Mohammed Shami claimed 4 for 49    AFP
Mohammed Shami claimed 4 for 49 AFP

India are currently in a position of fragility against South Africa in the second Test having lost 3 wickets in pursuit of 287 runs. Day Four promised a lot, but in the end it was the hosts who took the game away from India s grasp. Mohammed Shami, with a 4 for 49, did manage to keep the visitor s in hunt. Speaking after the match, Shami said that India s plan was to keep South Africa away from scoring.

He said, Today whole day we were looking to give away as few runs as possible,” Shami said. “As you have seen the wicket has been slow since the beginning, even on the first day you saw that it is going low continuously. And even today, it went slow and low and you needed a lot of extra effort. We tried to give 110-120 percent. That was more important for us.”

Shami had a long first spell, but did not offer much in the second session. His burst in the third and final session of Day Four had South Africa on the mat.

He said: “No it depends on the captain when he wants to bowl you and when he wants to bowl which bowler. It also depends on the conditions, suppose, I bowled before Lunch, so I couldn’t bowl immediately. So the captain is also thinking about rotation. There are some stages in front of you that you want to bowl more but the captain thinks that we should get them out quickly. So you cannot mind that, but yes sometimes you do feel inside that maybe I could have got five wickets. But if you see from team’s point of view, you will not feel that way.”

Shami did not shy away from criticising the slowness of the pitch on offer.

He said: “Didn’t expect that the ball would stay so low in this wicket. Till now in overseas conditions we haven’t seen such slow and low keeping wickets. So I don’t know what they were thinking when they made this wicket. But okay, whatever it is we have to play on it and the conditions are same for both teams. Tomorrow we will try to win.”