catch. Zimbabwe lose both the openers early. Ball moving around.

Captain Brendan Taylor is the new man in and rightly so. Taylor gets off the mark by turning one to fine-leg. He has to play a big knock today. The last ball hits Masakadza on the pads and the Indians appeal. However, the umpire isn’t convinced. In fact, the ball trickled to the boundary as the keeper and the slips were busy appealing.

ZIM 2/1 | Over 1 | Raza 1*, Masakadza 0* OUT! Sibanda 0(3)

Vusi Sibanda and Sikandar Raza walk out to open the batting and R Vinay Kumar has the ball in hand. The first ball pitches a shade outside off and moves away quite precociously. The next ball is an absolute beauty as it squared Sibanda up. It left him after pitching on middle and leg. There was a deflection, but the umpire turned the appeal down. But, Vinay gets his man off the third ball. With the ball moving a lot, Sibanda dances down the track and gets an edge high over the off-side. Shikhar Dhawan runs across from cover to complete the catch. First-blood for India.

Zimbabwe have opened their account courtesy a wide down the leg-side. Sikandar Raza gets off the mark with a push through the covers.

Quite surprising that India have not made any changes to the side here. They had to get the others in when there was at least some pressure as I discussed in my article. However, that hasn’t happened. Zimbabwe have to show more consistency as they have a few good players, but need to get the best out of it.

You can also catch the live streaming of the game here.

India have won the toss and have elected to bowl first here. India are unchanged and are backing their side. Zimbabwe too have one alteration as Kyle Jarvis has been rested. Michael Chinouya has been handed an ODI debut.

Here are the teams:

Zimbabwe: Vusi Sibanda, Sikandar Raza, Sean Williams, Hamilton Masakadza, Brendan Taylor (c & wk), Malcolm Waller, Elton Chigumbara, Prosper Utseya, Michael Chinouya, Tinotenda Mutombodzi, Tendai Chatara.
India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli (c), Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Vinay Kumar, Shami Ahmed, Jaydev Unadkat, Amit Mishra.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the third One-Day International (ODI) between India and Zimbabwe at Harare. India are leading the series 2-0 and would be targetting a series victory by clinching this encounter. We will have to wait and see whether they would make any changes or not as they have a battery of youngsters waiting for a shot in the eleven. On the other hand, Zimbabwe have had their moments, but have to capitalise on them to reap their rewards. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and would take you through the contest.

As we wait for the game to begin, you can read our preview here or even watch a video version.