Sher Khan, a cricket fan from Kabul, who is in India for the ongoing Afghanistan-West Indies series in Lucknow has alleged that he is being “unnecessarily made tall” by the fans and media.

“People here have portrayed me 10″ taller than my actual height. I am not 8′ 2″ as is being reported in the media. My height is 7′-4”, speaking exclusively to Bipin Dani he said.

This was also confirmed by one of the police officials-Dhirpal Singh-who helped Sher Khan to get a hotel in the city.

“Yes, it is embarrassing to see fans looking at me wherever I go”.

Sher Khan was at the Ekana Cricket Stadium ground on Saturday where his country team lost the match against West Indies. Sher Khan was not keen to talk about his team loss but did talk in brief about his family background.

“I am a bachelor and none in my family is as tall as me”.

“I am in dry-fruit business in my country and this is not my first visit to this country”, he added.

In fact, it was not the height problem for which he was finding it difficult to get hotel-stay but hoteliers were “suspicious” about his visa and passport documents.

However, the same was verified by the police and he could get a stay in one of the guesthouses. But the same was also vacated by him (fan trouble) and he has moved to a new place, the detailed for which he did not want to share.

He may be in India till the first Test match is played in Lucknow.

Food poisoning

In the meantime, a cricket-specific website initially reported two TV umpires for the match. However, the name of an Australian umpire Paul Reiffel was subsequently removed.

“Paul Reiffel had been hit by severe food poisoning and as such he was not standing in the game yesterday in Lucknow”, Claire Furlong, the ICC spokesperson said from Dubai.